Save Veronica Mars: Our Letter to Dawn Ostroff

Here it is, our letter to Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment at The CW! This letter will be attached to every box in the shipment that goes out tomorrow! I’m taking feedback on it for the next few hours, then sending it off to Sachin late tonight! We’re in the homestretch– PLEASE contribute, or contribute AGAIN!

Dear Dawn:

Please find attached this gift from the fans of television’s best show, VERONICA MARS!

At first, we just wanted to send you MARS Candy Bars. But within two days, we had bought out the entire U.S. supply of those! So, we’ve substitute Snickers Almond bars, made by the MARS Company, to make up the difference– we’re sure you get the point, regardless. Then, to top it off, please enjoy the marshmallows, because “Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow” and we want S’more. All together, you’re looking at 7,000-plus candy bars and over 400 pounds of marshmallows– totaling more than 1200 pounds of fan support! All organized and put together in less than one week!

Why all the gifts? We want to convince you to give VERONICA MARS another chance. As you know, the show has one of the most dedicated fanbases in television today, and it has won a heap of critical praise.

Now, we understand that the ratings for VERONICA MARS have not been what you would like them to be. We also understand that, after three seasons, you may have lost hope that the show could catch on with a wider audience. But here are a few reasons we believe that VERONICA MARS is most definitely worth saving.

First, this campaign has the potential, like the Jericho nuts effort, to bring a huge round of publicity to VERONICA MARS. The nuts campaign has millions of people who never watched the show trying to find out what the fuss is about, and you know the same thing could happen for VERONICA MARS! Think of all the publicity a successful campaign would generate, and the buzz it would create for the show. As supporters, we’re ready to triple our efforts to get the word out about the show– to find new fans and build a much larger audience. We pledge to work with you to make sure that this program sees the success it so richly deserves. We particularly believe that VERONICA MARS has great potential to be a cross-platform hit; its a perfect show to market for online viewing opportunities. Bottom line: We promise you, with one more chance, we’ll do our part!

Also, we all know that Kristen Bell’s celebrity status is rapidly rising. She’s set to star in the Judd Apatow-produced “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Fanboys.” These films will likely increase her profile with mainstream audiences considerably. The promotion of those films will no doubt mention VERONICA MARS. It is worth waiting to see Kristen develop into a major movie star– which will no doubt draw huge numbers of new viewers to VERONICA MARS.

So, yes, we believe it is a worthwhile business decision to save VERONICA MARS. But we also believe, most importantly, that the show is worth saving because its truly great television. It is one of the best written and best acted programs a viewer could ask for, and there should be a place for it on your network’s schedule. In this age of sleazy reality programming, inane soap operas, and gore-driven mediocre procedurals… can’t we find a place for a show that stands for something different, something better? The examples of such television are few and far between, and we can’t afford to lose them. VERONICA MARS is a show worth saving because it is something The CW can proudly point to and say “We believe in quality television– in the ability of this medium to tell great stories and entertain people in a truly positive way.”

We are respectful of the difficult decisions you are forced to make. But we believe this is one case where the show is, beyond any doubt, worth saving. And again, we are ready and willing to work with you to make sure you won’t regret giving this show another chance.
Please, for its many fans (and the fans it will soon acquire), SAVE VERONICA MARS.


The Fans of Television’s best show, VERONICA MARS
For responses, please contact us at

P.S. If you’re wondering what to do with all of this candy, we’d recommend donating to it to one of the many worthy children’s charities in your area. If you’d like any assistance in that regard, please contact us.


37 Responses to Save Veronica Mars: Our Letter to Dawn Ostroff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great letter. One little grammatical glitch that jumped out during my scanning of your missive. “But we also believe, most importantly, that the show is worth saving because its truly great television.”–should be “it’s,” not “its.” But enough of the grammar nazi thing. I’m thinking that if someone could adapt it or something about the campaign into a press release, they could submit it to Associated Press (AP) through this Web site address:

    They are the originator of the recent Kristin Bell interview. There are other media outlets, such as Reuters, that syndicate news for numerous outlet but this is the one that came to mind.

    I’d volunteer to write a press release but I don’t have a clue as to how to do it. Anyone up for the task?

  2. scramblenetwork says:

    Thanks, I’ll fix that. I always have a problem with its vs. it’s thing! And I can do up a press release tonight, no problem– I’ll post that, too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    will the press release work? will if give us the media attention we need? 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Another grammar nazi comment:

    “All together, you’re looking at over 7,000 candy bars and over 400 pounds of marshmallows– that’s over 1200 pounds of fan support!”

