Save Veronica Mars: Thank You!!!


WHAT WE SENT: Ready to be impressed?

2040 Mars Bars!

4, 848 MARS Company Snickers Almond Bars!

510 Pounds of Marshmallows!

That is an absolutely AMAZING show of fan support, and it wouldn’t have been possible without YOU!

You have a lot to be proud of. You mobilized in impressive numbers at the last minute to try and do something positive, and that means a lot. On a personal note, I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people in this campaign, and its been so much fun working on it! I hope, even if things don’t go our way at the end of the week, that all of you will make The Scramble Network part of your daily browsing… it just won’t be as much fun without you! And call me crazy, but one way or another, I doubt we’ve seen the last of our beloved Veronica Mars, in one form or another– so stay tuned and check back often!

Special thank you’s to Sachin Agrawal– NONE of this could’ve happened without his tireless efforts– what a truly GREAT person! Please email me at scramblenetwork@gmail if you’re interested in helping out on the Thank You committee for Sachin! Also, Gil at, the folks at, The Veronica Mars Movie site, Herc at AICN, and the countless other web sites and forum posters that helped us get the word out!

But most of all, THANK YOU!!!

494 Responses to Save Veronica Mars: Thank You!!!

  1. sarah says:

    sent my bars. digg it!

  2. Gil says:

    I put the campaign info and links on the Save Veronica site, so you can also donate from there. And yes, I too sent Mars bars.

  3. Knox says:

    I did my send before the group effort got organized. Go Veronica.

  4. scramblenetwork says:

    Excellent!! Thanks all, so much! Please keep digging and spreading the word here!

  5. Chris says:

    I dugg it as well and bought a bar!

  6. shannon&tom says:

    We love Veronica! A 4th season is desperately needed!!!

  7. shannon&tom says:

    oops, I mean 3rd 🙂

    we just sent our $ for the Mars bars

  8. scramblenetwork says:

    Nope you had it right… we’re pushing for a 4th season!

  9. Bobbi says:

    Just donated, loved this show!! Hoping the CW will provide strong intelligent Veronica as a role model. Sarcastic wit and a great storyline.

  10. yourcok says:

    is there any way we can get another estimate of how much money has been donated to the pool??? i know the current total can’t be right, because a lot of people have donated since that was posted… i just know it’ll say something outrageously huge… so we can just have truckloads of candy bars delivered 😀

  11. yourock says:

    is there any way we can get another estimate of how much money has been donated to the pool??? i know the current total can’t be right, because a lot of people have donated since that was posted… i just know it’ll say something outrageously huge… so we can just have truckloads of candy bars delivered 😀

  12. Thelma says:

    Well I just donated. I really hope that this will get the CW to change their minds and renew Veronica Mars. Hey, it worked for Jericho which I plan to start watching (I like to try and support other fanbases as well).

  13. scramblenetwork says:


    Just posted an update on what’s been raised… expect that number to shoot WAY up if the big sites start linking tomorrow.

  14. BillPDigg says: now has this campaign on their site too

  15. Linda says:

    I just donated some money too. I really hope this helps save my favorite show!
    It is just as appreciated internationally as it is in the US.

  16. anne says:

    this is just amazing!!!
    if we can’t get the mars bars, why don’t we skip with marshmallows!! since it’s still a direct reference to the show, i think it’s better than the snikers which are from the mars companie but the wrapper is not good and this is the important thing…the name of the show is not Veronica Snikers!!
    but ” you know what they say Veronica mars, she’s a marshmallow”…

  17. filmtx says:

    If they run out of Mars Bars, perhaps they can switch to EXTRA gum since they were a big sponsor of the show. Prove product placement works.

  18. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all– new update… its official, we’ve bought all the MARS in the States, and we’re now raising money for MARSHMALLOWS! This is gonna make our shipment HUGE!!!

  19. Julie says:

    OK… I contributed to the first rally for saving a show in my life. I hope it works!

  20. Jen says:

    Let’s do it VM fans!!!

  21. wishingwell says:

    I just donated. This is really awesome, you guys. Thanks so much!

  22. Edgy says:

    Hercules at Ain’t It Cool has also suggested that everyone go to the iTunes Store on Thursday, June 14th, and buy the final episode of VM season 3, “The Bitch Is Back”, so that it’ll be number one in iTunes’ Top TV Episodes list when the CW suits sit down on Friday to make their decision.

    Here’s a link to the episode at the iTunes Store (which may only work if iTunes software is installed on your computer):

  23. wayne lacina says:

    Has anybody checked with COSTCO’s to see if they carry mars bars in bulk??
    Go VM

  24. svmocwcso says:

    How about we start sending giant red bouncy balls or huge boxes filled with packing peanuts. The latter doesn’t carry any symbolism, but it’d sure fill up the truck quickly.

    The iTunes idea is terrific.

  25. John S says:

    Just finishing donating, hope this helps. I LOVE Veronica Mars!! Thanks to everyone who organized the effort to save one of my favorite shows!

  26. Edgy says:

    Regarding the iTunes “Buy The Bitch Is Back” campaign:

    Tuesday the 12th would probably be better than Thursday the 14th (Tuesday is Veronica’s air night, and it will give the CW some extra time to notice that it happened), IF we can get the word out by Tuesday. Is Tuesday OK with everyone? If so, please spread the word (especially on the other Save Veronica sites).

  27. seat42f says:

    If Mars Bars can’t be located how about sending Lifesavers…..

    “mater of “life” and death that VM be “saved” “

  28. Skylar says:

    Yea, I’ve been hearing mostly about purchasing the iTune episode on June 12th. Check out for all the latest updates. In fact, I emailed Hercules @ AintitCool News and told him about the new date, so remember – BUY THE BITCH IS BACK ON JUNE 12TH!!

  29. seat42f says:

    That would be “matter of “life” and Death….. typo 🙂

  30. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all– later when I post an update, it’ll be about the iTunes campaign. On Monday, we’ll start devoting all our energies to that. Until then, keep contributing and spreading the word!

  31. James Bradshaw says:

    Hey guys,

    I never watched Veronica,But I do believe that thew people must be heard. So orginize, Find a local California Candy company talk to them. Give them this website tell them look at the plubicity Jeff Bravermans Company got influence them to join you. Allow you to pool moneys at a slight discount. And the Bury CW in hatever you as a group decide. Get someone to set up a message Board. And orginize. Call shuanomacradio and ask for his help. You can make them listen. But most importantly call,e-maill,snail mail, postcards, call radio shows local TV do anything positive to get their attention. And always be polite I know its hard but kindness is why CBS listened to us. Oh yea get with cafepress and make you some shirts. and one last thing before I say Good Luck.


    Good luck from 1 person that stood and made his voice heard I wish you guys the best. Go to boards to pick up more ideas. and see if you can make them hear. remeber

    Seperately you are a million whispers, Together you are a thundering voice that can not be ignored!”


  32. Kevin says:

    Thanks Jim!! Always great to have support from Jericho fans! We should give the delivery man and every Veronica Mars fan who will be there a shirt!

  33. amanda says:

    Yay! Just want to say how excited I am about this. I’m the one that designed the s’mores postcard so I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s being made into posters!!!

  34. morgan says:

    im a fan based in the uk – so thanks so much for coming up with the campaign! can’t believe they left it out in the first place!

    morgan, uk

  35. Gil says:

    I went to three British food stores in San Diego and bought out all the Mars bars they had (over $200 worth!). I will be sending them to Dawn Ostroff myself as the shipment would not reach Houston in time for the truck load.

    If anyone wants to check out British food stores in their area and do what I’m doing, please visit

    I’ll be putting this link up on the site very soon as well.

