Preacher on HBO, Ghost Rider 2, and more…

June 8, 2007

iF Mag’s got an update from Mark Steven Johnson, regarding a possible Ghost Rider sequel, Daredevil 2, and great news on the Preacher HBO Series front…

On where they are now:

Things are moving ahead and great. I actually already wrote the pilot and (HBO) wanted to me write a bible on how the first season would go and I did that. There was a big shake-up at HBO recently and we weren’t sure if we were still on the bill but things are still looking really good.

On new stories in the show:

Well there would be nothing new to add if we did that so (PREACHER creator) Garth (Ennis) and I have been creating new stories for the series. I love the book so much and I was telling Garth that he has to make the stories we are coming up with as comics because I want to see them.

On casting:

But we want three real people that the audience can connect with that doesn’t have any prior baggage to get hooked to. One of the things that I love about the cast of LOST is that virtually all of them are unknowns and because no one had seen them before there wasn’t a typecast baggage to go along with them. I am hoping to do the same thing with PREACHER.

He also talks about Scarecrow as a potential villian for Ghost Rider 2, and the potential for a Daredevil 2, so check it out!