Silver Surfer, Thor Movie Updates

June 13, 2007


So, talk already heats up in regards to a possible SILVER SURFER spinoff movie. J. Michael Stracynski is reportedly doing the script…interestingly, his comic work on Surfer just kicked off with SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM hitting shelves today! Apparently, the film will have a darker tone that FF2.

Buried deep in the LA Times story though, come news that’s equally interesting and a bit more unexpected: Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE, STARDUST) is in talks to direct Marvel Films’ upcoming THOR!

Vaughn, you may remember, was originally slated to replace Bryan Singer on X-Men 3, but dropped out at the last second, saying he wasn’t sure if he was ready to direct a big, effects-driven picture. Brett Ratner stepped in, and the whole thing went crashing downhill from there, killing the X franchise in one fell swoop.

We’ve often wondered what could have been with a talented director like Vaughn at the helm…

And now, we may just find out what he would do with the God of Thunder! Is this a sign of some regret over passing up a shot at this kind of film in the past? Maybe he saw X3 and realized he could have done it much better… not that anyone could’ve done much worse.