    Remember, big distributors in the US are out of Mars Bars, but there are plenty of British shops in the US that still have them on their shelves. We need to buy those!

  36. Kelly says:

    Another Jericho fan here just wanting to tell you all how I completely feel your pain and I wish you nothing but luck!! Don’t let anyone discourage you or tell you that you can’t pull this off! Good luck!!

  37. Matt G says:

    Hi i was a supporter of the jericho campaign and i am also a supporter of this campaign i think what you guys are doing is great and i thought i should let you know that even though it is a long way away here is australia we have mars bars everywhere you can buy them from pretty much any shop so i don’t think you would have a problem ordering some from australia if you are willing to order them from a place so far away


  38. Matt G says:

    also i forgot to say it in the last post there is a store in washington DC that sells australian food for all of us aussie expats so i searched their site and found that they sell mars bars two they sell them individually or you can buy a pack of 12 fun size (meaning smaller) bars below is the link you the site and what i found in the search hopefully these people can help you

  39. tdatb says:

    The show takes place in California, so send them guacamole! A few hundred GALLONS of the crap ought to scare the hell outta them!


  40. Jenny says:

    This is so great! I so hope it works. I don’t want to see Veronica go. And I don’t want FBI Veronica. I want college coed Veronica. But beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

    Donated $ for Mars bars. All this talk of chocolate is making me hungry!

  41. Nathan says:

    Added your link a couple days ago to the site… hopefully it’s helping in some (or any) possible way!! I’m so proud of what we all have accomplished so far! Thanks for setting up this Paypal account!

  42. Lora says:

    Hey in the letter, ask for VM – college version – to be brought back. I don’t think the FBI version with just Kristen Bell will be the same at all.

  43. Gil says:

    Lora, can you at least trust Rob Thomas enough to give the FBI version a try before you judge it? Please? I’ll take the show in whatever format The CW wants to bring it back in, as long as they bring it back.

  44. Stephanie Z says:

    Why dont we go for grahm crackers if the marshmallows are gone?? Or are they difficult to find in bulk as well???

  45. ashley says:

    What about moon-pies? I think they have marshmallows in them and it could say “Think of our Over-the-moon face when you bring back Vernoica Mars”

  46. Sam says:

    Howdy, givin’ support here from the land of Oz!

  47. Gil says:

    I think the more products we send, the weaker our message gets. This isn’t a swag basket, it’s a fan campaign.

  48. Line says:

    I just sent the link to Pink is the new Blog hoping he’ll mention it and post it in his blog. For those who don’t know take a look.

  49. Alysha from Australia says:

    ***MORE MARS BARS AVAILABLE*** [US$1.95 for a single bar]

    Other options: [Unfortunately shipping would probably not meet the June 15 deadline] [I’m assuming you’ve already got these because it appears they are sold out]

  50. Myles says:

    I don’t really think our message will get weaker with more candies…

    Do you really think Dawn Ostroff is going to be sitting there as candy treats pour in thinking “Um, well… we might have considered, but this just looks sloppy. We like fan campaigns to be like… organized and stuff. There’s like 4 different kinds of candy. If they’d just stuck to one kind…”

    The show got cancelled because of low ratings… translation “fewer viewers” than they’d like. It doesn’t make the fanbase look sloppy, it makes it look like there were more people involved, IMHO.

    I think the fact that they’re about to get flooded with this HUGE shipment is enough.

  51. JW says:

    im not really a fan of VM as much as you guys but thought you might appreciate this:

  52. Shan says:

    Okay just saw this page link from a TV site… have donated $ to help you guys – hope you still want donations! Shame the campaign isnt being run from England cause do you know how many Mars bars we have? hehe…. Anyways well done for doing this! Hope we kick some CW management butt!! England loves Veronica Mars

  53. Concerned says:

    I have to admit, I’m just a little bit disappointed by the Snickers substitution… But since they’re so much cheaper and available, that means it costs all of us less for each individual candy bar… right? Oh yeah, and what about the marshmallows??

    And I really hope we can add this poster I found on Rob’s site, it’s one of my favorites:

  54. JL says:

    I agree, EXTRA gum is a great idea as an alternative. It should be easy to find and we would be supporting one of the show’s sponsors. Excellent idea!

  55. theConundrumm says:

    love the show like crazy, but does it really warrant saving?….

    i ate my mars bar…

  56. KMF says:

    I don’t know where y’all get that there are only 1902 Mars bars in the tnire country but I know where there are at least 32 more…my local Walmart.

  57. Gry says:

    Bought two dozen Mars Bars, donated via Paypal, and sent a letter to the network. Anything for Veronica.

  58. Ana Marie says:

    I am a Jericho Ranger and here to help save Veronica (I am a Big fan of the show). I am sending
    tones of postcards, letters, and e-mailing Watch With Kristen to cover the campaign! Has anyone
    tried to call The CW offices? Maybe someone could get some intel inside like we Rangers did by talking nicely to Nina Tasslers assistant Laurie. We bombarded CBS day and night with phone calls and it really helped the cause.

    Also if anyone wants to be a spokesman for the cause, you really ought to think about going on Blog Talk Radio with Shaun O Mac, he might be able to help spread the word in a big way!

    Keep up the Fight!!!!

  59. suebee says:

    we got a mention on Pop Candy this morning! 🙂

  60. Erin says:

    Looks like there may be some Mars bars on this site…

  61. Gil says:

    Erin (and everyone else), there are a ton of sites online that still sell Mars bars. Check out for the names and contact information of a lot of these stores nationwide that sell British food, like Mars bars.

  62. Ted says:

    1 shipment of gold could not save Veronia Mars. What a lost cause. You think that one palette of stuff is going to do the job? No way, nuts sent stuff every single day to the offices until they got the point

  63. svmocwcso says:

    I was thinking, after iTunes Tuesday, we could plan on a synchronized e-mail campaign to their feedback address. I imagine a surge of 100,000 Veronica Mars e-mails at 3:00pm Eastern on Wednesday would get their attention. The great thing about this is that we could do it multiple times, make it an hourly thing or something.

  64. Kate says:

    Yay for the package! The iTunes is a great idea too. Maybe VM fans could buy Rob Thomas’ book about VM, Neptune Noir. If we all buy, then maybe that will send a signal to the CW to bring it back.

  65. seat42f says:

    What’s the plan for tomorrow now that VM is officially gone 😦 seems like we should still do something but not sure buying VM on iTunes makes sense….

    for those who didn’t see Rob Thomas’s email here it is…

    “I’m afraid I have to report that Veronica Mars is officially dead. At least in TV show form. There’s really no way that it can happen now. I’m not sure the CW should’ve given the glimmer of hope. I think Dawn Ostroff genuinely would have liked to have continued on with a version of the show, but there was too much resistance around her. At the end of the day, it would’ve been kinder had the band aid simply been ripped off rather peeled away in than this agonizingly slow manner.”

  66. Hannah says:

    I think that continue with the original plan is the way to go.

  67. YME says:

    “- Continue with the plan. Jericho was “officially” cancelled, too. Until the contracts expire, nothing is truly official.”

    I vote for this option!

    And downloading VM on “iTunes Tuesday” tomorrow as planned.

    Stay on target…

  68. hawker says:

    I say send them… We can still win this. Perhaps send two shipments, one too CW and one too WB!

    OR send the shipment to the better person to green light the project, and send a picture of the shipment to the other person, showing the support. Either way, still send it on or before the deadline!

    They will end up with charity IMHO, because the networks would be crazy to dump them / keep them!

  69. Me'shele says:

    i think we should continue with the original plan. you never know what can happen. send the shipment to Dawn and do the itunes thing tomorrow. let’s show them that we won’t give up. we will fight for this show until the very end.

