Wednesday Morning Round-Up: Potheads vs. Hellboy Edition

June 6, 2007

seth-rogen.jpgWe’ve got a release date for SETH ROGEN’S next starring vehicle, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (which is gonna kick ass)– and it faces off directly with HELLBOY 2 and BRENDAN FRASER’S JOURNEY 3-D as of right now. Look for that weekend to get less crowded somehow.

Wow… congratulations to all the fans of JERICHO, who mobilized (by sending CBS freakin’ bags of nuts) and saved their show from cancellation. Eight new episodes will air midseason, and if they do well, obviously, we’ll see more.

We may see a biopic chronicling the life of MAD Magazine and TALES FROM THE CRYPT creator William Gaines, with the wonderful title, “Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines.” Sounds like a potentially great film, very much in the vein of ED WOOD. Look forward to hearing more. Here’s more on Gaines.

Wanna see previews of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #3? IRON MAN #18? How about MS. MARVEL #16, or UNCANNY X-MEN #487? Hit CBR.

Yahoo’s got a Q & A session with TRANSFORMERS director Michael Bay.

The site for Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN film is up and running. Movie opens August 31st.

MODOK has a blog. And its great. Seriously.

Over at AICN, IndustryKiller! has word from a test screening of IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, the new Paul Haggis film. If you liked CRASH, take it with a grain of salt.

A nice update on the ALIENS and HEAT video game projects.

Transformers Madness

June 1, 2007

Hey LA! You can see Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS a week before the rest of us, on June 26th, at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival. Right now you need a fest badge, but single day tickets will be made available June 8th. Get all the info here.

The new toy line looks AMAZING, right?!! I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that BLACKOUT figure– they hit stores June 2nd.

I have a feeling this moving is gonna ROCK… yeah, yeah, its Michael Bay… but I’d argue that Bay’s succeeded when it comes to blockbuster action sequences (The Rock, Con Air), and failed when he tries to be ‘intellectual’ or ’emotional’ with the material (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon)… well, TRANSFORMERS definitely plays to the guy’s strengths– no sappy stuff here, just BIG, SHAPESHIFTING ROBOTS kicking ass all over the place.

Don’t believe me? Check out the new trailer, with lots of new shots, over at AICN.