X-Men: Endangered Species First Look

Yes, everyone knows how the X-books have fallen by the wayside while Marvel focuses on growing out its reinvigorated Avengers franchise– but for our money, the Mutant line hasn’t been this good in ages! With Whedon & Cassiday on flagship Astonishing, Brubaker’s space epic in Uncanny, Carey’s criminally underrated reject in adjectiveless, and David’s acclaimed return to X-Factor… whew! That’s a lot of great reading!

Now Marvel’s looking to let people know how good these books are with ENDANGERED SPECIES– a storyline following up on the events of HOUSE OF M and DECIMATION. They’re promising to get the seemingly disparate teams back in the same room together, to deal with something big.

CBR has the first look at X-Men #200 and the X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot. A new Mutant Massacre, Gambit returns, and somebody dies. This is gonna be big.

Check out the Silvestri goodness:

Update: Newsarama has a great interview with Carey.


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