  70. YME says:

    This from today’s comments’ section on the IndianFoodStore blog:

    “Technically, “The CW” itself still has not made an official public announcement one way or another.
    So I’m thinking their June 15th deadline still holds some importance to them for some reason.”

    I agree!

  71. Rachel says:

    I think we should stick with the original plan. Like someone else posted, Jericho was “Officially Cancelled.” If Kristen Bell hasn’t given up, we can’t. What kind of fans would we be. Not true fans. This is when we need to show them we MEAN BUSINESS!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Agreed with the previous two comments 🙂 I might be completely off the target, but me thinks this will have a snowball effect… the media coverage picked up today, tomorrow is itunes and shipment on friday… as Ausiello said we are literally bombarding them this week… it seems silly to give up now… stay focused and see it through… but thats just my opinion 🙂

  73. Spike says:

    Honestly I say ‘screw cw and Dawn’… It’s not doing any good for the series. Because of them, Season three was lackluster from the first two seasons, because they ‘hated’ mystery arcs. Now some would argue this was good thing… others, not so much. But CW itself has gotten terrible and I don’t mean just because of this or other shows cancelations… but because of their shows THEY DO sign on and then do PISSPOOR job heh. UPN used to be a ‘black tv’ network, no offense meant here, but that is what the station geared towards, while WB was about family… CW as the merger took both aspects, and tossed them out the window to individual days… REally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the company ends within a few years, or re splits.

    I say we aim higher. CBS owns CW and a few other networks as well. Those four primes: ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX should be our goal. A WIDER audience, because Frankly it’s not true that CW is everywhere cable access is.

  74. Me'shele says:

    and everyone needs to keep the sending letters, emails, and sweets to Dawn and the CW. the more fan support they get bombarded with the better.

  75. scramblenetwork says:

    I need a little research done… does anyone know either of the following (please cite a source, if you can):

    Cost per episode to produce VM?

    Ad rates for the CW?

  76. Me'shele says:

    in regards to other networks…they will see/hear about what we are doing and one of them may decide based on our efforts to pick up the show. we shouldn’t go to them without going first to CW. im sure they will be aware of our efforts. with respect to the network that did give Veronica Mars 3 seasons we should plead our case to them first. if that doesn’t work them we can move on to plan “b”, whatever that may be.

  77. anonymous says:

    Don’t divide up the shipment between The CW and WB! Send the one big shipment to Dawn Ostroff as planned. Word will get around. Execs at these companies know each other!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Ha, I’ve just saw you post and clicked on link saying “advertise with us” at cw and it gave me the email address tssssss… like that will help 🙂
    Ok this wont help much but a friend who worked in marketing for years explained it to me that for every block of ads, the first one and the last one in the block are the most expensive, while those in the middle arent… cos people actually see the first and the last in row, while not the others… I’m looking it up…

  79. svmocwcso says:

    Even if we didn’t quite reach a full season goal, we could certainly gather enough to finance enough episodes to constitute a mini-series. Maybe 6-8 eps like that ridiculous Pussycat Dolls crap had that they interrupted VM with during S3.

  80. Rachel says:


  81. Me'shele says:

    scramblenetwork…i was looking at my local CW webpage and it had this posted in regards to national advertising:

    CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group provides a dedicated multimedia sales support team who profile markets and monitor campaigns in order to insure the effectiveness of every sponsor’s advertising campaign. Please contact Aaron Radin at or 212 975-7744 to learn more about available advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

    it gave me info on local advertising but im guessing that you are looking for national advertising info.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I have found this
    and this

    The articles arent really flattering for CW (they were posted just before the upfronts), but they are both saying the same thing, to get both the ratings and the advertisers, they need a show and/or shows that create a buzz…
    well hello, what are we doing then just that? 🙂

  83. Brynna says:

    I say we send them to the CW or Warner Bros. We could send them to the CW and make Warner Bros. aware of what we are doing.

  84. Jane says:

    I agree that we should go ahead with the plan to send the shipment to the CW assuming the address and building issues have been worked out. Also, is it too late to divert the main shipment to Warner Bros. anyway? I think that the organized emailing is a good idea too. Even if we send the candy to the CW, maybe we should also start writing to Warner Bros about the options for Veronica Mars. The huge candy shipment should at least bring attention to the fans support $, like others have said.

    Finally, if you haven’t seen it, there is an excerpt from Neptune Noir on Pop Candy that I’m checking out now and I’ll most likely buy the book asap:

  85. filmtx says:

    I say we send them to CW as planned with instructions to forward them to WB if the CW refuses them.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Lets not back down now. we should see this through and if it doesn’t work we move onto another plan… dont give up guys!

  87. filmtx says:

    scramblenetwork, it costs $2 million per episode to produce VM. That’s $44 million for a full season. Not even remotely possible.

  88. DesolateDoll says:

    That’s a good idea. It ‘s sad that we have to keep defending good television.

  89. Rachel says:

    Pictures are posted on this link of the Bars with posters…

  90. scramblenetwork says:

    Yeah, my question is, what’s the gap? What’s the differential that would make this show profitable enough to keep doing?
    It seems to me like Enterprise made a mistake in trying to fund the whole series. Couldn’t we approach CW about making up the split and keeping it up in the black, at least for a short order? Then work like crazy to find new viewers…

  91. svmocwcso says:

    Are we positive that it costs $2M per VM episode? I remember reading the average cost for an episode of Heroes is something like $2.3M. Heroes features a better-known, larger ensemble cast, it is somewhat driven by special effects, and it’s on a much larger network, NBC. I thought VM could be as low as $1M per ep.

  92. s says:

    stick with the plan, man. don’t give up!!!

  93. Rachel says:

    I just want to commend everyone involved in this campaign. Not only has this been created despite mounting television network gobldy-gook, it has also faced tremendous mean-spirited bloggy nay-sayers. I think that with all the hard-work put into this effort, it only makes sense to continue as planned.

    We can’t give up. Even if Neptune High hates you. Besides, all the candy will probably go to charity. Good karma all around.

  94. Dave says:

    Send the shipments to the CW as planned. As has already been mentioned, “Jericho” was officially cancelled too, and look what happened there!

  95. Michelle says:

    Veronica Mars is an amazing show with a great fan base and it needs to stay on the air. The CW needs to rethink this one.

  96. svmocwcso says:

    Someone posted this on I have no idea how accurate it is, only, this person sounds fairly confident in their numbers…

    “Veronica Mars cost about $1.6 million (which is just $400,000 less than the average drama cost), and that will only increase, per episode but it’s ad revenue only brings in $52,000 per 30 second ad (the lowest of all the CW shows). With each episode 40-42 plus time used for CW promotion and ad space given to affiliates that means there is about 12 minutes of ad space for the CW to sell, which brings in about $1248000 per episode. So this estimates that The CW is losing about $350,000 per episode of Veronica Mars. Maybe less. Maybe more.”

    If that’s true, we’d be looking at raising in the vicinity of $8M for the show to break even. If we could meet that, the show could have life. Afterall, there’s still dvd sales and other merchandise to take into account. Plus, with the critical acclaim it garners, surely they’d welcome it back with a low profit margin.

  97. scramblenetwork says:

    Yeah, I just saw that posting, too! 8 million is a lot of money, obviously… but what if they did a smaller order, 6-8 episodes, with all of us out promoting the show in a big way! Then, if the ratings are good enough, renew at that point.
    Another option would be trying to partner wth them on a series of TV movies. That may not be everyone’s dream scenario, but its certainly more possible,
    But everyone needs to check the big news on the main blog… The CW is out reporting that SUPERGIRL will be added to the cast of Smallville– the same day Rob Thomas makes his announcement, and the same week they’re in negotiations with Kristen Bell. I think you can see where this is going…

  98. Kelly says:

    I say continue the shipping, do Itunes tomorrow and weds start emails, thursday starting calling and friday bombard them with emails and calls

  99. matt says:

    Send ’em as planned.

