Rob Thomas sheds new light on Veronica Mars Cancellation…


Blogcritics has a great interview with VERONICA MARS creator Rob Thomas, filling in many details on the cancellation, the FBI pitch, his thoughts on the Mars bars campaign, and more…

For VERONICA MARS fans, this one is an absolute MUST-READ!

On his new job at Miss/Guided:

Is that official? With Miss/Guided?

Yeah, it’s official, sort of. There’s one little deal point that everyone involved believes is going to work out so it’s official. Believe me, I’ve been doing Miss/Guided stuff every day this week, so I hope I have a job or I’ve been doing a lot of free work right now. But I think it’s going to happen.

On the campaign, the comic, and a VERONICA MARS movie:

Is there any truth to the rumours of a movie to wrap things up, or is that in the past now too?

No, that’s not in the past. I have read recently that Veronica Mars fans have been sending Mars Bars, and I don’t want to dampen their enthusiasm, but I have to say, it’s not going to happen. Veronica Mars the TV series is gone. Unfortunately. Lord knows I would have loved for it to keep going. I did meet with DC Comics last week to talk about continuing Veronica Mars as a comic book, and I have some aspirations to write a feature script about Veronica. But the show is a thing of the past now.

On the Veronica Mars FBI pitch:

You had three seasons and you hoped for more obviously. Was the FBI scenario your creative decision, or was it a response to the network’s pressures?

We could see the writing on the wall. We started to feel pretty certain that we would not be back in our current form. Dawn (Ostroff, president of The CW) had talked to me about doing a first year cop show, aside from Veronica Mars, so I came back and said, how about we put Veronica into a first year cop show. By “first year cop” I mean surrounded by other rookie cops. It was our Hail Mary pass to try to get another season or two out of the show. When we went in and pitched it to them, Dawn loved it. The Hollywood Reporter even reported “Veronica Mars back on the air, nearing a season four.” The impression I got was someone, probably Les Moonves (president of CBS, the C of The CW), just said “are you kidding, we’ve given this show three seasons,” and killed it. We went from dead to back on the air to dead again very quickly. Our Hail Mary pass came very close to working but didn’t quite get past all the filters it needed to.

More on the campaign and behind the scenes stuff:

I think the Jericho peanut campaign that worked inspired the Mars Bars campaign, and will probably inspire a lot more save our show campaigns now.

Honestly, it makes me sad. It makes me sad because I so appreciate the people who are doing it and I also know the Mars Bars campaign needed to happen a month earlier if it was going to have any impact at this point. [Sighs.] There’s a part of me that feels this whole June 15 deadline that “we’re going to give Kristen (Bell) and Rob to continue on” is a way to deflect from the fact that they cancelled us.

I don’t want to say it’s disingenuous because I think Dawn would love to do something with Kristin and myself on that network, but at the same time, it will make me look like the bad guy. Because they’re not offering us much of a deal to do something new, but suddenly they can say to the press that they offered Rob the chance to continue on and he turned it down. Which isn’t exactly the truth. The truth is they wanted me to write an FBI pilot with no guarantee behind it of episodes. Meanwhile I’m being offered real money to run a show that is on the air backed up by a development deal, a deal that Warner Brothers (the W of The CW) is not offering.

And people within the business said that Les Moonves was not enthusiastic about putting a new Veronica Mars on the air. So it was asking me to turn down a lot for a very, very outside shot of getting Veronica Mars back on the air.

In a way, a clean “they’re cancelled” would have been less painful. I mean, less painful for me and less painful for the fans, I think.

Any glimmer of hope here? A bit, but not much. From the sound of it, Rob isn’t fully, OFFICIALLY signed to Miss/Guided, so he COULD come back.

The reveal about CW asking for Rob to pitch the new FBI show is interesting. Fans will no doubt debate whether or not he should have developed the pilot script for free or not. It sounds like it wasn’t a very good situation, but others will likely argue it could have worked.

Bottom line, VMers still shouldn’t give up until after Friday. And even then, it sounds almost certain that VERONICA MARS stories will continue on somewhere, in some form.

