Busy Saving Ronnie!

Sorry for the lack of daytime posts today, I’ve been busy working on the SAVE VERONICA MARS Campaign! Here’s the latest, all in-depth style…

So yesterday, fans of the show, inspired by the whole JERICHO thing, started an effort to send Mars Candy Bars to the office of Dawn Olstoff, President of Entertainment at the CW. Now, some immediate problems arose… first off, they don’t sell Mars bars in the States anymore! Luckily, there was one online vendor that had them for sale at less than $2 each. BUT, the shipping costs were $6.99. Obviously, this made mass participation difficult.

Initially, I thought maybe we should all just find another item to send… but really, Mars bars WERE a great idea. So I emailed the Indian Food Store, suggesting we create some kind of buyer pool to send one BIG shipment of bars. It seemed to me that would save a boatload on shipping, be easier on them, and allow more people to particpate!

Well, a few hours later, I heard back from Sachin, and we were off to the races from there… a paypal account, linked to from The Scramble Network, was set up. This is a lot easier than ordering bars through Amazon (though you can still do that, and they’ll still be part of the bulk order so you don’t pay the shipping)– now, you just decide how much you can contribute via Paypal, it goes into the pool, and on Monday, the Mars bars get shipped out!

To contribute now (and you really, really should), visit The Scramble Network’s SAVE VERONICA MARS page! Every dollar helps!

So far, 1668 bars have been ordered… and we’re just getting started! We’ll be sending THOUSANDS of bars to The CW next week! Not only that, but thanks to the hard work of SaveVeronicaMars.TV, a half page ad will run in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER!

This is a pretty amazing show of fan support. A special thank you to Sachin Agrawal at The Indian Food Store, who has been absolutely amazing in helping with all this. He’s even set up a blog to keep people in the loop on the store’s efforts! How cool is that?

What are you waiting for? Let’s bring the best-written show on TV back…


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