  100. Janet says:

    Keep going with the shipment. They can’t ignore us. The iTunes thing is great too…. in theory it really will show the CW that they can make MONEY off of us VM fans. And that’s where it will hit them. So on Tuesday, buy VM “Bitch is Back” off of the iTunes link on .

    Also… someone mentioned emailing the CW. I have to say.. that is a great REVENGE idea. Because really… if we spam the hell out of their inboxes, we can virtually cause their office some mega upset. They’ll have to fish the “relevant” emails out of an onslaught of VM emails… if we can get the email addresses of REAL people… even better than spamming the CW feedback email addresses. And I don’t know where they host their email… jamming up their server probably wouldn’t happen. But we could fill their inboxes to capacity and reduce productivity.

  101. yourock says:

    i agree. we’ve already come this far, and to quote one fan from theindianfoodstore, who makes me so proud to be a vm fan “since when have the words ‘official’ and ‘cancelled’ stopped us before?!

    we will keep bombarding people until we get a movie or another season!!!

  102. svmocwcso says:

    Another idea…

    What if we went on Yahoo or some popular search engine and repeatedly performed a search for “Veronica Mars”? I feel like we could get it to the top of the “most searched” list throughout the course of the week, or at least one day that we plan on.

    Maybe it’d give the CW execs the impression that there is plenty of buzz about the series as a result of the campaign.

  103. John says:

    Full steam ahead – deliver those bars and marshmallows and buy the episode at itunes and at the end of the day, no matter what, we will have done what previously was deemed impossible. We will have stood up, and done more than simply bitch and moan. We came together, organized and took a good damn swing at making our desires known.

    Maybe this time, it doesn’t work. Who knows. But there will be another time, and we will change the dynamic, time after time, until our power as the consumer/viewer is recognized by the networks.

    As for “punishing” CW, I’d rather speak of that at another time. Until the deal is final, I’d rather consider the situation in a positive way.

  104. Shan says:

    Send the stuff as planned .. no point waivering now. As much as we love VM, if it isnt going to happen, at least we went out in style and for a moment they knew how much VM fans cared when they see all the confectionery!

  105. seat42f says:

    I say send the bars as planned…. but I’m not going to do the iTunes or promote it on our site. Don’t see the point in feeding the cw more revenue for a show they canceled. Like anything you hit them where it hurts..their pocketbook… if 10,000 people spend $1.99 each the cw just gets richer. The cast and crew and creators see none of that money.

    Would have loved for Rob to come out and say.. my favorite series is “x” and my favorite episode is “this one” so go buy it on Tuesday.

  106. Larry says:

    I thought Warner Brothers gets the money, not the CW. If that’s the case it still is worth it to send Warner Brothers a message/the money and download the episode. I still would send the “package” to the CW. Technically they have until the 15th, and even if they don’t renew it, it sends a message.

  107. Rachel says:

    Seat42f, why are you giving up now. The CW has not come out and said that Veronica Mars is Cancelled. People have been saying that it’s cancelled since May 17. Why not fight until a decision is announced by The CW. June 15th is the last day to renew the show. Lets do everything we can until the very LAST minute! Show CW what we are made of!!

  108. seat42f says:

    Not giving up….. just not sure I want to feed the CW money….. the numbers may have gone down but the typical iTunes contract has the network getting $1.44 for every sale and Apple keeping the rest.

    if you use the analogy of the cw being the bully and veronica mars being your lunch and $1.99 being your allowance… why would you give the bully your allowance after you lost your lunch already?

    Just would have rather seen a charity or something where they could say we had x number of people donate two bucks each…. press would eat that up….

  109. Rachel says:

    Than arrange that as Wednesday’s campaign to Save Veronica Mars. CW needs to see that we are willing to spend money on the show. CW has until June 15th to make their decision. You don’t know that between the iTunes campaign and the candy bars and marshmallows that they will renew as a mid-season replacement. If we don’t try then it won’t happen. Trust me, CW will loose lots of money if they don’t renew VM!

  110. SaveVM says:

    I know this may be crazy, but how do we know that The CW is not testing us fans to see how hard will we fight for Veronica Mars?

  111. Harvey says:

    I agree — send the candy and do the iTunes download. Even if they don’t renew the show, this will send a strong message that may lead them to approve a movie.

  112. seat42f says:

    the cw will having nothing to do with a movie after June 15th…. Warner TV will have the full rights….

    The “problem” in all of this is there is no element of surprise now…. that’s what made Jericho so perfect. Although the Vm started earlier Jericho acted quicker. The stuff showed up at the loading dock and they had no idea what to do. Dawn is not stupid… they probably have a truck waiting there so when the mars bars get dropped off they’ll just say load them in that truck…..

    Tell the whole word they will be there Friday and have em delivered on Thursday…..

    Too bad you can’t send them to her at home 🙂

  113. svmocwcso says:

    I like the charity idea as well. We can each spend the $2 for iTunes tomorrow, and on Wednesday, we can each match that and give it to Invisible Children.

  114. Rachel says:

    I’m all about sending the shipment to her house. Especially if CW denies the shipment. Have it delivered to her house. I also don’t think that CW thought we would really send a mass shipment like we did. I say they think we are bluffing.

  115. yourock says:

    the problem with sending it to dawn’s house is that rob thomas himself said that dawn ostroff really wanted to renew – it was the higher ups that wouldn’t have it. so maybe we deliver to one of their houses, but delivering to dawn is just kind of like punishing our one supporter at the cw

  116. Anonymous says:

    Who is amazing with computers?
    We need the personal phone numbers and or emails of Dawn Ostroff and most importantly her boss John Maata.
    itunes campaign is tomorrow, we have the shipment later this week, I suggest a day of either non-stop phone calls and or/emails to either or both of the above. Its just going to be finding these emails/phone#s that will be difficult.
    When I did a campaign for another project we had it set out what to say when the person picked up the phone. Every person said the same thing and called repeatedly throughout the day… leaving voice mails messages if necessary.

  117. Anonymous says:

    I found this on a site:
    Email Dawn:
    Phone Dawn: 1-310-575-7000

    not the person email and phone but i may consider calling anyways and see just who answers.

  118. Anonymous says:

    I know its itunes Tuesday however has anyone written that press release? Or is anyone working on that? I think we should definitely write it and send it to places like AP and reuters, as every station and newspaper looks at their news feed for news… just a thought.

  119. Jerred says:

    Continue with the original plan! Send everything, download from iTunes, don’t let the CW know we’ve stopped. The point of the campaign was to show Dawn, the CW and the people behind VM that we are a rabid, loyal fanbase. Why stop now? Even if nothing comes of it, it can never be said that we (the fans) went out with a whimper.

  120. scramblenetwork says:

    I agree.
    Can someone check that number in the morning (PST), see if its the real thing… if it is, we need to start phonebombing big time.
    Let’s dig up every CW related phone number and email we can find.

  121. Melanie says:

    Stick with the plan. Let me quote some Angel here ‘Never give up, never surrender’. What’s the worst that can happen now anyway?

  122. joyce says:

    i live in the philippines and i really DON’T want veronica mars cancelled 😦

  123. Rachel says:

    This info is from Kristin at E! Online…She is talking about VM not being picked up for mid-season replacement. “I’m told this was the plan for quite some time, but that the CW higher-ups did not want to make an official announcement in order to keep from rattling Veronica’s fans more.” I say lets show how rattled we are and that we aren’t going to take them playing these stupid games!

