Monday Morning Round-Up: Fast Cars Edition

June 4, 2007

Paul W.S. Anderson will direct the adaptation of SPY HUNTER, replacing John Woo and continuing his move towards car chaseĀ  films– before this starts, he’s filming Jason Statham in DEATH RACE 3000. No word yet on whether DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON is sticking around– he was attached to the project before the directorial change.

Check out the full plot synopsis for CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN.

Scott Porter, of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, has been cast as a younger version of RACER X (to be played by Matthew Fox) in SPEED RACER. We love FNL, so we love this news. Porter’s also a big comic buff– check out this Newsarama interview.

Here’s an interview with Tim Story, re: FF2. Biggest news: Puppet Master will likely be featured in FF3. That could be cool, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Namor or Mole Man.

Oh, and two new FF web sites: one for the video game, one for the animated series.

Danny Goldring has been cast in THE DARK KNIGHT, no word on the role yet.

See some new Transformers footage here. Click on ‘Exclusive Footage.’

And, you’re going to get to see Transformers even earlier… special early showings have been added nationwide on Monday, June 2nd.

John Woo strikes NINJA GOLD

May 29, 2007

This could be good.

We love the premise here… ninjas, steeped in tradition and using centuries old methods, go up against modern, cutting edge covert warfare. We’re betting on the ninjas.

In the hands of John Woo, this is a fight we’re dying to see. Yes, the last few films haven’t been that well received (we dug PAYCHECK, though– very underrated). But this is still the man, the action genius behind KILLER and HARD-BOILED. This is the man who brought us doves during gunfights, mexican standoffs, and backs up against each other trash-talking. The man has contributed as much to the genre as anyone, and we’re betting THIS one will be a classic return to form.

Before that though, we get STRANGLEHOLD, the video game sequel to HARD-BOILED, with Chow Yun-Fat starring. And there’s a little picture called THE BATTLE OF RED CLIFF, the biggest budget Asian film ever made, an epic set in China’s Three Kingdoms era. That one will feature battle scenes the likes of which American audiences have never seen, and may just go down as Woo’s masterpiece.