Tyrese as Luke Cage?

June 19, 2007


Sci-Fi Wire has a couple of quotes from Tyrese Gibson, talking LUKE CAGE:

“They’re doing rewrites on it now, and we actually have a meeting coming up on it soon, from what I hear, just to see where we are with the whole thing,” Gibson said in an interview while promoting Transformers. “Right now they’re in the process of getting the rewrites done, and then they’ll, I guess, do kind of a formal presentation to see if it’s going to be a go.”

Asked what interests Gibson most about the super-strong and hard-to-hurt Cage character, he replied: “I just love his presence, and I love the fact that he’s one of the first black comic-book characters. I’d like to make the comic-book world proud with what I’m looking to do with Luke Cage. So hopefully the opportunity all pans itself out. Me and Singleton are both looking to be a part of it, if the screenplay turns out right. I met with [producer] Avi Arad, and he’s very excited about the possibility. But you can’t do a great movie without a great script, and the ducks have got to line up.”

I really believe John Singleton has a kick ass Power Man movie in him, and I think Gibson’s the guy to make it happen on-screen. This flick NEEDS to happen.