    I beleive there should be no comma after “bars.”

    Great letter. Should we mention too that, like “Jericho”, many viewers choose to watch it online through iTunes and through free viewings at ? In a new world where the networks are expanding beyond the TV, its the perfect show.

  5. scramblenetwork says:

    Noted. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent letter! Very polite and well-written. Go win this for us!

  7. Anonymous says:

    if you were going for the word insane soap operas then you might want to change the spelling because currently it is spelled as inane unless of course you were going for that word. Great Job on the letter though

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great letter.
    Thank you so much to everyone who has put so much hard work into this!
    I agree about mentioning the fans who opt to watch the show online.
    A friend and I have sent letters to media outlets, mainly in Canada (where we are from), but a few in the U.S. Hopefully the story will get covered to help with our fight to save veronica mars!

  9. amanda says:

    One other thing I just want to make sure we have right is that it’s Dawn Ostroff, with an “r.”

    And I love the letter. Awesome job.

  10. fallen8envy says:

    Great letter! I tihnk that you did an awesome job with it. It is perfect in which you put it without being so harsh and made it just right! Let’s just hope that it works!

    And extra awesome for using myposter for the header at the top! yay!

  11. Courtney says:

    Awesome letter! And awesome job people!
    The charity should definitely be Invisible Children. Or at least we should suggest that. The cast did a PSA for Invisible Children after one episode and some cast members are also involved with the charity.
    Just throwing that out there.

  12. Me'shele says:

    The word totaling at the end of the 1st paragraph is spelled wrong, it should only have 1 “l”. other than that it is a wonderful letter. great job.

  13. Courtney says:

    You spelled believe wrong in the sentence: “We particularly belive that VERONICA MARS has great potential to be a cross-platform hit…”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey just wanted to say great letter… 🙂 Job well done indeed!
    The only thing I would add is something about how this has been an world wide effort as I think this should be stressed to show there truly is an international fan base… I mean I donated and bought a 6 pack of Mars bars and I’m in Croatia (thats in Europe) … about the press release, I could help with that, I worked in PR for quite a while, I’ll tinker a bit with it and see what I can come up with… oh and also I agree with the Invisible children idea… it sort of brings it the full circle… and from what I have gathered from their website they have their offices in California as well…

  15. scramblenetwork says:

    Excellent! Spelling and gramar errors fixed, and I added a line about online viewing, and a reply email (though I doubt they’ll use that, probably just send out a press announcement). Just sent it over to Sachin to be attached to the boxes!

  16. violetpretty says:

