More on G.I. Joe, and Transformers 2?

Superherohype’s got an exclusive with Lorenzo Di Bonventura, the Producer attached to Transformers (which we’re excited about), Stardust (which we’re excited about), and G.I. Joe (which we’re most definitely NOT excited about based on previous reports).

Here’s what he had to say about the Real American Heroes:

Having been around for decades without ever being the basis of a major movie, we wondered if that was closer to happening. “I hope so,” he told us. “I love the property and I love the characters of it. There’s a couple challenges that it presents. One is that because it’s been around so many decades and because it has so many different heritages in a way, the ’80s Joe is not as familiar to the people who grew up with it before. It was more simplistic before, frankly. It didn’t have that richness, so one of the challenges we’re facing in trying to get it made into the movie is how do you integrate that emotional connection that before the ’80s had to Joe to the ’80s version of Joe, which is a much richer mythology and characters and a lot of things that have been worked out and worked on successfully? The first challenge is to figure out common values between those two time periods of Joe, and I think Transformers and X-Men and several of the properties of the last year that have been and will be successful hopefully are making our case to make Joe into a movie.”

What I don’t understand is this: how can this man seem to have such a firm grasp on translating other properties, but then get so many things wrong with this one? Is this because he played with the “original” Joes as a kid? Though that still doesn’t explain his desire to bring in ACTION MAN, the british version of Joe, to the movie– using that godawful name is the real kiss of death. Come on, Action Man? Ugh.

Okay, look… nobody cares about a movie based on the original G.I. Joe figures. I mean, they were just really generic army toys. That’s boring to most people nowadays. What people want to see is a movie with their favorite Joes from the 80s: Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Zartan, Scarlett, etc. That universe has a rich mythology to draw from… and in characters like Duke, Flint, and Hawk, you DO have the kind of standard, prototypical soldiers he’s talking about.

I really just don’t understand what the thinking is here. Its children of the 70s and 80s, the Fanboy generation, powering these movies and getting people excited about them. That’s why TRANSFORMERS, THUNDERCATS, and HE-MAN are getting made, while the studios aren’t really rushing around to make BUCK ROGERS or THE GREEN HORNET (not saying those movies wouldn’t be good or that there’s NO interest, just not the same gold rush you see for 80s properties).

So, to me, this is just more bad news regarding a film that I desperately want to see done justice. Again, you hate to root against the producer who brought the Autobots to life (and it seems like they did a damn good job of it) , but this is just one more statement that shows G.I. Joe just isn’t headed in the right direction. At one point, the man even said it would be “hard to pull off Snake Eyes” in a film. Huh?!! Kick ass ninja dressed in all-black body armor that doesn’t speak– sounds pretty freakin’ easy to pull off to me.


2 Responses to More on G.I. Joe, and Transformers 2?

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  2. Bostria says:

    I´m really worried about the G.I.Joe movie.

    I am not american, but I grew up with the G.I.Joe toys, the 80´s joes were great!!!
    The comic Books written by Larry Hama were amazing.
    And I am agree with the fact that the MOVIE shouldn´t have any political tone, no Irak references.
    With COBRA as the enemy that problem dissapears, and the level of fiction is clear: Blockbuster popcorn Movie, no problem.

    Snake Eyes is the coolest character between the Joes, he cannot be the main character in a movie because he cannot speak and all that stuff, but as a secondary role he is totally kickass. They will sell more SnakeEyes merchandise than spiderman.
    Scarlett is the sexiest female, she will complement perfectly Snake Eyes in the action scenes and comunicating with him.
    Flint is perfect for the Leading role, much more agressive and impetuous than Duke.
    There are so many characters there, a gold mine, people will pay the ticket to se all those characters for sure: Roadblock, Destro, Storm Shadow, The Baroness (sexy leather female villain), Ace, Zartan, Gung Ho…

    What i´m trying to say is that the G.I.Joe franchise is very well know abroad, and there are fans in other countries that also love the joes and accept them as an army that fights for freedom for everyone, not only defending the interests of USA.

    They can make a G.I.Joe film that everybody will like, with all the nostalgia from the 80s, with all the power of a nowadays blockbusters and none of the problems they are facing with the level of fiction.

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