Monday Industry Notes, Trivial Pursuit Edition

A few headlines from the Business section of Scramble Network…

ICv2 has a look at Diamond Distibuting’s annual sales for 2006, and the news is good– comic and graphic novel sales are up 18 percent over 2006.

Hasbro has switched agencies, from CAA over to William Morris, with an eyes towards developing properties like Monopoly, Candy Land, and Trivial Pursuit for film or TV. WMA immediately moved to renew Hasbro’s agreement with Paramount and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura to make a G.I. Joe movie. Bad news, considering the script sucks…

Brash Entertainment is a new video game company that will focus exclusively on properties licensed from film and television. This move comes as traditional game developers like EA move away from licensing and towards originals. This isn’t a company that will seek to innovate in terms of gameplay or design, really– it sounds like they’re just looking to put out the kind of adequate, run of the mill film games we already see. Still, they have some cool properties already lined up, include SAW and 300.

A man in Chicago is under arrest for uploading 4 episodes of 24 to, before they were broadcast. He could face up to 3 years in prison if convicted. Yikes.

The shakeups continue as Ben Silverman puts his team together at NBC, but Katherine Pope, who helped develop HEROES and is credited with much of last year’s critical success at the network, will remain on board as head of the studio.


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