Lost Withdrawal

This is our first Wednesday without a new episode of Lost in nearly 4 months, so its understandable if many of you might be suffering from some symptoms of withdrawal. To help get you through the day, we’ve got some in-depth analysis of last week’s amazing season finale.

First off, TV Squad has the full text of the newspaper article that reduced Jack to tears.

Over at Pop Candy, Whitney has a final edition of her famous “Best-of” Lost thread comments, with plenty of great insight as always.

lostblog.net has a full recap of the episode, as does Lostpedia.

And if you really want to go crazy, there’s the whole board over at the Fuselage.

Finally, my predictions based on the episode and all that research:

  • It’s Locke in the casket.
  • The Losties may be cyclical, and Charlie may have programmed the scrambling device himself.
  • The island is located somewhere, somehow, up North near Canada.
  • The boat belongs to The Hanso Foundation, possibly the Helgus Antonius.
  • The “he” in future Kate’s life is Sawyer, and she’s pregnant on the island.
  • That really is Walt (probably from the future), not the Monster, or Jacob.
  • We’ll get to see the temple, and what’s in it will explain the 4-toed statue.
  • Christian Shepard is alive again.

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