    In the second paragraph -“we’ve substitute Snickers Almond Bars..” the word substitue needs the letter ‘d’ added to the end. Other wise, awesome job. By the way, I think it would be nice to give some more reasons as to why fans love the show. I wrote my own letter to John Maata & co, but living in Canada I’m not sure it will get there on time. So, if you want, you can use some ideas from my letter:
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I am writing to you on behalf of the recent, unofficial cancellation of the show Veronica Mars. As a devoted fan of the show, I find this recent decision to be not only a mistake of monumental proportions, but also distasteful, and a slap in the face for the fans of VM, which has evolved into a large cult following. I say this because VM surpasses all other TV shows for many reasons. First, VM has showcased a kind of dialogue that is now rarely seen on television. Witty and pop-culturally clever, the dialogue is extremely refreshing and full of surprises, humor, and even darkness. This vital element seems to be lacking now in TV today, and emphasized more so with the absence of VM and even Gilmore Girls, another CW program.
    Second, VM, through the past three seasons, has given the art of storytelling, in its dark, noir-themed mysteries, a new light. Never has a show so captivated my attention and demanded a heightened degree of intelligence- for this I am forever grateful, especially to have realized highly entertaining TV is the best when it draws you in, and forces you to think- not just about the story unfolding, but also the characters- which brings me to my next point- the universal appeal of the characters. One does not have to be the same age, or in the same place, as the characters themselves to understand and feel empathetic towards them. Rob Thomas and his team of writers have created characters with aspirations, flaws and heroic and qualities; they have been put through situations (social stratification, rising up against others, for example) that most, if not all people, can relate to at some point in a lifetime. At the same time, the characters of VM are distinguished above other TV characters through unique, and often dark, experiences- rape, murder and abuse, to name a few. Through this coupling of universal feelings with controversial experiences, Rob Thomas and the writers have created some of the most beautiful, and at the same time, flawed, individuals on television, setting VM far above the rest in its originality and distinctiveness.
    On a similar note, the title character is one of confidence, strength, courage, bravery, perseverance, love, and female empowerment. She has fallen at times, but her determination in the face of adversity (such as rape), has become so inspirational to fans all over the globe, myself included. Veronica Mars will always be an iconic female to those fans that have watched her grow, and is a person whom girls and women alike should aspire to be, rather than the sexual objects the CW promotes every time it airs The Pussycat Dolls.
    Furthermore, this show is the only one I’ve ever seen that has covered the gamut of social themes in society. The writers of VM have brought up issues such as rape, murder, abuse (physical, mental, sexual, emotional), unplanned pregnancy, bullying, infidelity, kidnapping, alcoholism (the list goes on) and have presented them in a way that’s not overly dramatic and unreal, but rather very much rooted in reality- extreme, moderate, and everything in between. The writers have managed to raise awareness of these often-controversial issues and have managed to add a more human touch to them, allowing the public to better understand why people resort to certain actions, without passing swift judgment (a phenomenal example of this was displayed in the character of Cassidy Casablancas).
    In addition, VM has provoked an attentiveness to organizations/movements such as Take Back the Night and Invisible Children, both of which have gained exposure and have opened the eyes of thousands to topics people were previously unaware of. I myself am now more attuned to the focus of these movements, as I’m sure many are as well- and for this alone I feel humbled to have ever come across the show (on CTV in Canada), and have grown to love it like a friend.
    Moreover, on a more physical level, VM has also brought on a cult following based on the wardrobe of the cast, called Neptune_style. I’m sure I speak for many when I say fans not only covet what Veronica and the other cast members wear, but also have taken a page from her sense of style- myself included. Veronica’s style is refreshing and different, and appealing because it doesn’t buy into the ‘sex sells’ attitude, which the CW is currently pushing on its younger demographic. Lastly, VM is a showcase for musical artists worldwide. Had it not been for the show, my own musical tastes would be narrower. Listening to the music featured on the show has certainly broadened my horizons, and I am now more open (and aware) of these previously unknown artists. Furthermore, these artists gained exposure, not to mention new fans.
    In short, VM is the whole package- whip-smart dialogue, real (flawed and heroic) characters portrayed by one of the greatest ensembles; it pushes the envelope in a way that’s not preachy, but original, while being socially conscious, and finally, Veronica Mars herself is an excellent role model with style and smarts, solving mysteries to a diverse musical (and scenic) backdrop.
    I strongly urge the CW to reconsider its position on VM. Perhaps an advertising deal with Lucky Brand Jeans (a line used extensively in the show) would have proved more lucrative instead of Aerie by American Eagle; perhaps the commercials for VM (far and few in between episodes, might I add) should have showcased the mystery and killer dialogue, not romantic drama aimed at preteens. The CW should have enlisted and acknowledged the help of fans in promotion, aimed at the young adult crowd, which VM was better suited for. Do not leave the fans hanging. After three years and a painstaking amount of effort, time, money and devotion to the show, seemingly unacknowledged by the CW, the fans, which have kept this network on the air, deserve more. VM deserves a proper ending (through a movie, even), and closure, if there is no fourth season in any kind of format. It deserves the respect of the network above all. VM is a beacon of light in a television wasteland- please do not put it out.
    Thank you for your time.

    (yeah I know it’s excessive, but this is our only hope)- feel free to use anything if you like, but your version is awesome too. And kudos to your for all your effort!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Another grammar comment: You say “So, we’ve substitute Snickers Almond bars,” but it should be “substituted” instead of “substitute.” Is this comment too late?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Donating to invisible children would be awesome!

  19. Gil says:

    I used to work as a proofreader and used to proofread letters like this for a living. I’ve noticed some other errors that were not mentioned in these comments yet, so I’ve emailed you the revised version to the Gmail address you mentioned in the letter. In case this reaches you too late, I’ve also CC’d Sachin on the email.

  20. Skyroom80 says:

    Everyone else caught the typos and grammatical errors so, WONDERFUL letter! I poste to “TV Addict” and “Cultural Learnings” about their lack of confidence in this campaign so I’ll just re-post the gist here:

    During the entire third season Rob Thomas and the writers of Veronica Mars had been altering the show at the behest of the CW. The CW marketed the show to preteens, when it marketed it at all.

