Latest on Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic!!!

June 19, 2007


Here’s the latest, from Watch with Kristin:

I work at DC Comics, and you’ve got some big love here. There’s a bunch of us who take your word for gospel, and though it’s already sorta out there, we just wanted to send some info your way on the Veronica Mars comic books. They’ll be published by our Wildstorm imprint, which is based in San Diego, and R.T. is looking to be firmly on board. We’re even hoping for a late fall release of the first issue. Hopefully, more to come…Keep up the good work!

This is about what I expected, but coming a bit sooner than I had hoped! The book will be in good hands over at Wildstorm– they handle most of DC’s licensed properties, and have done a fine job with SUPERNATURAL. Sounds like they will in fact be written (or at least plotted) by Rob Thomas, so expect some high quality work!

Rob Thomas sheds new light on Veronica Mars Cancellation…

June 14, 2007


Blogcritics has a great interview with VERONICA MARS creator Rob Thomas, filling in many details on the cancellation, the FBI pitch, his thoughts on the Mars bars campaign, and more…

For VERONICA MARS fans, this one is an absolute MUST-READ!

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Veronica Mars Season 4 Comic?!!

June 12, 2007

You know, I kinda saw this one coming…

Today. VM fans have had a little more rain fall on their parade, as The Star sits down with Rob Thomas:

“It’s over for good as a television series,” confirms creator Rob Thomas.

In their latest crusade, Veronica fans have been sending Mars Bars to the CW, hoping the network will reverse its decision and renew the show. (CBS recently did just that with Jericho after it was deluged with calls, letters and – get this – about 25 tonnes of roasted nuts.)

“I just heard about the Mars Bar campaign,” says Thomas when we met yesterday at the Banff World Television Festival.

“This is a tough thing for me to say because I love those people and they have been so good to me, but it’s not going to happen.”

The main opponent of the show? CBS Head Leslie Moonves. Well, at least now we know where to send the hate mail.

But again with the silver lining:

“I have some ambition to write a screenplay, see if I can shop that and get it made,” he says. “And I had a meeting with DC Comics last Monday and they want to do (Season 4) as a comic series.”

Okay… a Veronica Mars comic would be GREAT! I kept thinking the same thing, since BUFFY is now doing Season 8 as a comic right now. It doesn’t replace the possibility of movies, but it would be a great way for fans to get their regular fix of VM.

Bottom line: Rob has been hired on to Miss/Guided. Maybe in some miracle world he can get out of that, but it doesn’t look likely. Who knows, though?

Update: A bit more from Kristin at E! Online:

As for Veronica Mars, Thomas tells me: “I think the best odds for seeing the continuation of the Veronica Mars story is in comic-book form. I had a meeting with DC Comics last week. They want to do the series. I want to do the series. It’s just a matter of making a deal and figuring out when I have the time to write it.  And perhaps a feature screenplay will follow.”

Keep in mind, this IS good news, it just falls under the better-than-nothing-at-all heading.

Kristen Bell as SUPERGIRL?!!

June 11, 2007

What a case of interesting timing… Just hours after Rob Thomas announced the official cancellation of VERONICA MARS, The CW is sending out word that Kara Zor-El, SUPERGIRL, will be joining the cast of SMALLVILLE. And both stories come from TV Guide.

Keep in mind, Kristen is still under contract with The CW, and will be until Friday. It makes perfect sense that the network would want to keep Kristen in the fold, given her rising celebrity. They likely forged a deal, and it would probably be impossible for Kristen to do big roles in both shows– hence Rob’s announcement.

So, putting two and two together here, it seems very likely that KRISTEN BELL will be SUPERGIRL!

I say if Veronica Mars is really gone (and I’m not ready to give up on that just yet), this is about as much as you could hope for. Smallville’s a great show (though certainly no VM), and this could be a good role for Kristen– she certainly looks the part.

Now, if this proves true, hopefully we can find some way to get some Veronica Mars TV movies each year, which seems like the best case scenario given today’s news. And its more likely, honestly, if Kristen is still with The CW. Its all depressing, but at least there are some silver linings here.

Save Veronica Mars: Our Letter to Dawn Ostroff

June 10, 2007

Here it is, our letter to Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment at The CW! This letter will be attached to every box in the shipment that goes out tomorrow! I’m taking feedback on it for the next few hours, then sending it off to Sachin late tonight! We’re in the homestretch– PLEASE contribute, or contribute AGAIN!

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My Favorite Mars Bars Campaign AICN Talkbacks

June 10, 2007

Okay, enjoy this one… I’ve assembled a batch of the funniest AICN talkback insults I could find on the stories about our campaign. AICN is pretty much my favorite site to visit– mostly because of these amazing talkbacks. On there, you will find the meanest, funniest digs you could ever ask for.

I would implore everyone to have a thick skin and get a good chuckle out of this. Its common practice on the site to savage EVERYTHING, and show no mercy– its where angry film geeks go to vent. This is a chance for all of us to laugh at ourselves a little, nothing more. PLEASE don’t take it personally, or view it as any kind of indictment of what we’re doing, or anything like that. Oh, and I really don’t recommend going over there and trying to defend us… I’ve been going to the site for years, and believe me, it’ll only make it worse 🙂

That said, a lot of these are pretty damn funny. Most of the insults seem directed at the fact that we could’ve saved Darfur with this money or something. Most folk giving to this effort have probably donated less than $5, and it probably took less than 5 minutes. I’m pretty sure, in the rest of our collective time, some of us have done some good things for other causes. And there’s nothing wrong with caring about a piece of art enough to financially support it. Our letter will include a recommendation on what to do with all this chocolate, to make sure some good comes out of it, no matter what happens with the show.

Now, onto the funny…

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Kristen hasn’t given up…

June 9, 2007

So we shouldn’t either, right?

The AP’s got an interview with Kristen Bell, the much adored star of VERONICA MARS (best written show on TV — please help save it— ahem), and it sounds like she’s in the same boat as we are: holding out hope for some kind of miracle on June 15th! That’s pretty encouraging, I’d say, that the star of the show hasn’t ruled out a return and isn’t committing elsewhere yet. And the article is currently sitting right on the front of Yahoo!– I bet that’s got some CW people thinking.

I wonder if Kristen or Rob Thomas (the show’s creative genius) have gotten word of the MARS BARS CAMPAIGN yet? Here’s hoping. Its a shame the fan efforts weren’t noted in the article, but hey… we seem to getting more attention, slowly but surely.

This piece reminds us of one more reason that this show should be saved– Kristen has a big year of movies in front of her– she’s in two the Scramble Network is dying to see, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and FANBOYS– and more exposure for Kristen means more exposure for VERONICA MARS. It really doesn’t make sense to drop a show featuring Kristen right before she’s set to become a huge mainstream celebrity.

Right, CW? Right?!!

Seems to me this might be Kristin’s own attempt to persuade the CW to change their minds.