Annihilation: Conquest MySpace Preview

First off, I gotta say MySpace has been doing a great job with their new comics section, and it seems like they’re pushing it pretty hard. That great for bringing in new readers and getting books some decent exposure.

Today, they posted a preview of Marvel’s upcoming, highly-anticipated ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST. For my money, and I know I’m not alone here, the first ANNIHILATION epic was THE best crossover of the last few years. Better than CIVIL WAR. Better than INFINITE CRISIS. Better than HOUSE OF M, ONE YEAR LATER, or DECIMATION. The story had a grand sweep to it… you felt like it mattered… the heroes actually performed heroically… and best of all, it re-ignited Marvel’s cosmic characters and gave them momentum not seen since the Infinity Gauntlet days– the greater Marvel Universe is now a much more exciting and dangerous place, ripe for good stories.

ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST may not be as BIG a story as its predecessor, but it could up being just as cool, especially with great characters like Nova, new guy THE WRAITH, and, of course, fucking ROCKET RACCOON (seriously!) on board.



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