Zack and Miri Make a Porno

June 7, 2007

That’s the title of Kevin Smith’s next comedy. Nice, huh? Here’s more:

“A bawdy sex comedy with heart,” as Smith describes the just-completed script, “Zack and Miri” is about two friends who have managed to trudge into their 30s with a satisfying lack of accomplishment. But a 15-year high school reunion and dire rent problems spark the novel moneymaking idea of pulling together an amateur porn enterprise. As for where it goes from there, just think of Smith’s characteristic sexual verbosity finally coupled with matching imagery.

And a little more from the man himself:

Granted, I’m biased because I wrote it; but I really dig this script. It’s funny, bawdy, sexy, dirty, titillating (emphasis on the tit) and dripping with heart. If you were gonna do that movie-description thing, I’d say it’s like Chasing Amy meets Clerks II, with a dash each of Boogie Nights and Bowfinger tossed in.

Sold. After the superb return to form that was CLERKS 2, can’t wait for this one. But its REALLY his next movie– first up is RED STATE, a thinking guy’s horror flick set in conservative middle America.

Tuesday Trailer Watch

June 5, 2007

Lots of great stuff to watch today, all comedies…

Our first gut-busting look at THE TEN, the new comedy from the WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER/ THE STATE/ STELLA crew– this one’s gonna be amazing! Adam Brody! Rob Cordry! Jessica Alba even!

Andy Samberg’s first movie, HOT ROD, shows some promise. Here’s the teaser…

YOU KILL ME: Ben Kingsley plays a mob hitman forced to get treatment for his alcoholism. Luke Wilson plays his AA sponsor. Should be great.

And here’s the trailer for the KEVIN SMITH-directed pilot of THE REAPER, a CW comedy about a high schooler whose parents sold his soul to the devil. Now he’s working for Satan on Earth, collecting errant souls.