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June 22, 2007

That’s right… Scramble Network is moving off to its own domain, with loads of new features on the way. Really, this wordpress site was sort of a soft beta to work on my blogging skills, and it ended up doing better than I ever dreamed.

There’s no automatic re-direct yet, but all you gotta do is visit the new site here!

The feeds have already been adjusted, and I won’t be taking this site down for a while. So please enjoy the much better-looking and considerably more functional new Scramble Network!

Big News

June 21, 2007

Taking the day off regular blogging to get us set up at our new domain. I’ll update shortly!

Watch the SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY Trailer Here Now!!!

June 19, 2007

Superman Doomsday – Official Trailer

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Hi, I’m a Marvel… And I’m a DC (Villains Edition)

June 19, 2007

The After Hours skit is a tough one to top, but here’s the latest Mac parody for your enjoyment– this time the villains get some love… same results, though:

Human Tetris

June 17, 2007

Lose, and apparently they dump you in a pool of urine.

I love Japan.

The Factory Trailer!!

June 15, 2007


Hey… wanna see a trailer for THE FACTORY pilot?

What’s THE FACTORY you ask?

Its the new show from STRANGERS WITH CANDY and RENO 911 alum MITCH ROUSE.

And you know what that means…

Its gonna be real, real funny.

Enjoy– its not official yet, but this show is getting picked up by SPIKE.

John Cusack wants WATCHMEN!

June 13, 2007


Everyone knows that our favorite actor, John Cusack, IS Watchmen’s Nite Owl. He’s got the look, the attitude, and the chops to pull it off. With all due respect to Patrick Wilson, who is all but confirmed to play the part in Zack Snyder’s upcoming adaptation, there’s a reason fandom has been rooting for JC to get the role for years now. What does John himself think about all of it? He tells Mtv:

MTV: You can’t Google your name without getting a hit for “Watchmen.” Everyone wants you to be in this movie.

Cusack: I’m in. Talk to Zack [Snyder].

MTV: Have you read the comic?

Cusack: Yeah, I actually love the comic. Maybe this is how people get jobs in the modern world. Like, I come on MTV and then he’ll see it and give it to me.

MTV: Are you familiar with the character of Nite Owl?

Cusack: There’s that guy and then there’s Rorschach, right? I like that. I like that stuff.

MTV: Would you prefer to play Rorschach or Nite Owl?

Cusack: I haven’t read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. I thought that was a really, really cool comic. I’m into it. But, you know, we have to talk to Zack’s representatives. What studio is doing the film?

MTV: Warner Bros.

Cusack: See, who knows. Warner Bros. might want Ashton Kutcher.

MTV: I don’t think that would work. John Cusack would work.

Cusack: Welcome to my world.

Sounds like the man wants the job. And when John Cusack wants to be in your movie, you make it happen. Understood, Snyder?

Then, just for some emhasis at the end of the interview:

MTV: You’ve written screenplays. Would you ever be interested in directing?

Cusack: Yeah, probably. I don’t know. I’m still trying to get this “Watchmen” job.

Classic Cuse. See? The man is serious. And 1408 hits June 22d, btw.

Via SuperHeroHype