Kristen Bell as SUPERGIRL?!!

What a case of interesting timing… Just hours after Rob Thomas announced the official cancellation of VERONICA MARS, The CW is sending out word that Kara Zor-El, SUPERGIRL, will be joining the cast of SMALLVILLE. And both stories come from TV Guide.

Keep in mind, Kristen is still under contract with The CW, and will be until Friday. It makes perfect sense that the network would want to keep Kristen in the fold, given her rising celebrity. They likely forged a deal, and it would probably be impossible for Kristen to do big roles in both shows– hence Rob’s announcement.

So, putting two and two together here, it seems very likely that KRISTEN BELL will be SUPERGIRL!

I say if Veronica Mars is really gone (and I’m not ready to give up on that just yet), this is about as much as you could hope for. Smallville’s a great show (though certainly no VM), and this could be a good role for Kristen– she certainly looks the part.

Now, if this proves true, hopefully we can find some way to get some Veronica Mars TV movies each year, which seems like the best case scenario given today’s news. And its more likely, honestly, if Kristen is still with The CW. Its all depressing, but at least there are some silver linings here.


24 Responses to Kristen Bell as SUPERGIRL?!!

  1. Meaghan says:

    although i love kristen, i just can’t see myself supporting the CW after all this Veronica BS they’ve put us through… 😦 sad stuff

  2. Courtney says:

    Kristen Bell screams Harley Quinn more than SuperGirl. Come on! Alright, back to topic. I’m sure they’ll have her as the “Gossip Girl” voiceover person if anything. And plus, Kristen would never give up on the show before it’s official demise…at least that’s what she said and I tend to believe the girl.

  3. scramblenetwork says:

    Ha! Kristen as Harley Quinn would be great.

    Personally, I won’t be boycotting The CW. They have a couple of shows I enjoy, and I really don’t have any ill will towards them– I understand why the decision was made, even though I strongly disagree with it. I only wish we’d had the week to change their minds, really.

  4. Russell says:

    THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!! This could ease the pain a little!! Let’s flood the CW with e-mails to suggest this!! Along with a Veronica Wrap – up movie or mini-series!!


  5. Ana Marie says:

    I think KRISTEN BELL AS SUPERGIRL is a great idea!! I think she could bring a different spin to supergirl – supergirl with an edge that could give Chloe a run for her money and to help Clark loosen up and learn how to fly!! She is perfect for the roll!! Let’s suggest this to Dawn O and the CW!!!

  6. Candy says:


  7. Rich says:

    I think Beaver from Veronica plays the flash on Smallville so they like to use talent from other CW shows so this is a perfect scenario for KRISTEN TO BE CAST AS SUPERGIRL!! That is something I would definitly want to see!! Like stated by other people Kristen could bring an edge or something totally different to the roll!! THIS IS AWESOME!! How can we get her cast as the role? !?!?!

  8. Ana Marie says:

    I just e-mailed WATCH WITH KRISTEN to suggest getting out the word to get KRISTEN BELL NOTICED TO BE CAST AS SUPERGIRL! Along with a wrap-up mini series for Veronica!! If more
    people did this we could get some coverage!!!

  9. Mike says:

    I love this idea of Kristen Bell as Supergirl!! I would definitly watch that and it could ease the pain along with a mini series to wrap up Veronica!! I am going to e-mail the CW and Watch With Kristen to get the word out! THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION!!!

  10. Anna says:

    KRISTEN BELL AS SUPERGIRL!!!! Where do I sign up, I love the idea too – she could bring a diffent spin to the character and make her edger and more modern!! OH WOW I am going to go e-mail the CW on this one, maybe we should get a petition going or take out an ad somewhere to promote this and a mini-series wrap up Veronica show. The CW would redeem themselves if we could get this for Kristen!!!! Let’s do it!! 🙂

  11. Russell says:

    Hey Scramblenetwork: How can we get Kristen the gig as Supergirl on Smallville? I am loving this idea more and more!! Let us know how we can cook this up!!!!!

  12. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all:
    I think the best thing to do is see what happens finally with Veronica Mars on Friday. Depending on that, we’ll start talking next week about the intriguing idea of SUPERGIRL, Rob Thomas’ Miss/Guided, VM Movies/Comics, and other VM-alumni projects or possibilities.
    I agree though, that Kristen would be a really exciting choice that would breathe new life into Smallville.

  13. Sarah says:

    Umm… I just saw this article on Zap2it that right now they are in the midst of casting someone for Supergirl, I guess it couldn’t hurt to e-mail the CW to consider Kristen for the part since the casting thing is going on right now even though I am holding out hope for a mini series wrap up or a movie for Veronica. I am holding out for some good news, I just wish it would come sooner rather than later!!

  14. bigfly012 says:

    It looks as if they’ve named Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl for Smallville’s upcoming season. While I never really watched Veronica Mars, she would have been a good actress to portray Supergirl. However, Vandervoort really looks the part as well, so I think they made a good choice

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