    Ideally, I wish the series could be picked up by a cable channel (like USA) who treats its original shows much better than ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, or the CW treat theirs. Since that is unlikely, I do think a few TV movies are in order — to allow the show to explore its many loose ends, then lay them to rest.

    I’m not usually quixotic about a TV series. This one, however, has me mentally humming, “The Impossible Dream.” There is a lot of life still in Veronica Mars. The final episode opened too many doors into new mysteries. I guess we fanatics of of good mysteries and good detective work don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the quest for justice.

    We may be tilting at windmills, but it’s a necessary battle.

  21. Haikes says:

    The letter should be addressed to Ms. Dawn Ostroff, not Dawn because none of us I’m assuming know her on a personal level like that.

  22. Laura says:

    Hi Nick!
    I read your letter and it was great. The only suggestion I had was to be more specific about the Children’s Charities – possible direct them to maybe children’s summer camps. All those marshmallows scream smores around a campfire. Possibly the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, CampFire USA, and I’m sure their are tons of summer camps in Calif.
    This of course is just a suggestion – you guys are doing great and if you change nothing it is going to be perfect.

    🙂 Laura

  23. suebee says:

    Fantastic letter! I second Haikes suggestion on changing the greeting to Ms. Ostroff, just to show a little more respect.

  24. Skylar says:

    Skyroom80, I think that is so funny 🙂 I’m not usually quixotic either, but the other day, I got in my car and a song by the Klaxons came on called “It’s Not Over Yet.” And it made me smile 😀

  25. jamie says:

    I think you should rethink putting in the bit about Jericho. It basically states that we’re only doing this because it worked for Jericho…and you should keep the focus on VM.

  26. John says:

    I think the comment on not bringing up Jericho is a good one. They did what they did, we obviously took heart at their success but it doesn’t improve the message in any way, just kind of makes things look “me too”. The points stand without the jericho reference.

  27. Skylar says:

    Absolutely agree with the last 2 posters. Jericho should have no part in the letter because they may reject the campaign if they think they’re losing control with viewers. True or not, let them feel secure in their control without lumping us together with “another show protest.”

  28. Spike says:

    Good letter. Don’t see much wrong with it.

    Following this however, I would suggest one last stab at the fan bases around the web. I’m talking Firefly, Stargate, Dark Angel, Sliders, ect… show’s fan bases that have been given the axe by one or more networks in the past.

    But in addition, hit up the many, MANY, guest stars that have been on Veronica Mars and have their own critical phraise for the show, such as Silent Bob himself, or Steven King. 🙂 — BIG CELEB names, help these things move.

    I’m still not sure if this is a step higher or lower than the season 3 campaigning with the plane and all… I was too sick at the time to get to help out but seeemd that was a high commoditiy itself.


  29. Chiara says:

    You might want to address the letter a little bit more formal to be more polite. Maybe Ms. Dawn and however you spell her last name?

  30. Chiara says:

    Oh, about donating marshmellows, YMCA’s have summer camps. I work for one so therefore I know. =)

  31. Dede says:

    I know someone that can and will write a press release. He does it for his job all of the time and knows where to post them so they can get picked up by some media outlets. Let me know if you’d like us to help!

    Thanks for all of the great work you are doing!

  32. Allen says:

    I think we should also point out how NO other CW show would do what we are doing in order to get it back on the air. Smallville? No, and what would they even send? Pussycat Dolls, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris? No.

  33. c says:

    Great, great letter!

    2nd paragraph, it should be “substituted” not substitute. Just add that “d” at the end and you’re good to go!

    7th paragraph, you need to add an apostrophe to “it’s”. “It’s truly great television.”

    See below, paragraph starts like this:

    So, yes, we believe it is a worthwhile business decision to save VERONICA MARS. But we also believe, most importantly, that the show is worth saving because its truly great television.

  34. Kelly says:

    I think you also include how we dvr our shows, watch online and buy at ITunes! Otherwise the letter is wonderful. Thank you for giving a voice to us as fans

  35. […] Save Veronica Mars: Our Letter to Dawn Ostroff [image]Here it is, our letter to Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment at The CW! This letter will be attached to […] […]

  36. lovevmars01 says:

    Lovely letter. I loved it when you mentioned how Veronica Mars fans will be willing to improve the show by working along side with the CW rather than simlpy demanding the show back and hoping for a change. Nice work.

  37. 4505c3b47ac23757f572090b0dbd73d7


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