Mischa to star in THE SOPHOMORE

June 15, 2007


Mischa Barton is set to star in THE SOPHOMORE, a retelling of Chinatown, set in a Catholic high school. Think Cruel Intentions with Dangerous Liasons. Or O with Othello. Or 10 Things I Hate About You with The Taming of the Shrew. Or… more to the point, think of Mischa in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. See? Making movies is easy.

This one sounds interesting. Bruce Willis stars as the evil principal, with his daughter Rumer Willis playing Mischa’s “troublemaking sidekick” (not the phone, the type of friend). Brett Simon directs.

Can someone figure out how to squeeze in the line”Forget it, Jake. It’s St. Cecilia” somehow? ‘Cause then we’re all set.

Mischa= hottest girl on the planet, so I’m in.

Mischa is also set to star in “Finding TaTu,” about Russian teen lesbians. So… yeah… 2008 is gonna rule.