  124. Rachel says:

    We ALL need to band together and buy “The Bitch is Back” today. Then Wednesday, Thursday and until The CW makes an announcement on Friday we need to CALL and EMAIL as many times as we can.

    If anyone can get John Maata’s direct phone number and email.

  125. yourock says:

    When you say come here at 9pm… do you mean eastern, central, mountain???

  126. scramblenetwork says:

    Eastern time, NY time.

  127. Amanda says:

    this maybe a long shot but is there anyway that the mars company would be interested in getting involved in promoting the show if it ever comes back seeing as were giving them all this free advertising

  128. Rachel says:

    Will someone else send a SAVE VERONICA MARS email to John Maata…I was testing different theories of what his email could be. These are the email addresses that I didn’t get sent back to me. Will someone else test these?,,,,

  129. Christina Barsch says:

    I agree on the one message thing that is a great idea. What shall we say? Something similar to the Mars Bars campaign?

  130. scramblenetwork says:

    A good idea. In the meantime…

    Who purchased THE BITCH IS BACK on iTunes today?!!! I wanna hear from you! And remember, come back here at 9pm EST for our virtual viewing party… trust me, you’ll love it.

  131. scramblenetwork says:

    We haven’t made the Top 10 TV episodes yet today! Come on people, we can do better than this!

  132. gina says:

    i just bought an episode!! how is this streaming thing going to work? where is it being played & how.. will there be a chat section?

  133. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all– Just posted on the main blog, more from Rob about the show’s end. the biggest piece of new info is that the primary opponent of the show was Leslie Moonves at CBS. I’ve already emailed Sachin to see if we can get the shipping address changed to his office, can someone dig up phone numbers and emails?

  134. Rachel says:

    He works for CBS Corporation. I think those offices are in New York. Here is the phone number to the New York office (212) 975-4321. Can someone check out if that is where Leslie Moonves is located?

  135. Andrea says:

    I have the following address written down for postcard purposes:

    Mr. Les Moonves
    Co-President and Co-COO
    Viacom, Inc.
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036-5794

  136. Rachel says:

    This is Leslie’s new title. ..
    Leslie Moonves
    President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Corporation

    Leslie Moonves is President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation. In this role, he oversees all operations of the company, including the CBS Television Network, The CW (a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment), CBS Television Stations, CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Television Distribution Group, Showtime, CSTV Networks, CBS Radio, CBS Outdoor, Simon & Schuster, CBS Interactive, CBS Records, CBS Consumer Products, CBS Home Entertainment and CBS Feature Films.

  137. Rachel says:

    I think his address is…
    CBS Television Network
    51 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019

  138. yourock says:

    oh man – sending this stuff to les moonves would make me so happy – words cannot describe!

  139. Anthony M says:

    I bought some mars bars and just now purchased the bitch is back from itunes even though the show is dead. I just want to show my support to the tiny blonde one , who I will miss so much from now on even though I have both the first and second season dvd’s and will get the 3rd season too. Rob gave up to easily unfortunately , he should have pushed harder. Called Moonves himself , but Les don’t care about anything as long as has that hot wife of his bouncing up and down off of his lap he is happy as hell. Screw that imbecile.

  140. anonymous says:

    It’s not quite Prying Eyez, but if you go to and shell out $15, you can get both Dawn Ostroff’s cell number and landline, although chances are these are her personal numbers, not her work numbers, so it depends on how far we want to go.

  141. scramblenetwork says:

    Ouch… I wouldn’t recommend doing that! Especially not with Rob saying very publicly that Dawn fought for the show and was overruled by Leslie Moonves at CBS.

    What we really, desperately need is Moonves’ direct lines and email. If there are any media folks or CBS/CW employees who have such information, please email them to— all tips will be kept COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

  142. Anonymous says:

    There was just an article in the Toronto Star (Toronto, Ontario – Canada)
    THe reporter spoke to Rob Thomas and said that: ” (CBS overlord) Les Moonves didn’t want to do the show.” WE NEED TO GET HIS EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER… and if this happens we need a single messages that every caller says when they phone.

  143. yme says:

    Just bought my “Bitch Is Back” episode, the first time I’ve ever ordered ANYTHING from iTunes!

    I wonder how many brand new customers like me iTunes is logging today from this campaign?

  144. anonymous says:

    Here are the phone numbers for CBS:

    Work: (212) 975-9174
    Work: (212) 975-4321

  145. anonymous says:

    Those are for Les Moonves by the way.

  146. Andrea says:

    Mr. Leslie Moonves
    President and CEO – CBS Corporation
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (212) 975-4321 OR (323) 575-2345
    Fax: (323) 653-8276

    I got this from a Save Jericho website.

  147. scramblenetwork says:

    Biggest job yet here… I’m about to post a TON of CBS phone numbers. FLOOD THEM.

  148. Me'shele says:

    guys…i just bought the itunes episode but we have still not made the top ten. we need to get movin’ and buy the episode.

  149. Emily says:

    I just called…
    1. First operator picks up ask to speak with Leslie Moonves
    2. You will be forwarded to his office and his secretary will answer
    3. – we need to come up with something to say-
    she seemed nice, said he was in a meeting which im pretty sure is a lie

    I think this could be the start though, call and bombard her.
    Now what shall we say???

  150. Brynna says:

    I just ordered the bitch is back… its’ goin to be about ten hours before it’s downloaded. lol.

  151. seat42f says:

    For those who didn’t see this……. Rob Thomas just took a new gig as the show runner for ABC’s midseason show Miss Guided…. good for Rob…. bad for Vm 😦

  152. Emily says:

    Can someone call the LA numbers and see what happens?

  153. svmocwcso says:

    Is there any way to gift single episodes on iTunes? I thought about gifting “The Bitch is Back” to a few friends to help bump it up the charts.

  154. Me'shele says:

    svmocwcso…hopefully you have a lot of friends because were not even in the top 100.

  155. Emily says:

    Does anyone have a good letter written, or want to write a letter, to be sent through email.
    That way we can flood their in boxes with the same messages?

  156. scramblenetwork says:

    I can make some mods to Dawn’s letter, and link to it. Gimme a few.

    BTW, on iTunes right now, we’re at #60 overall, #45 in dramas.

    Also, please email Herc at AICN, beg him to post about iTunes and phone numbers… that will bring in a big surge of people!

  157. Stephanie says:

    in addition to i also found these email addresses (don’t know if they’re old or new…but it doesnt hurt to try)

  158. scramblenetwork says:

    Excellent! Form letter is up now, above.

  159. Stephanie says:

    btw, is the shipment of candy still being sent to Dawn at the CW buildings or is it going to Les Moonves now?

  160. Rachel says:

    Everyone also email Hercules from Ain’t It Cool News and ask him to post about the iTunes-athon and the Phone/Email campaign. Here it is

  161. scramblenetwork says:

    Its still going to Dawn as of right now… Sachin’s working on that. It would have to be delivered to CBS TV Land in LA, not the NY addy. Nobody knows for certain yet, so I just kept it in there… in all likelihood, it will still go to Dawn.

  162. scramblenetwork says:

    If you’re calling, please let us know how its coming along!

  163. derick says:

    I just called Leslie Moonves’ Office 212-975-4321 and spoke to his secretary. She said the best she could do was leave a message for him and I just told her that Veronica Mars fans would like to urge him to rethink his decision and renew the series. She was pretty snotty and said “I believe the show is off the schedule and no longer available for renewal. Its not coming back.” Then I tell her that I know this, but would still like to ask him to rethink his decision and if she could pass that along to him we would appreciate it.


