Tuesday Industry Notes: Global Takes Matter Edition

Because its not all fun and games out there…

The three big summer sequels— Spidey, Shrek, and Pirates– have all seen steep Box Office drops and won’t match their predecessors domestically. But bigger overseas numbers are picking up the slack.

A few highlights from the Warner Bros.’ Conference Call:

  • WB Home Entertainment is looking at increased commitment to Cable Video on Demand, includid day and date releases with DVDs. Perhaps surprisingly, trial markets show an increase in DVD sales, and obviously a huge increase in VOD purchases, with only neglible DVD rental declines.
  • WB will get more involved in the video game business via partnerships.
  • WB is exploring Web TV models that allow content suppliers to sell ads themselves.

John at CBR has a look at the Direct Market’s April sales numbers. FALLEN SON and JUSTICE LEAGUE top the monthlies, while CIVIL WAR books dominate the trades.Sony is cutting Blu-Ray prices, with the stand-alone playing dropping from $599 to $499– still considerably higher than HD-DVD.


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