Sample Letter for your emails to CBS

For all the Mars Bars Campaigners looking for a form letter…


I’m writing today to urge you to reconsider your recent decision to cancel the best show on television, VERONICA MARS. Please give VERONICA MARS another chance!

On its way to the CW offices in Los Angeles, is a major shipment of fan support. At first, we just wanted to send MARS Candy Bars. But within two days, we had bought out the entire U.S. supply of those! So, we substituted Snickers Almond bars, made by the MARS Company, to make up the difference– we’re sure you’ll get the point, regardless. Then, to top it off, we sent marshmallows, because “Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow” and we want S’more. All together, the shipment holds 7,000-plus candy bars and over 500 pounds of marshmallows– totaling more than 1300 pounds of fan support! All organized and put together in less than one week!

Why all the gifts? We want to convince you to give VERONICA MARS another chance. As you know, the show has one of the most dedicated fanbases in television today, and it has won a heap of critical praise.

Now, we understand that the ratings for VERONICA MARS have not been what you would like them to be. We also understand that, after three seasons, you may have lost hope that the show could catch on with a wider audience. But here are a few reasons we believe that VERONICA MARS is most definitely worth saving.

First, this campaign has the potential, like the Jericho nuts effort, to bring a huge round of publicity to VERONICA MARS. The nuts campaign has millions of people who never watched the show trying to find out what the fuss is about, and you know the same thing could happen for VERONICA MARS! Think of all the publicity a successful campaign would generate, and the buzz it would create for the show. As supporters, we’re ready to triple our efforts to get the word out about the show– to find new fans and build a much larger audience. We pledge to work with you to make sure that this program sees the success it so richly deserves. We particularly believe that VERONICA MARS has great potential to be a cross-platform hit; its a perfect show to market for online viewing opportunities. Bottom line: We promise you, with one more chance, we’ll do our part!

Also, we all know that Kristen Bell’s celebrity status is rapidly rising. She’s set to star in the Judd Apatow-produced “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Fanboys.” These films will likely increase her profile with mainstream audiences considerably. The promotion of those films will no doubt mention VERONICA MARS. It is worth waiting to see Kristen develop into a major movie star– which will no doubt draw huge numbers of new viewers to VERONICA MARS.

So, yes, we believe it is a worthwhile business decision to save VERONICA MARS. But we also believe, most importantly, that the show is worth saving because its truly great television. It is one of the best written and best acted programs a viewer could ask for, and there should be a place for it on your network’s schedule. In this age of sleazy reality programming, inane soap operas, and gore-driven mediocre procedurals… can’t we find a place for a show that stands for something different, something better? The examples of such television are few and far between, and we can’t afford to lose them. VERONICA MARS is a show worth saving because it is something The CW can proudly point to and say “We believe in quality television– in the ability of this medium to tell great stories and entertain people in a truly positive way.”

We are respectful of the difficult decisions you are forced to make. But we believe this is one case where the show is, beyond any doubt, worth saving. And again, we are ready and willing to work with you to make sure you won’t regret giving this show another chance.
Please, for its many fans (and the fans it will soon acquire), SAVE VERONICA MARS.


The Fans of Television’s best show, VERONICA MARS


4 Responses to Sample Letter for your emails to CBS

  1. Mark says:

    Good job on a well written letter. The one I already sent was a little more concise with a smidgeon of attititude. I was wanting to get in touch with Nick or someone from this site if someone wouldn’t mind emailing me. I wanted to know if anything is being done for fans to be able to keep in touch and what might or is being done to keep the fans organized.

    Thank You

  2. F. Kafai says:

    My name is Farima Kafai, I am a 19 year old college student and a film major who finds her shows to be the greatest escape from stress. What are my shows? At this time I am only dedicated to two shows on network television (I don’t have cable, so these shows are my bread and butter for relaxation). Sure I’ll indulgence in the occasional nonsensical show and sit like a drone but my main objective in watching TV is for entertainment through great characters I genuinely care about. Thus, my shows are: The Office and Veronica Mars. I watch, tape, and re-watch Veronica Mars religiously. Now, being the CW, your network has control over Veronica Mars’ fate—my bread, so let’s talk.
    Yes, I am aware that the show is already considered dead but as Logan Echolls’ inspirational message from Henry John Kaiser put it: “Problems are opportunities in work clothes.” Now I’m here to assist you with your shall we say scruffily dressed opportunity. Consider me an optimist because all I see are ideas to revive the show and bring it back to where third season left off. I find the CW’s dilemma of low viewer ship for Veronica Mars to be an opportunity for change and not a death sentence.

    Now I am here to assist in this great opportunity to revive Veronica Mars for the fans and all the crew of the show who have done us a great service, as well as for the CW: to make the show financially worth keeping.

