City of Heroes: The Movie?!! The TV Series?!!

June 7, 2007

Wow… no idea what to say here… another night, another exciting genre property being developed into a film!

This time, its the insanely popular MMO CITY OF HEROES. And its not just a movie this time… the film apparently will lead right into a television series!

Pretty groundbreaking news here… first off, I’m fairly certain this is the first MMO ever to be adapted for the screen. And then, if they remain even remotely true to the game mythology… well, let’s just say that TV series could be a real high-water point for super powers on the small screen… its been far, far too long since we saw a true comic book style tv show. HEROES and SMALLVILLE are both great, but it would be so cool to see some COSTUMES on the tube again. And the implications for the game itself are pretty exciting. Imagine creating your character, then seeing it adapted for the movie or TV show (though hopefully you could get paid or recognized for that in some way)!

This one has a LOT of promise… I love the game, I’ve spent countless hours playing, so, my imagination is running wild here. What’s cool about this is that it will be a film about an entire universe of heroes and villians, not just one good guy or one team. My head’s spinning! Between the depth of the mythology, the sheer number of cool characters, and the interactive possibilities, I don’t even know where to start!

BTW, keep an eye out for my upcoming post THE TOP 10 GENRE PROPERTIES THAT DEMAND MOVIES, coming late tonight. If you’re thrilled about this news like I am, you’ll love that list.