Spacey Awards Coverage – Superman Returns Wins Big!

June 11, 2007

Oh, how I wish we could get The Space Network down here in the States. If anyone has some kind of super-secret way to stream it online, I would be eternally grateful to hear about it. For those who haven’t heard of it, its comparable to Sci-Fi Network here, but the programming is considerably better. Every year, they give out The SPACEY AWARDS, Canada’s recognition of Genre entertainment.

The big winner tonight, interestingly enough, is one of my favorite super-hero films ever– SUPERMAN RETURNS. Now this is a film that was met with a pretty lukewarm response here in the U.S., but apparently the global markets enjoyed it very much. I can’t seem to figure out why that is. I thought the movie was pretty brilliant– I felt Brandon Routh captured the melancholy isolation of Kal-El perfectly, that Kevin Spacey was wickedly fun as Lex Luthor, and that the “Superman’s son” angle made perfect sense as a continuation of the original film’s themes of fatherhood and messianic destiny. The big criticism I heard was that there needed to be big, flashy supervillains, which isn’t, at least to me, what Superman (especially on film) is all about. There’s a reason this guy’s biggest enemy is just a human being.

Well, getting off my Superman soapbox, it appears they had a lot of fun up in Toronto tonight. In addition to Superman Returns garnering three awards (Best Heroic Performance, Best Villain, Best Comic Book Movie Adaptation), James Bond won “Favourite Kick-Ass Character” a viewer’s choice award that once agains show much Daniel Craig did to restore that franchise’s glory, and Pan’s Labyrinth won Best Movie.

Full list of nominees and winners after the break… I’ll try to find us some video shortly.

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