    First order of business: Cash in on you assets. Even if you are set in canceling the show in the meantime get all you can from it by using your greatest asset- Season 1 & 2. I propose that over the summer weeks when all the kids are home and bored you should hype up Veronica Mars Beginnings and play episodes on a regular basis or at any odd hour when TV land is barren. Meaning, timeslots like 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 on Sunday (or all week long- hell take the soap opera time slots give us-bored-out-of-our-mind-kids something of substance to watch) and what about the Smallville timeslot at 3ish in the morning- hey I’m up with nothing to watch and even though I own the first season on DVD- and have watched it an insane amount of times I still never got a chance to see the first two seasons on TV and would watch.

    Alright now imagine all the junior high and high school students off from school missing the drama and excitement of their school halls- well what better than to indulge in the oddities, mystery and humor of the Neptune Universe? Also, giving Veronica Mars the early a.m. hours can bring in a new demographic. Really other that my kind: the college student night owl (who are very receptive of VM), I would imagine you would also be catering to an older creepier male demographic or perhaps the college bum living in mom’s basement who would be drawn in and instantly hooked into watching a sassy, hot blond run around. Then come time for the regular season these guys would have more Veronica to look forward to. Up against shows like Survivor, American Idol and Deal or No Deal those guys are going to choose Hot Snarky Blonde with a vengeance and a heart like a marshmallow. Late night hours are especially good now as well because without a college schedule to keep you in bed more people would be awake at that hour with nothing of substance to watch but reruns and infomercials- give them something new and unexpected. But with all certainty it is best to have some consistency so that viewers can find the show accessible. I recommend the usual Saturday and Sunday “Smallville” timeslots or use “Smallville” as a lead in.

    I myself had never watched Veronica Mars before Season 3. When I had previously heard it’s name the title had brought to mind a Sci-Fi show because of the word ‘mars’ so I paid it no heed. But when it aired on the CW I began to watch it and was hooked from the first episode. Halfway through Season 3 my friend was home from college for winter break and it turned out that while she was away she too had gotten hooked on Veronica Mars- but on the first season which she had bought. So the break continued as she watched Season 1 again, this time with me and I began to see really how incredible and complex the show was- having had no knowledge of the character’s histories before I was amazed by how much was over my head in watching the 3rd Season without the benefit of the first. With Season 1 completely watched and analyzed along the way we moved on to Season 2. This time I was convinced that I would solve the mystery before the characters, but I had underestimated the volume and complexity of the 2nd Season, which was told with precision and expert storytelling. I found myself in total shock and awe by the brilliance of the finale. Seriously how could Rob and the writers and actors be so incredible?

    So then I came back to the second half of Season 3 with a new found respect, understanding and dedication.

    The purpose of explaining my journey into Neptune is to express the importance the 1st and 2nd Season has in attracting and keeping viewers- It took me from being hooked to being an obsessed quoting fan. Yes, I’m sure plenty already saw the first seasons but
    1: Not everyone was exposed to it.
    2: It was a long time ago and not on such an accessible network as the CW.
    3: Even fans like me who own the DVD’s would watch it religiously if re-aired.

    I’m not done yet so please keep reading- you’ll be rewarded- I don’t know I’ll bake you something.

    So along with Veronica Mars Beginnings there should be a lot of advertising, perhaps a montage of witty and romantic clips from the show with some of that killer soundtrack to draw in the younger student viewer ship. During summer days when nothing good is on kids will watch, and so will I. The idea is to start from the beginning, to root viewers and get them invested in the show; when you understand the show and the characters from their start it becomes all the more important to see what they happens next. Numbers in viewer ship should go up if you do your part with advertising because honestly the only reason I watched the show in the first place was because it was on- that’s it. Prior to the show’s premiere I hadn’t seen any advertisement promoting or explaining the show, I just turned to it and its tone and intelligence kept me watching.

    Second order of business: Well actually that would be the above mentioned advertising. At least give the show the same courtesy given to Hidden Palms in a promotional campaign, perhaps even another Kate Bush cover song to pair it with. Let the scenes speak for themselves and tell the story—First season is a virtual wonderland for the senses—use your assets.

    *Read this one—you’ll like it:

    Third order of business: Cashing in on the fans. I have discovered that Veronica Mars has a very active online fandom and I have a brilliant way of involving them that is sure to bring up the shows numbers. I call it “The Fantasy Episode.” Now you can do this with any of your shows but obviously I will not be please if you take the idea without renewing VM. Having read and heard many amazing FanFictions that my friend has found online I had an idea.

