Castlevania gets a new director… Sylvain White!

June 14, 2007


Big changes for the upcoming CASTLEVANIA movie, as previous director PAUL W.S. Anderson exits, and SYLVAIN WHITE takes over.

However, they’re sticking with Anderson’s script, and he’ll remain on as a producer.

White’s been hot since scoring a hit with STOMP THE YARD, and he’s previously gotten coverage here for his plans to adapt RONIN for the big screen. Castlevania, however, will be his next turn at director, bumping all other projects back.

Can the big screen do the Belmont Family justice? God knows VAN HELSING tried to do this kind of movie right, but didn’t quite get there. Needs a tough mix of Sword and Sorceror epic with Vampire stuff. Hard to get it right… but the game series has always been brilliant, so the potential’s definitely there.