“They brushed our teeth with their dicks”

If you’re like us, the cancellation of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT left a model home-sized hole in your life.

Well, George Michael (Michael Cera, actually) and CBS interactive have come to the rescue with CLARK AND MICHAEL, a new web comedy that’s definitely a worthy successor to the Bluth Family saga. Cera and co-star Clark Duke play 16 year olds on a quest to get their “brilliant” script picked up in Hollywood. Tony Hale (Buster from AD) turns up in the first ep, as an ATC Family Exec who grants the guys a meeting.

And apparently David Cross will be a guest star pretty soon, along with Patton Oswald and Andy Richter!

We loved it, and we bet you will, too. New episodes premiere on Wednesdays. Hey CBS, make this thing embeddable, would ya?


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