    Every year either as a Halloween Special or during the shows hiatus there will be a contest where one viewer will have his or her crazy fantasy idea for a VM episode come true. The episode will not have any affect over the actual season; it will be purely a standalone. Viewers will get to submit their FanFictions and the winning story either voted on by the viewers or chosen solely by the show and the CW will be reworked by the shows writers and created. It will have a “Previously on” portion at the start of the episode to explain the changes made to the Neptune Universe as the viewers enter this fantasy realm. Anything goes- will it go back in time to an earlier season with happenings before Lilly’s death or stay in the present or future?- if the network wants some control on that that’s fine set the guidelines and watch the submissions pour in.

    You could have the event sponsored to make it the more worth your while. Halloween would be a good tradition for a fantasy episode unless there is a scenario already scripted involving the holiday; in that case I find reruns time before the finales to be the greatest reward to viewers—something exciting and new to look forward to and a break from the season’s storyline. It would be a fun and exciting break from the drama of the show to pursue a fan’s crazy scenario. Also, having it every year will keep the online communities abuzz with fans trying to out do the year before’s fantasy and get theirs chosen.

    I don’t care if the show would have breaks where the actors would full on break and look at the camera to do an advertisement like on “The Truman Show” if that’s what it would take to fund the show.

    More Ideas:

    If the show comes back- I don’t know if you have any sway in this matter but with the release of Kristen Bell’s next movie push to have her host Saturday Night Live. Not only can she draw attention to your show but she would also be incredible on the program. I’m sure they would want to have her since she is so versatile and a sketch spoofing VM with some cameos could really create hype for the show. Just food for thought.

    Also in the same vein- Contact Oprah (or let us fans do it). Oprah seems the perfect person to board the Veronica Mars Fan Wagon. The show would absolutely appeal to her and she’d be able to focus on the work of the dedicated fans to get the show back on the air. The shows quality surpasses shows like Grey’s Anatomy (which I watched from the beginning and now realize only repeats itself, with the characters talking in circles it lowers itself into a soapy). Oprah would love the father daughter dynamic and the strength of the relationships and the storyline. She would appreciate the message of the show and the strong role model us young girls find in Veronica. The struggles and tragedies of Veronica’s life and of those around her are sure to appeal to her. Fan’s can write in essays about what the show really means for them. Plus—she’s Oprah! The mere mention of the show from Oprah would do wonders for the ratings. Having Kristen and some of the cast on for her to interview would put us over the top. Showing some scenes between Veronica and Logan and Veronica and her Dad will be evidence enough of the shows quality and Oprah recapping the show would be a phenomenal draw on viewers interests. Viewers of Oprah will be drawn into the Neptune Universe and off to catch up on past seasons and tuning in when Season 4 begins. Hey, she could even send home the audience with the first seasons of the show to get them started.

    I learned in my Mass Communications course that feedback is the number one way to tell a company your thoughts about a product. Your product is Veronica Mars and the fact is that we’d like to continue consuming this product whether you’re ready to discontinue it or not. I also learned that since normally so few actually send in feedback that everyone who does send a message is considered representative of a larger population.

    Hopefully this letter will reach you and will prompt you into finding someone who has power over such matters like Dawn and if you are just an assistant reading this perhaps you could pass this letter along because I have supplied ideas that I find not only realistic but exciting in saving the show and perhaps providing more of a spark to other shows if you apply the fan fiction idea to other shows. I hope to see Veronica Mars in the line up be it as a late fall replacement for a canceled show or as a midseason replacement or just during the winter and summer weeks when other show are on hiatus and repeats- I mean really what would you lose? Especially during winter break when all there is are reruns on every channel- it’s a great opportunity to attract viewers.

    Do you know how much this show means to the fans? Just look at all the effort going into saving the show. I mean really shows should have an agreement with fans when high quality is on the line that they will be watching. Our agreement henceforth should be to take all the time and money that has been put on saving the show to a cause like Invisible Children- if there was an online petition to save the show that had strength with the network then instead of throwing letters and merchandise at you we could instead put are efforts towards the worlds needy- how about next time you want to cancel our favorite show and the highest quality show on TV we’ll just donate time and money to our favorite charities and sign the donations “From: Veronica Mars”- see we’ll send the message to the network and do good in our own time.- the system could be exclusive to the CW at first and then start a revolutionary movement of supporting our shows through contributing to organizations important to us. Though we should be donating our time and efforts to causes important to ourselves solely for the desire to be doing good for others so maybe this concept crosses the line but my point is that with the money put into saving a show that should have already been saved we could have turned our efforts to doing more good.

    Lastly, canceling the show five days before the season finale is a gross use of power. Even worse the finale was advertised during its commercial breaks repeatedly as the “Season Finale” and not the “Series Finale.” Not only did this provide false hope when I later went online believing I’d find that the show had been saved but it also is a great disservice to those who don’t frequent internet message boards and so don’t know that a show they watch and possibly love is not coming back—I would not have know had I not started visiting online sites this year.

