Saturday Round-Up

BIG COOL RUMOR: The Pirates team (Bruckheimer, Verbinski, Rossio, and Elliott) have lined up THE LONE RANGER as their next big summer blockbuster. Goosebumps.

Box Office Watch: Pirates took in a very strong 57 million on Thursday and Friday, more here.

The Superherohype forums have an interview with THE INCREDIBLE HULK director Louis Leterrier, translated from French, confirming The Hulk’s height will be around 9 feet tall.

Big shake-up for the LOGAN’S RUN remake. Bryan Singer’s exit has been confirmed, and video game director Joe Kosinski is in, with Jayson Rothwell and Travis Beachman handling the script.

Brak is back. Watch now (via TV Squad).

Harry’s got a look at some breathtaking international posters for TRANSFORMERS, and word that a new scene will be shown at the Mtv Movie Awards on June 3rd.

Will there be more X-Men movies or not?

New Tekken 6 fighters revealed: Miguel the Matador, Zafina, and Leo.

Marvel is prepping an indie-centric anthology for release this winter, no title yet!

Seth Green will give you a tour of the Robot Chicken offices. THAT is worth a bid (Via TV Squad).


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