    Somebody needs to call now and threaten that the package is being sent to CBS rather than CW. Wonder what he’d do if he knew he was about to recieve all that chocolate and marshmallows.

  164. Kelly says:

    Is anybody else concerned about the fact that “The Bitch is Back” isn’t even in the Top 100 yet? How are we supposed to get it into the Top 10? Slits wrists.

  165. Me'shele says:

    since the shipment is still being sent to Dawn at CW, i plan on sending Leslie Moonves a package containing marshmallows and mars bars so that he won’t feel left out. i urge those who can do the same to do so. we have enough stuff going to Dawn, start sending stuff to Leslie Moonves.

  166. Me'shele says:

    kelly…the bitch is back is currently at #60, that’s good but we still have a long way to go to make it in the top 10.

  167. Kelly says:

    I see it at #35 now 😀

  168. scramblenetwork says:

    We’re getting there, but we still have a long way to go… now we’re up there with LOST and HEROES episodes! Email your friends, buy it again, posted on forums… if we keep pushing, we can make it!

  169. Emily says:

    At this point, I really think some of the extra money from the campaign needs to be used to buy itune episodes. Saving Veronica Mars was the purpose of this campaign, and I know it is great to donate to charities, but we can always all donate some money once this Veronica Mars campaign is over.

    Does anyone know if a decision has been reached about whats going to happen to the money?

  170. scramblenetwork says:

    Keep calling, keep buying!!! We’re kicking ass today!

    Remember, CBS employees probably leave at 5pm EST, so you only 45 minutes left today to call. Please don’t forget those other execs if you can… that’s what creates the office buzz!

  171. scramblenetwork says:

    That would be something to talk to Sachin about… I believe the majority voted earlier on his blog to give to charity. I agree, though… I was planning to do a big drive for Invisible Children on here over the weekend (not to give too much away).

  172. Me'shele says:

    scramblenetwork…hey i’v been emailing the contacts you posted above and they are coming back to me saying that those addresses are invalid. is anyone else having this problem?

  173. Gil says:

    I just updated the site. The episode is now #35! Keep going! We can do this!

  174. scramblenetwork says:

    Hmmm… that’s odd. anyone else?

  175. Me'shele says:

    this address works:
    this address didn’t:

  176. scramblenetwork says:

    15 More Minutes of Call Time!!! Any stories?

  177. Rachel says:

    Everyone also email Hercules from Ain’t It Cool News and ask him to post about the iTunes-athon and the Email/Calling campaign. Here is his email address…

  178. Edgy says:

    OK, at 9:07pm in whatever part of Liberia this server thinks it’s in, “The Bitch” is Back” is #60 in iTunes Top 100 TV Episodes, so we need a lot more one-ninety-niners over there.

    Already bought it? Buy it again!


  179. Rachel says:

    I just called the 323-575-2345 and they put me into the feedback line. The chick that answered the phone said that Leslie doesn’t have any say on Veronica Mars. Let keep calling and emailing. Go Veronica Mars fans!!!

  180. svmocwcso says:

    Can we buy the episode more than once? I’ve tried it and it says I’ve already purchased it. Is there a way around this?

  181. Kate says:

    Remember buy iTunes and buy the new VM book edited by Rob Thomas.
    Support VM!

  182. yme says:

    svmocwcso – “Gift” it to somebody you know.

  183. svmocwcso says:

    I would, but I only see a link to gift the entire season, not the single episode.

  184. Edgy says:

    When I bought the episode the second time, a message appeared that said, “You have already purchased this episode. Are you sure you want to buy it again?” I answered “Yes” (or something like that), and it let me buy it.

  185. svmocwcso says:

    Was yours already finished downloading, because the furthest it takes me is to a dialogue box which says something to the effect of, “You’ve already purchased this episode. It has yet to finish downloading. You can download purchased items any time by selecting ‘Check for Purchased Items…’ from the Store Menu.”

  186. svmocwcso says:


    So my ridiculous, iTunes newbie self sees how to gift individual episodes now.

  187. svmocwcso says:

    I think I’ll start by gifting some of these CBS execs. Anyone with me?

  188. yourock says:

    i’m totally with you on gifting the CBS execs…

    also i think i just recruited my dad to watch the show in the fall – hahaha – and i hardly ever even talk to him 😛

  189. beckaj5446 says:

    TBIB is # 29 on Itunes now, I bought one yearlier. It is moving fast.

  190. Gil says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that all this talk about emailing and calling execs is taking away from our iTunes efforts? We’ve been stuck at #35 now for HOURS. At this rate, we won’t even break the Top 20, let alone, the Top 10 😦

  191. Gil says:

    I take that back. It’s not listed as #15! 5 more spots until we break the Top 10!

  192. Gil says:

    I meant NOW listed.

  193. scramblenetwork says:


    It doesn’t update in real time.

  194. Gil says:

    Yeah, I forgot I was looking at the drams. It’s at #15 under dramas.

  195. Me'shele says:

    we’ve made it to #10 in the drama category. now we gotta get it moved up into the top 10 overall. good job everyone!

  196. Anonymous says:

    About the viewing party tonight, should it be pushed back one hour to 10pm eastern? It probably doesn’t matter much, but right now it would conflict with the rerun of the episode that will air on The CW this evening.

  197. Gil says:

    It’s now #19 overall.

  198. yme says:

    Just saw us on iTunes at #19 for all TV Episodes! We broke the Top 20! Woo with a side of hoo!

    Under 7 hours left to make it to #1! Keep buying, people! We’re almost there!

  199. suebee says:

    downloading it now, and it’s at #15.

  200. suebee says:

    oops. guess i was looking at the wrong place 🙂 #19 overall it is!

  201. anonymous says:

    ITUNES TUESDAY will go down in fandom history!

  202. scramblenetwork says:

    That’s good thinking… I need more time for these uploads anyway… so let’s go with 10pm EST!!!! Help get the word out!!!!

  203. Ana Marie says:

    I am devastated about Veronica Mars because of the way it was handled at the end by the CW, but they could make it up to me if they just do a mini-series wrap up and to cast KRISTEN BELL AS SUPERGIRL ON SMALLVILLE!! That would help ease the pain! I am off to e-mail the CW and Dawn O about this idea! I hope they can see that this is a win-win for everyone!!!

  204. Russell says:

    yea! Let’s campaign to get the CW to CAST KRISTEN BELL AS SUPERGIRL ON SMALLVILLE!! Ana Mari is right this would ease the pain a little along with a wrap up movie!! When we flood the CW with e-mails let’s all suggest this. Who is with me?!?!?!?!

  205. svmocwcso says:

    Even though I watch Smallville, I only really do so because I’ve been watching for so long. Nonetheless, Kristen would greatly improve the show and so I’d be sure to support that cause.

    This iTunes struggle is a bit frustrating. We would’ve already made the top spot if it wasn’t for yesterday’s unfortunate and untimely news.

  206. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all–

    I’m having issues with my uploads that are causing problems with the viewing party. Other than that, I’m ready to go and all of it looks great–

    DOES ANYONE HAVE THE EPISODE stored on their YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, or MySpace video pages? Doesn’t matter how matter parts. Please let me know, time is of the essence!

  207. scramblenetwork says:

    Okay, everyone, unless I find the episode online in the next 10 minutes, we’ll have to reschedule the Viewing Party!

    But the more important news is we’re rapidly climbing up the iTunes list, and we’re in the top 20!!! PLEASE BUY IT OR BUY IT AGAIN!!!