    Hey if you need money for the show just collect one dollar from every fan willing- those of us who are buying and sending postcards and other merchandize are already spending more than that and are obviously willing. Or go with my other idea of product placement like on “The Truman Show” (I’m kidding obviously but not by that much).

    Veronica Mars is a quality show, and the Season Finale was awesome, really incredible. It was a return to old Neptune with all the characters we love setting up for a return to what got people invested in the show. I loved it and can’t wait/need to see what is planned for Season 4. I’ve watched other shows and watched Gilmore Girls for a long time until I got so sick of the rambling- after a while you realize they just talk in inane circles, I had watched Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning but again I’ve realized it’s just Gilmore Girls grown up and in a hospital where everyone is self-absorbed and talking in circles- literally they just repeat themselves. Veronica Mars doesn’t do that. Not only is it smart but also witty and that’s hard to find. Every character is incredible whether you love them or not and the shows run has allowed for the opportunities to take background characters and bring them into the light, making them three dimensional.

    So we go to school and work and out with friends and family but on Tuesday nights we return to Neptune because they’re part of our lives too and though fictional to you they are very real to us and very often the only viable escape on the tube.

    Pair it with anything you like though I think Smallville would be the best lead in. Think about it both shows have a similar vibe they both center around one outcast and each episode is working through a mystery. Plus, two characters from VM: Troy and Cassidy/Beaver have been on Smallville. And they both have an affinity for stained glass windows. Later on you could even have a cross over show for fun, I mean Chloe and Veronica working together to solve one of Clark’s problems- how cool would that be? Also, Wednesday is an awesome day for the show because as I recall being in the middle of the week when I can never find anything to watch- though I’m not up to date on the fall schedule so you should make sure that potential fans wouldn’t be watching another show at that timeslot. I have however seen promos for all the new shows and I was amazed by the amount of garbage being put out there- you have quality and you should hold on tight- the male and female “Sex and the City” knock offs are coming forward and there was barely a thing on network television that I would actually carve out time to watch. That leaves you CW to work your magic and make me tune in sure I’m watching Hidden Palms but do you know what I’m thinking?- that’s right- Veronica Mars also centers around a broken (well almost broken) hero in a small town full of secrets, death, suicide and murder, smells an awful lot like Veronica Mars and though a different shall we say heated vibe I still prefer the original. As for Gossip Girl- no it’s not my cup of tea however Kristen Bell’s voice will most likely draw me in. The real shame is that you’ll be using the most incredible actress on your network- hell she can compete and take down anyone on television- but you are going to be using her voice and not the rest of her? My God do you know what you’ve got a hold of?- and to demote her to a narrator and without the role she seems born to play is a gross misuse of you assets.

    A compromise? I’m all for it. Have Kristen do the voice over for Gossip Girl and then bring Veronica Mars back midseason. See? Win-Win-Win (three, because the third is for the viewers who also win). In Veronica’s words: “You know what that makes everyone? A winner.”

    Yes I am relentless and if you recruit me I will stay up days on end spouting ideas to save the shows I love why pumping up your new shows. I’m a Jane of All Trades at your service, and this mind never sleeps.

    In the process of writing this CBS has renewed “Jericho” because of fan’s outcries of support for the slated dead show. They acknowledged that as viewers we the consumers should have the final say about our product and when we want it a product- We want it! Veronica Mars is the show that you have- we’re telling you that like it or not it’s selling so now’s the time to order up more shipments and put on the showy advertisements to cash in because the show is a hot commodity and it’s being grabbed off the shelves. Don’t underestimate our devotion to TV shows—you want us watching what we love and buying what is advertised. It’s a good idea to start with your show.

    Hell I actually do have extra gum in my purse and I normally don’t chew gum—the show is working product placement in a subliminal way that makes me desire extra gum—it’s truly that powerful.

    Now I know you want to survive and flourish as a network so if I can be of further assistance let me know: your dedicated college viewer.

    Oh also the first two letters on my license plate are: CW- my license says: 4CW- so just consider me one of your free advertisers. When stuck in traffic fellow drivers will see my plate and have the message “for the CW” subliminally entered into their minds. When they go home and see the CW logo on their screen they will feel a strange force pulling them in and then while we’ve got them they’ll see Veronica Mars and know why they were drawn in. –Was that a little over the top? You get the idea. Anyways if VM doesn’t return I will be left driving a car with a reminder of a network which I no longer harbor such warm fuzzy feelings for.

    Also, for the record this is the first time I have ever participated in feedback for a show, before this I have just been a viewer and I hope knowledge of the shows impact on me to go further will resonate with you. This show means something to us and I know the cast and crew loves their job because it comes off in the writing and their performances each week.

    Keep us watching.

    Farima Desperate Kafai
    (No that’s not my middle name just my present state)

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