Final Update on this post: If you want to save VERONICA MARS, go here! 

Update: We’ve figured out a way to make the Mars Bars campaign work for everyone, so I’ve changed this post up a little bit to avoid confusion. Do NOT Send Camera Film!

In light of Jericho’s recent resurrection, Save Veronica Mars and Hercules over at AICN are leading the charge to save our beloved VERONICA MARS, quite possibly the best written show on TV. How, how, how did this show get cancelled in the first place? Well, here’s our chance to do something about it…

Apparently, a final decision on whether or not to pick up a NEW version of the show, with Veronica attending FBI academy, will be made on June 15th. Show creator Rob Thomas even shot a mini-pilot for the cause, which will be included on the Season 3 DVD.

So we’ve got just a bit over one week to convince the folks at the CW to make the right call and save this show!

Now, what everybody seems to be focusing on right now is sending MARS Candy bars to CW President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff. The problem is that MARS are no longer sold in the States (which sucks in its own right, Snickers Almond is not the same, but I’m getting off point), though one shop on Amazon does sell them for $1.50 apiece. The problem? Shipping on a single bar is $6.99. That’s probably not going to get a HUGE number of orders, I’d guess. Hopefully, I’m wrong about that, though.

Updated: The good news is we’ve found a solution to the problem, and it should be ready by tomorrow morning. How cool is that?



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    SAVE VERONICA MARS | scramble network

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