19 Responses to Rob Thomas sheds new light on Veronica Mars Cancellation…

  1. Keith_Mars_is_Hot says:

    Okay, well that just hit hom for me right there. I guess we all just have to admit defeat. It sounds like Rob doesn’t even want to continue on Veronica Mars. I mean I may be reading way to much into it, but he really sounds negative about it. All the hard work and money spent to save Veronica Mars, and Rob seems rather blah about it all.

    My heart is truly broken over this. Veronica Mars was such a comfort to me after my 15 yr old was died in a recent auto accident. I threw myself into this show and actually looked forward to seeing VM every Tuesday. Now it is gone.

    I have search the wide world of tv series over and have come up empty handed, while searching for a replacement series. Nothing compares to Veronica Mars. No comic or movie is going to pacify us fans either. We want Kristen and the whole original crew or nothing at all.

    Brokenheartedly yours,

  2. Keith_Mars_is_Hot says:

    By the way. My grammar is really bad above because I am literally typing through the tears. I know it is only a show, but my heart was in that show.


  3. Haley says:

    I think that was a very thoughtful and truthful interview on Rob’s part. I thank him for that…

  4. svmocwcso says:

    While I’m happy that RT has found a comfortable gig on Miss/Guided, in no way will it help make up for the absence of Veronica Mars like several columnists have been suggesting. I’ll be sure to tune in and support Thomas’ new show since he did give us three amazing years of television, but I agree with Keith_Mars_is_Hot’s assessment that nothing can take the place of additional seasons of VM.

    I’m still holding out for a miracle mid-season pick-up, but realistically, I feel good about potential TV movies. The comic sounds like a surefire thing, so hopefully it will be enough to hold us over until we see Veronica Mars in live-action form once again.

  5. c says:

    Shame on The CW for leading us on! 😦 I hope Rob develops the script first, as I cannot stand comics. Not even for Buffy could I endure comics. 😦

    Sad day.

  6. Ann says:

    The CW certainly was gutless in the way they DID NOT let loyal fans know what was happening. Shame on them. Thanks for the honest interview, Rob Thomas. It is what I would expect from you and I’m pleased about that

  7. sincerely regret its cancellation... says:

    Yeah, dismal and a predictament we face. I remember watching the years of episodes and reruns of The Brady Bunch, Wonder years, silver spoons, the facts of life, happy days, etc etc. for what seemed like forever. And I was content. At least I knew while I was getting older so were they…Those episodes were kind of like family memories…in a way…especially when watching with family and friends…VM was the only show I really looked forward to watching. So now I won’t bother, will have to live the real life, make an effort to talk to neighbors, laundry, etc.. Yeah VM needed a little growth and more development, but it had a lot of potential now will be lost…sob…

  8. demmar33 says:

    I only discovered Veronica Mars this year through reruns of Season 1 on the WNetwork. I was not aware of all the controversy (and excessive negativity) about the show. I instantly became hooked on this series and really looked forward to each subsequent episode. I am truly going to miss this program. I can only hope and cross my fingers that something comes along to wrap things up. It shocks me that we are living in a world of tv viewers that would rather watch the “reality” of Survivor instead of well-written scripts. What a shame!! Or should I say sham??

  9. nica says:

    It’s so sad to hear that VM will be canecelled but I still convinced belive that we will continue to hear about this wonderful show in future :]

  10. nica says:

    **without the word belive

  11. Rose0404 says:

    kristen bell rules !
    and the all cast Is so amazing.. of course it sad to reales that the show it’s canecelled but I hope I will hear about you guys

  12. jazz says:

    I’ve only just watched all the seasons now and even though it had to be cancelled they could have at least allowed a wrap up episode. Veronica and Logan are meant to end up together!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I just found Veronica mars and got hooked when i told my sister i liked the show she said it was a bad idea because they leave you hanging so don’t get hooked. Too late 😦 well i kept watching because i was so hooked but she was right. I was so disappointed so i really really really hope veronica mars will come back some day.

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  16. danavox says:


    […]Rob Thomas sheds new light on Veronica Mars Cancellation… « scramble network[…]…

  17. hannah says:

    WHY!?!?!?!?!? i dont get it!! they cancled it even though ALOMOST everybody i know and alot of people loved it!! they should have aired it!! and then ended it with a ending at the end of season 4!!

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  19. […] a 2007 interview, Thomas explained that The CW talked about him doing a “first-year cop show”, with the […]

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