Marvel Movies Update: Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and More!!!

June 14, 2007


Coming Soon got a chance to talk with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige about the upcoming slate. Kevin must have been feeling generous, ’cause there’s some great new stuff here!

Read on for news about nearly ALL of Marvel’s upcoming movies, with Scramble Network insight and analysis!

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Silver Surfer, Thor Movie Updates

June 13, 2007


So, talk already heats up in regards to a possible SILVER SURFER spinoff movie. J. Michael Stracynski is reportedly doing the script…interestingly, his comic work on Surfer just kicked off with SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM hitting shelves today! Apparently, the film will have a darker tone that FF2.

Buried deep in the LA Times story though, come news that’s equally interesting and a bit more unexpected: Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE, STARDUST) is in talks to direct Marvel Films’ upcoming THOR!

Vaughn, you may remember, was originally slated to replace Bryan Singer on X-Men 3, but dropped out at the last second, saying he wasn’t sure if he was ready to direct a big, effects-driven picture. Brett Ratner stepped in, and the whole thing went crashing downhill from there, killing the X franchise in one fell swoop.

We’ve often wondered what could have been with a talented director like Vaughn at the helm…

And now, we may just find out what he would do with the God of Thunder! Is this a sign of some regret over passing up a shot at this kind of film in the past? Maybe he saw X3 and realized he could have done it much better… not that anyone could’ve done much worse.