A Little More Lost…

As a fledling baby blog, we love seeing our visits spike up with every post we do on Lost. And since we spent half the night combing over Lost blogs and articles, how about a few more to tide us over? Maybe this can become a regular Wednesday feature to get us through the months without new episodes.

Dark UFO has a very cool “Season 4 Prediction League” that we’ll be joining, you should too.

The Tailsection has some mild spoilers re: Season 4, mostly dealing with the structure of the series.

The Tailsection also has more on Ben’s journal (thank God for HD).

And today, Doc Jensen has one more look at the finale (just like the rest of us), with some brilliant insight. We’re in agreement with one reader that Season Six might end up being a “return to the island” for Jack & Co.

A few more predictions/thoughts for good measure:

  • The island is in some kind of time loop: Richard the hostile never ages… the strange allusion to a musician programming the code to the scrambling device Charlie disabled… the eerie similarites between Locke and the screencap of Jacob… Mikhail’s nine lives… Desmond’s abilites are probably the best proof there is. Remember,”only fools are trapped by space and time.” Are the Losties somehow repeating their lives? That would explain the flash forward, with Kate not in jail and Jack’s dad alive again.
  • Charles Widmore, Penny’s father, will end up playing a major part in the Dharma Initiative/Hanso Foundation.
  • We’ll see Libby again in Season 4. But not on the island.
  • “They’re building a runway,” could end up being a pretty important line.
  • Naomi was lying, obviously. But she knew a great deal about the Losties, and she clearly didn’t get the information from The Others. Was she from a future where the plane DID crash?

Just a note: we reserve the right to be waaaaay off on all of the above.


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