Latest on Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic!!!


Here’s the latest, from Watch with Kristin:

I work at DC Comics, and you’ve got some big love here. There’s a bunch of us who take your word for gospel, and though it’s already sorta out there, we just wanted to send some info your way on the Veronica Mars comic books. They’ll be published by our Wildstorm imprint, which is based in San Diego, and R.T. is looking to be firmly on board. We’re even hoping for a late fall release of the first issue. Hopefully, more to come…Keep up the good work!

This is about what I expected, but coming a bit sooner than I had hoped! The book will be in good hands over at Wildstorm– they handle most of DC’s licensed properties, and have done a fine job with SUPERNATURAL. Sounds like they will in fact be written (or at least plotted) by Rob Thomas, so expect some high quality work!


4 Responses to Latest on Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic!!!

  1. Andrea says:

    Visit for addresses to send letters/postcards of support for a VM film!

  2. desaraev says:

    Why do all the good ones have to come to an end? I loved both Veronica Mars and Cupid (both CW shows). I love the idea of watching her grow up then head off to the FBI. I love relating to her. Found this on Netflix and have been addicted ever since. They should have hulu, NBC, or ABC pick this up and finish it. Or even Marvel or DC. Someone should just pay for it and finish filming it. The crime noir feminine lead here rocks. I can’t wait until Netflix and hulu (ie the fans) are the ones who get to choose what airs and what gets cut. That’s how Chuck got saved, the fans (and Facebook/Twitter).

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