  208. scramblenetwork says:

    I’ve already voiced my support for casting Kristen as Supergirl on Smallville, and I love getting comments on the blog, but what’s up with sudden huge wave of comments about that? Did some bigger outlet pick it up as a story? Is it multiples from one person? Could we finally be big enough to get a studio plant? No offense meant if not, like I said, I’m in full favor of the idea.

    With hopes for a true season of VM looking pretty dim, I think we should keep our fingers crossed for the following:

    1) VM continues through a series of direct to dvd or TV movies. This seems like a much better fit for VM than an actual theatrical feature, where the expectations would likely be too high.

    2) A VM comic to tell the story of Season 4 and give us a regular fix while we wait for those dvds.

    3) Kristen Bell as SUPERGIRL!

    4) Rob Thomas scores a big hit that we all love with Miss/Guided!

  209. scramblenetwork says:

    Yeah, I have those (that is my one of my favorite sites) but unfortunately I can’t embed those– only YouTube, Google, Yahoo!, or Myspace Vids– or my own avis which is causing the problem.
    Sorry all, looks like we’ll have to reschedule– I do have a great idea though, that will be even better than watching the finale! Trust me, you’ll love it!!!

    BTW, Emily, I’m only deleting your comment above to protect that site which I’m a huge fan of, and I’d hate for someone from CW or WB request that the eps be taken down.

  210. Emily says:

    of course.. please do in that case 🙂

  211. Me'shele says:

    we’ve moved up 1 spot to #18 overall and still at #10 in the drama category.

  212. scramblenetwork says: is reporting #15!

  213. Stephanie says:

    hey, does anyone know what’s going on with that Veronica Mars petition? I cant remember where I read it, but i think someone was gonna send it to CW, but i haven’t heard anything about it recently. i think this is the petition:

  214. Me'shele says:

    i was just told by someone who went to itunes to buy the episode that it is now at #13.

  215. suebee says:

    it’s down to #18 overall now 😦

  216. anonymous says:

    I’m seeing it at #18 out of all TV show episodes!

    Still in the TOP 20! Not too shabby, folks!

  217. Theresa says:

    it is at #13 for overall.

  218. Em says:

    Was CBS/CW notified about the itunes campaign today?
    I think number 18 or whatever it is right now is great considering it wasn’t even listed in the top 100 prior to that!

  219. svmocwcso says:

    I sent the episode to a few execs as a gift, but I didn’t think to clue them in on the campaign. Instead, I used the 500 allotted characters to mention the buzz this campaign would generate for the show if they renewed it just as Jericho received a lot of publicity with its successful campaign.

  220. Anonymous says:


    iTunes is showing me that the episode is #6 in drama and #18 overall.

  221. Me'shele says:

    it just showed me that we cracked the top ten knocking house out of the number 10 position. it’s at #6 in drama.

  222. Me'shele says:

    can other people please check so we can see if we really made it to the top ten

  223. svmocwcso says:

    It’ll probably be a while before I can help confirm that.

    I think my iTunes updates slower for some reason (I was that last Anonymous poster). It just now shows it at #13 overall and #6 in drama as was reported around 2 hours ago.

  224. Gil says:

    I saw it at #13, not #10. sorry. I also saw it as #6 in drama. 😦

  225. Me'shele says:


  226. Me'shele says:


  227. Me'shele says:


  228. svmocwcso says:

    It still shows that it’s listed #13 overall and #6 in drama, BUT…in the DRAMA section, it lists VM higher than the House episode you referenced which puzzingly appears ahead of VM on my OVERALL list. Maybe the overall list just takes longer to refresh than the individual genre lists.

  229. svmocwcso says:

    And just like that, I can now confirm Me’shele’s report. I also had to check it multiple times in a row before it updated. It’s showing it #10 overall and #6 in drama. Hooray!

  230. Me'shele says:

    scramblenetwork…hey we need to get our itunes accomplishment some press, we need for the people at the CW and CBS to hear about it. they need to know that we made Veronica Mars go from beyond #100 to as of right now #10. we need to get something written up so we can get it out there.

  231. Me'shele says:


  232. Me'shele says:


  233. yme says:

    One of you who can see our episode in the #10 spot on iTunes, grab a frame capture of your screen!!!

    I’m still seeing us listed as #13 of all TV show episodes on iTunes.

    But we’ve still got 50 minutes left ’til the end of the day west coast time. Let’s keep aiming for that #1 spot!

    #1-The Starter Wife “Hour 3”
    #2-The Office “The Job”
    #3-The Starter Wife “Pilot”
    #4-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip “K+R”
    #5-Stargate SG-1 “Family Ties”
    #6-Stargate Atlantis “Submersion”
    #7-Lost “Through A Looking Glass”
    #8-The Office “Beach Games”
    #9-One Tree Hill “The Birth and Death of t…”
    #10-House “Human Error”
    #11-Heroes “How to Stop and Explodi…”
    #12-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip “Breaking News”
    #13-Veronica Mars “The Bitch Is Back”

    Take that, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Scrubs, and especially you, Hannah Montana!

  234. Em says:

    hey guys…
    my itunes is a bit slow too.
    Can someone take a screen shot of veronica in the 10th slot. im sure lots of fans who bought episodes during the day, and who are missing this, would love to see it with their own eyes tomorrow.
    (if u dont know how to do that just hit “print screen” on your keyboard and paste it into an application like paint)

    Also, we should keep buying episodes to see if we can make it to the top 5… or even number one

  235. Em says:

    haha yme… I hadent refreshed this page so i didnt see your comment.
    obviously a great idea 😉

  236. svmocwcso says:

    This image is taken iTunes Store front page:

    I’ll see about grabbing some more.

  237. Me'shele says:

    here’s another shot:

  238. Me'shele says:

    does anyone know if there is a way to find out just how many were bought?

  239. anonymous says:


    We’re #10!!!

  240. Me'shele says:

    can i get some of you guys to go to this link and tell me which would be the best bet for getting info on how many sales Veronica Mars got today?

  241. Kelly says:

    and also here is a screen cap of it as #6 in dramas

    I also see it as #10 in overall.

  242. Kelly says:

    Do we know if anybody will be the filming the arrival of the shipment? I’m starting to get worried that nobody will be able to film it and we’ll never get to see what happened :/

  243. Anonymous says:

    it’d be great to see the shipment arrive…
    but im not sure if anything has been set up,

    Is there a tracker on the shipment so we know when it arrives?
    When is it supposed to get there- tomorrow?

  244. Me'shele says:

    i thought they said it would be a 3 day trip and the shipment didn’t leave till late monday, so i think it is suppose to arrive on thursday.

  245. Me'shele says:

    i also thought that they were going to get us the tracking number so we can all track the shipment

  246. Ann says:

    Why are we to call CBS executives. Is the goal to have CBS pick up the VM series?

  247. anonymous says:

    CBS owns the UPN part of The CW.

  248. scramblenetwork says:

    Uhhhh…. does everyone see we’re still at number 10 or is it just me? Do we want to do one more drive today to hit number one, just to say we did?

  249. Courtney says:

    Man, I knew Dawn wasn’t behind all this! I’ve been sayig that for a while, but it’s nice to hear that my thoughts are backed up! lol
    If she fought for the series the past three years, why would she just give up on it? I mean, she suggested the whole FBI thing so Les would give it another shot!
    Everyone has been kind of mean to Dawn, I feel bad. She’s been our VM savior for three years and we totally turned against her.
    (hindsight is always 20/20)

  250. yourock says:

    hwy guys – has anyone else noticed that 4 of our email addresses are incorrect???

    i got failed delivery messages on them, but… at least les moonves wasn’t one of the incorrect addresses… either that or we’ve filled the mailboxes already – that would just be awesome!!!

