Heroes Mondays

Beginning our weekly off-season look at HEROES– a full round-up of rumors, spoilers, interviews, news, and casting announcements!

WARNING– SPOILER ALERT! Only continue if you want some serious dirt on next season’s adventures!

According to NBC, the new season will kick off on September 24th!

From TV Squad, here’s the full rundown on the new characters featured in Season 2 of Heroes:

  • The yet-to-be-titled Season 2 premiere will introduce new series regular Maya, a Hispanic woman in her mid 20s. Could she be linked with Alejandro who’ll recur next season?
  • The episode will also introduce Kane, a recurring character that may become a possible regular. This man in his late 20s is referred, in the info we were given, as an ageless American with an European feel. He is said to be a charming womanizer who as a soul that seems to be older than he appears to be.
  • A new Japanese recurring female character will be named Princess Keriyama.
  • A few high school characters living in California will be added to the recurring cast. They are: Gay cheerleader April; charming 18-year-old West, who doesn’t fit in much; May, a mean cheerleader high schooler.
  • Other recurring characters making their first appearances in the premiere are: Georgie and Blackie, two Irish thieves, who are under orders of 45ish ringleader Ricky; friendly 40-year-old mild-mannered Bob who is said to be the “unassuming face of a very powerful organization”; NYPD detective Kincaid.
  • The second episode will introduce new regular Monica. She is a beautiful African-American in her late 20s. She is very kind to people and always thinks of them before taking care of herself.

According to the AP, Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan auditioned for a role on the show next season. She would play the above-listed Princess Keriyama, a love interest for Hiro while he’s stuck back in ancient Japan.

Kristin from E! is hearing that David Anders, who played Sark on ALIAS, may be joining the cast! Rumors are he’ll be playing the above-mentioned Kane.
Kristin’s also got this from Hayden Panettiere about Claire:

Shawna in Yonkers, New York: Hayden Panettiere is back on Heroes in season two, right? Any word on what’s in store for our little Clairebear?
I asked Hayden what she wants for Claire. Here’s what she told me: “This show has been so broad, and it’s been such an incredible thing that it seems like it can go anywhere and that she can go anywhere, so I’d like to see a change of location maybe. Toward the end of the season, I’d like to see her get a little bit of a change of style—more sophisticated, growing into her own. I’d like to see a boy in the horizon somewhere, which I’ve heard rumors of.” Ooh-la-la!

And these tidbits:

Marianna in Wichita, Kansas: Any Heroes scoop? I can’t believe summer just started. Seems like the show ended forever ago!
I hear ya, girl. But the good news is the cast actually starts filming new episodes next week, so spoilers are starting to leak out! I’m hearing a bit of The Black Donnellys may have rubbed off on Heroes, as they’re welcoming a new recurring character named Will, aka Blackie, an Irish mobster who’s mixed up in small-time crime!

Michael in Corona, California: Are they adding any characters on Heroes?
Yep. I’m hearing we’ll meet a new character who’s been alive for 1,000 years. And sadly, he will not be played by David Boreanaz. I’m pretty sure it’s the character David Anders is in the running for, but not sure.

Heroes creator David Kring has a new deal with NBC, worth quite a lot of money.


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