Knocked Up wins big… get ready for YEAR ONE and more!

Success!! Knocked Up had a GREAT weekend at the box office. The studio tried to keep expectation in the high-teens… most of the experts had it in the low-t0-mid twenties… so to come within a hair of $30 million, and to beat Pirates per screen– well, that’s just HUGE!!! For the full box office analysis, go here.

This means we can expect to see much more of our beloved FREAKS AND GEEKS/UNDECLARED alumni all over the place! That’s pretty sweet vindication for a gang of folks who were looking for jobs not so long ago. This just goes to show that sometimes perseverence IS rewarded, and these good things couldn’t have happened to a funnier, more talented group.

Maybe this will even cause some people at NBC or FOX to rethink things the next time they rush to cancel an unconventional show with a die-hard fan base… after all, these box office numbers definitely show there’s a market for this kind of comedy, which Judd used to bring to TV EVERY WEEK.

Seeing Seth, Jay, and Jason up there on the big screen was a real treat. And with SUPERBAD, FANBOYS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS coming out this year, we’re definitely going to see plenty more of them. But what about 2008, you ask? Well, here’s a rundown on all the exciting project Apatow and Co. are working on…

  • YEAR ONE: Just announced, really can’t believe news this great! Apatow will produce… the movie is written and directed by none other than thelegendary HAROLD RAMIS!! And it stars JACK BLACK and our boy MICHAEL CERA!!! No word on the story yet, but c’mon– APATOW, RAMIS, BLACK, and CERA– how can that go wrong?
  • WALK HARD: Apatow produces, Jake Kasdan (the man behind the amazing ORANGE COUNTY and the underrated ZERO EFFECT) directs… John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms star in this comedy about a down on his luck Johhny Cash-like musician.
  • YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN: Former roomies Apatow and Adam Sandler reunite in a story about a Mossad agent who becomes a hair stylist. Seriously!
  • FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL: Now this is one we can’t wait for… the scene-stealer himself, Jason Segel, playing opposite Kristen Bell! Segel (who also wrote it) plays a guy who takes a vacation to Hawaii after breaking up with his tv star girlfriend (Bell), only to have her show up with a new guy at the same resort.
  • DRILLBIT TAYLOR: Apatow produces this one, John Hughes did the story… two kids hire a bodyguard to protect them from a bully.
  • TROPIC THUNDER: Jay Baruchel stars with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. (Tom Cruise is rumored to have a cameo, too) in this comedy about actors in a military movie who are forced to become the soldiers they potray.

This is by no means a complete list, but you get the idea, right? After years of waiting, these guys are becoming the stars they’ve always deserved to be, and we’re gonna get some great movies out of it.


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