Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic?!!

You know, I kinda saw this one coming…

Today. VM fans have had a little more rain fall on their parade, as The Star sits down with Rob Thomas:

“It’s over for good as a television series,” confirms creator Rob Thomas.

In their latest crusade, Veronica fans have been sending Mars Bars to the CW, hoping the network will reverse its decision and renew the show. (CBS recently did just that with Jericho after it was deluged with calls, letters and – get this – about 25 tonnes of roasted nuts.)

“I just heard about the Mars Bar campaign,” says Thomas when we met yesterday at the Banff World Television Festival.

“This is a tough thing for me to say because I love those people and they have been so good to me, but it’s not going to happen.”

The main opponent of the show? CBS Head Leslie Moonves. Well, at least now we know where to send the hate mail.

But again with the silver lining:

“I have some ambition to write a screenplay, see if I can shop that and get it made,” he says. “And I had a meeting with DC Comics last Monday and they want to do (Season 4) as a comic series.”

Okay… a Veronica Mars comic would be GREAT! I kept thinking the same thing, since BUFFY is now doing Season 8 as a comic right now. It doesn’t replace the possibility of movies, but it would be a great way for fans to get their regular fix of VM.

Bottom line: Rob has been hired on to Miss/Guided. Maybe in some miracle world he can get out of that, but it doesn’t look likely. Who knows, though?

Update: A bit more from Kristin at E! Online:

As for Veronica Mars, Thomas tells me: “I think the best odds for seeing the continuation of the Veronica Mars story is in comic-book form. I had a meeting with DC Comics last week. They want to do the series. I want to do the series. It’s just a matter of making a deal and figuring out when I have the time to write it.  And perhaps a feature screenplay will follow.”

Keep in mind, this IS good news, it just falls under the better-than-nothing-at-all heading.


4 Responses to Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic?!!

  1. Laiq says:

    Having just recently revived my comic book love, a VM comic would be amazing!! really hope something happens.

  2. Sonya says:

    wtf- i love veronica mars- how could they cancel shuch a good thing!!!!!!!! first gilmore girls, now this- all my favourite tuesday shows are getting cut. I don;t want to read a comic book about it- i want to see the actors do their jobs- and ACT.

  3. cassandra says:

    cc je suis fan de veronica.

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