Iron Man Update

Word from Favreau himself, sounding a wee bit tired and spoiler-paranoid (not that we blame him!):

I’m exhausted. I could never have imagined how overwhelming of an experience a movie like this is. I could not be happier with the way the movie is turning out or the reactions we are getting to both the official and unofficial images that are floating out there in cyberspace.

I have been relatively quiet for two main reasons. First, I feel like the General of a huge military campaign. I have no life other than Ironman. Between the script, sets, effects, shooting and editing, I am completely monopolized.

The second reason is, you IM fans are like criminal profilers. You take a few official statements and images, a couple of off the cuff remarks from press junkets and red carpets, and some deftly gathered surveillence footage and are able to take some very uncanny stabs at what the movie will be. The movie is a year away. If I don’t keep a few tricks up my sleeve, I can’t knock you on your ass in 2008. At the rate you’re going, you’ll have everything figured out by then. I don’t mean to be evasive, but it’s my job. I’ve got to lay low.

For our money, this is THE BIG ONE. Perfect casting, a grown-up take on the characters, and that armor… whoa. And its the first chapter in Marvel’s grand plan to bring THE AVENGERS to life on the big screen. Now that’s something to get pumped about!


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