Spider-Man 4 Talk

Spidey 3 Producer Grant Curtis talked to iF Magazine about possible villains for the almost-inevitable Spider-Man 4, here’s what he had to say:

For me it’s hard to beat the Lizard, it truly is. That’s just me talking. I think the Lizard has got a great story of not only personal pain but also emotional pain, and trying to mask both of those, it’s a strong storyline. The Lizard has always been a favorite of mine, even before working on these movies. I’ve always liked Kraven The Hunter, but he’d have to be used selectively. For me though it would have to be the Lizard.

The Lizard and Kraven the Hunter? Hell yeah! This movie practically writes itself… After losing his arm in an accident, Dr. Curt Connors explores the science of reptile limb regeneration and tests his findings on himself, becoming The Lizard… hiding in the sewers, he terrorizes New York while his loving family tries to find their missing husband and father… seeing reports of a giant lizard creature, Kraven the Hunter comes to the Big Apple to hunt new game… imagine Spidey caught in that crossfire! Thrown in a little Peter-MJ-Gwen love triangle– make it a story about redemption and forgiveness in light of what went down in Number 3– and you’re good for $400 million right there!

(Via Superherohype)


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