New Clark and Michael Episode Up Now!

June 13, 2007


The funniest show that’s not on TV has a new episode up, and you gotta check it out…

The future of D.A. Dad… a rift between the guys… Michael’s heartbreak… sweet, drunken revenge…

and Andy Richter guest stars!

There’s so much that’s good here.

Hilarious Clark and Michael Video Interview!

June 12, 2007

The funniest television show out there isn’t actually on television: It’s Michael Cera (George Michael from Arrested Development) and Clark Duke’s CLARK AND MICHAEL! To tide you over until the latest episode drops tomorrow, Collider’s got a hilarious interview with the guys outside Amoeba Records. I especially like when Clark spots his dad.

The only real news I picked up on was the possibility that DAVID CROSS will have a role in YEAR ONE, the new Harold Ramis/Judd Apatow collaboration that stars Cera and JACK BLACK. That one should be gold.

And if you’re not watching CLARK AND MICHAEL, what is wrong with you. Go. Watch now.

“We’re selling ourselves… and our bodies are a part of that.”

May 30, 2007

Its Wednesday, and just like they promised us, we’ve got a great new episode of CLARK AND MICHAEL.

Damn that’s funny.