An Axel Foley the whole family can enjoy…

Chud’s got some news from the TRANSFORMERS press junket on the 80s franchise we REALLY can’t wait to see brought back: BEVERLY HILLS COP!

Q: We’re revisiting Rocky, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and now Beverly Hills Cop?

Di Bonaventura: Axel Foley is a great character. When you travel with Eddie, people constantly come up to him and go, “When are you going to do Axel?” Like with Indiana Jones, there’s a reason why these things come up, and it’s because people love them so much. They’re the ones who are usually informing us why we should do it.

Q: But now that Eddie’s such a family comedian, would he be able to do R-rated Axel Foley?

Di Bonaventura: I think it’s going to be a really interesting debate, and it’s one we’re going to have for a while.

When a few of us told him there’s no sense in making a PG-13 Beverly Hills Cop IV, di Bonaventura responded, “Would you please call Paramount and tell them that?”

Hmmm… a PG-13 Axel Foley. Just doesn’t sound right. But we’re in, just so long as they keep that wonderful theme music:


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