Orci talks Star Trek 11


The IESB has a full transcript of Robert Orci’s extra-long media roundtable for TRANSFORMERS, and in it, he drops some cool hints about that other project he’s been working on– STAR TREK 11! Check it out:

Q: So let me ask you, you guys are involved with Trek. How have you been researching that, how’s that been coming. I know you’re probably not going to be able to give us obviously story points but…

Orci: Well luckily we’ve been researching that all our lives [laughter]. Like all that, we read the novels, we just had it down cold. So when it came up again we were covered. We have a greenlight draft, we finished it [last] Christmas, its going, it shoots in November. We’re in the middle of casting right now.

Question: When do you think we’re going to actually hear casting stuff, are you going to Comic Con, is J.J. [Abrams] planning a big thing?

Orci: We might announce some stuff at Comic Con. We should have significant casting by then.

Q: As a follow up to that, and I don’t know how involved you are to answer this but, isn’t it hard to get established actors and stars to come into a franchise where they’re playing iconic characters? They are playing young versions of Kirk and Spock.

Orci: Hard, you mean hard to convince the stars? Or hard just from the creative point of view to want them?

Q: To convince them, or both.

Orci: Actually I think it’s a little easier to convince established actors, the problem is you’re not sure you want them. Like Superman, would that have worked with you know…

Q: But won’t that insinuate that they’re not going to big stars, that its therefore the same old Star Trek, won’t spend the money, won’t bring in the big names to make it happen.

Orci: No, we don’t insinuate that you mean…

Q: No I’m insinuating that the fans might feel that way, because the whole idea that the re-launch is that its bigger, better, even as a reboot and I’m just saying…

Orci: Uh, I don’t think so, because the star of the movie is Star Trek, you know, so another way to think of it is we feel confident in what the material is and what the paradigm of the movie is that we’re not trying to shove an Academy Award winner down your throat to sell it. Which doesn’t mean that we might not end up there but its not our first place to go there with that.

Q: Were you going to elaborate on that thing about what big stars might take away from playing these iconic characters?

Orci: They become the story instead of the franchise, you know, it becomes a personality issue as opposed to really focusing on the movie. Stars in the right place might help it too, I mean we’re not ruling anything out at this point casting wise.

Q: I think Brad Pitt would look real good with Vulcan ears.

Orci: (laughter)

Some interesting news there… so maybe everyone SHOULDN’T pencil in MATT DAMON to play Captain Kirk. Or should they?

Can’t wait for those Comic Con announcements!


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