Does HALO DS exist?

June 16, 2007


The rumor has been out there for a while, but few believed it… now IGN’s Matt Casamassina (the guy who started the rumor) is promising some real proof in the next few weeks. We’ll see…

In other HALO news, Newsarama’s got Brian Bendis talking about the upcoming HALO: Uprising graphic novel.

Bendis started the panel by showing off some new slides of Halo: Uprising, both covers and some heretofore unseen interior art. Bendis explained that Maleev has used a variety of media to create the images, with Maleev adding that it’s half hand-drawn and half computer-rendered.

“It’s not your typical, cheap licensed book,” said Bendis of the project. “We were honored to be offered the job.”

Maleev then talked about the challenges of doing the book, saying some pages took him about twice as long as Daredevil pages used to.

“Are you dealing with Cortana at all?” asked a fan about whether or not that Halo character would be featured, and Bendis said no, since she split with Master Chief at the end of Halo 2, where Uprising took place.

“Will we see what’s under Master Chief’s mask?” Bendis: “Believe me, I would like to, but no.” Bendis then joked that he would look a lot like Maleev.

An audience member asked who the intended target of Halo: Uprising was, and Bendis said that he’s pulling from a variety of sources (the video games, novels) and is hoping to reach several different groups, both Halo experts and more casual fans. He then teased that the reason he took the job was to ensure that he’d get to play Halo 3 early. The next Halo-related question dealt with whether or not Bendis was able to use new elements, like weaponry, from Halo 3, and Bendis said yes.

With Bendis and Maleev on deck, sounds like a top-notch effort.