Wonder Woman Script Review


Batman on Film got their hands on a copy of Matthew Jennison, Brent Strickland, and Kevin Shawley’s Wonder Woman script. This, you might remember, is the spec script that Joel Silver and Warner Bros. bought up practically the same day JOSS WHEDON left the project.

The review itself is pretty generalized, and there certainly isn’t much in the way of spoilers: its set in WWII, Steve Trevor is a spy, he crashes lands on Themyscria, and meets Diana. From there, they battle Nazis, who are invading the island in search of something… again, no spoilers here.

Still, I like the idea of period Superhero-movies, and this one could be DC’s answer to Marvel’s upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA, which is apparently also set during WWII. I’d love to get more details though– if anybody’s got this script, feel free to send it over to Scramble Network! And I’d also love to see whatever Joss did, just to get a comparison– how cool would that be?


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