Box Office: Silver Surf’s Up

June 18, 2007


Turns out they didn’t need Galactus after all.

Defying critics and comic book purists, FANTASTIC FOUR 2: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER scored a strong $57 million at the box office this weekend, just barely surpassing the first film’s opening take.

The big question is how this will do in its second week– will it see the same dramatic dropoff many of the big blockbusters have suffered from? And will international receipts make up the difference?

In what had to be the worst positioning ever, NANCY DREW tanked, earning just $7 million. Why they positioned it up against such a family-friendly mega-movie is beyond my understanding.

The success story of the summer is obviously KNOCKED UP, which sits at a strong #3, with its total earning closing in on $100 million. Hey Hollywood– apparently, people like this kind of film, MAKE MORE OF THEM. Considering it had a budget of less than $30 mil, someone’s making some serious money there.

Also, OCEAN’S THIRTEEN dropped off less than 50 percent, showing it may have some legs.