Voltron Script Rocks!!!

June 17, 2007


Both IESB and Latino Review have reviews for Justin Marks’ VOLTRON script, and both are overwhelmingly positive, with LR going so far as to call it “a fucking masterpiece, a complete miracle.” Well, that’s pretty euphoric.

Emphasis aside, its good to see the script getting a warm reception, it bodes well for Marks’ other upcoming efforts like SUPERMAX (the Green-Arrow-inside-a-prison-of-supervillains concept), STREET FIGHTER, and HE-MAN.

The new VOLTRON is set on a future Earth that’s been invaded by the evil Drune Empire. The Drune’s ROBEASTS police the planet, and humanity’s only hope lies in alien technology sent here centuries ago from the planet Arus. That technology, of course, brings us VOLTRON.

The script seems to include some nice nods to the cartoon while pretty much re-imagining the property for modern movie audiences. As IESB notes, from the looks of it this film would demand a huge budget– but if TRANSFORMERS does as well as many now expect, you can count on this getting the go-ahead.

As always… Scramble Network would like to see some scripts, too, once in a while… grumble, grumble…