  251. Ann says:

    I have called ALL the numbers on the list but was told by one very nice woman at Joann Ross’ office that neither Joann nor any of her east coast cohorts makes any VM decisions. We should be calling Dawn Ostroff at 310-575-7003

  252. Stephanie says:

    i got a few emails bounced back as well. here’s the list of email addresses i had sent the letter to:

    and the following message i got were for the email addresses listed below:
    “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 553 sorry, this recipient is not valid (#5.7.1)”

    so i got 5 failed emails. either those email addresses don’t exist, or we flooded those inboxes, haha

    were these the same email addresses bounced back as everyone else who sent letters?

  253. scramblenetwork says:


    According to Rob Thomas, the decision on VM was made by CBS, not Dawn Ostroff and The CW. I’ll believe Rob over anyone at CBS… please keep calling!

    Great updates!

  254. Ann says:

    I did get through to Leslie Moonves office and spoke to a lovely woman who, when I gasve my spiel, said , I totaly understand how you feel. Perhaps unundating his office, politely, is the way to go.

  255. scramblenetwork says:

    I agree!

  256. svmocwcso says:

    The images I posted previously have expired. So, I went ahead and registered for an account which means, I assume, these should remain valid:

    I’m all for continuing the iTunes campaign if everyone feels strongly enough about seeing it at number 1. I think we would’ve made that happen yesterday if the news on Monday hadn’t discouraged so many Mars fans.

  257. I’m keeping the iTunes thing going – I’m calling it “Bitch Week” and saying the campaign lasts all week. I’m advertising it on message borads and Myspace [I just want to see us get to #1!]

  258. Lien says:

    The Bitch is Back is #6 in drama, #10 in Top Episode

  259. Me'shele says:

    scramblenetwork…i think another goal of today should be to find someone who is close to the CW offices who is willing to record the delivery. many people have expressed concern over the fact that no-one has stepped up to do that.

  260. Stephanie says:

    i know eh? too bad we didnt know if a media outlet (like Access Hollywood or something) was going to be there to film it or not

  261. Stacey says:

    I’ve emailed everyone on that list…. I hope we’re loud enough and can save Veronica Mars..

  262. Rachel says:

    I’ve emailed everyone on the list more than once. Plus our favorite Leslie Moonves got even more emails than the rest. I’m hoping to fill his inbox to capacity!

  263. svmocwcso says:

    I too have been receiving delivery failure notices for the following addresses:

  264. sarapi says:

    Hi! I’m Sara and I’m a Veronica Mars fan from Italy.
    First of all… Les Moonves mail… i think there’s something wrong with the address… I found this one and it seems ok.
    I wanna say to all of you it’s been a pleasure to fight for our favourite show with such extraordinary people on my side. We’ve been great with the Bars for Mars (Thank you Sachin and all the beautiful people from The Indian Food Store!) and with the itunes too… Best wishes to all of us… Hope to hear good news for our Veronica.

  265. Lauren says:

    don’t stop, it’s great !!

  266. Anonymous says:

    Well I have sent emails to everyone at the list… and yes the leslie moonves e-mail didnt come back yay to that 🙂 I have sent an email to both Reuters and AP, good God it would be fanastic if they would pick it up in any shape or form… however is there ANYONE that will be able to tape the delivery tomorrow? Dont we have 1 fan just 1 that is in Burbank area? Or perhaps… can we bribe the driver to tape it and then send it by email? :)))

  267. Rachel says:

    I know this email for Leslie Moonves works…

    I got the same returns as svmocwcso did. I think the most important person to email and to email tons until they “Officially” make an announcement is Leslie. So, everyone keep emailing as many email addresses that you get to work. We can’t give up yet!

  268. Elizabeth says:

    I baked Dawn snickerdoodles and sent them. 100. i put them in a pirates spirit box. GO PIRATES!!

  269. Frankie says:

    Just to let you know I’m a huge fan in Canada. We tried purchasing TBIB but it wasn’t available here, or we did something wrong. Tried hard. Also sent in my donation. I’m trying emails now. Go Veronica Fans!

  270. Sarah says:

    If anyone is interested, I am a Jericho Ranger and when we kept flooding e-mails at CBS they would bounce back or not get delivered because we had JERICHO in the subject line and the guys at CBS were deleted any e-mails that had gotten from us with that title.

    So you could send in the subject line:
    S.A.V.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A M.A.R.S or
    SAVE V*E*R*O*N*I*C*A M*A*R*S or etc.

    You get the idea, be creative with the title in the subject line.
    We got by alot of e-mails that way!

  271. Sarah says:

    Just something else to consider.

  272. Anonymous says:

    Some more news from another interview with rob thomas

    Pretty much the highlights are that:
    – he appreciates the support of fans and the mars bars campaign but it needed to happen a month earlier
    – there is no hope, he believes the “june 15th” deadline was given as a way to deflect from the fact that the show was canceled.
    -he says the truth is they wanted him to write an FBI pilot with no guarantee behind it of episodes. (but at the same time he’s being offered real money to run a show that is on the air backed up by a development deal)
    -people within the business said that Les Moonves was not enthusiastic about putting a new Veronica Mars on the air. So it was asking him to turn down a lot for a very, very outside shot of getting Veronica Mars back on the air.
    he says
    “In a way, a clean “they’re cancelled” would have been less painful. I mean, less painful for me and less painful for the fans, I think. “

  273. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of this info,
    Im continuing to flood their emails, and purchasing the bitch is back.
    Even if it truly is over I want them to regret their decision.

  274. svmocwcso says:

    Once piece of data I believe we should be promoting in our e-mails:

    Veronica Mars reached 3.5 million viewers and obtained, as reported by Kristin Veitch, “the biggest audience ever in the CW’s coveted 18-34 demo.”


  275. Rachel says:

    Sarah, actually we are sending stuff to CBS. The are the parent company of The CW. Les (Leslie) Moonves, from CBS, is the one who made the decision to cancel the show. Could you share the fax number you have?

  276. svmocwcso says:

    Jericho fans are awesome. Here’s some listed information that could help point us in the right direction.

    CBS HQ fax numbers and free online faxing services are included.

  277. EMILY says:

    Don’t let your motivation drop now! We have all been working so hard to show our support… so lets keep it going!

    If you do not live in the area you can use the sites bellow to send FREE faxes.

    Send faxes to:
    Mr. Leslie Moonves
    President and CEO – CBS Corporation
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (212) 975-4321 OR (323) 575-2345
    Fax: (323) 653-8276


    A friend and I think its best to Fax the letter that was posted above for emails.

    Every bit helps… and even if this doesn’t save veronica mars, at least we can show the people at cbs how much we loved the show and what a big mistake they made!

  278. EMILY says:

    I just sent my first fax!
    Remember when faxing to eliminate the brackets around the area code
    it should be 323-653-8276

  279. EMILY says:


    dont cover that area code

    the first and last do.

  280. Stephanie says:

    while my computer unfreezes as i prepare to send a fax, i was thinking of sending one with huge both letters saying something like “DON’T CANCEL VERONICA MARS!!!” and then have a picture of Kristen Bell with a sad face attached to it so it grabs their attention (and wastes all their ink :D)

  281. Stephanie says:

    ok i sent two faxes to Leslie’s fax #
    one was the letter
    the other was a picture of Veronica Mars crying (from a scene from the season 2 finale) with “PLEASE DON’T CANCEL ME!!” written above and below the pic 😀

  282. svmocwcso says:

    Would you mind uploading the crying pic? I’d like to follow suit.

  283. svmocwcso says:

    I’ll be using this one in the meantime:

  284. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all-

    I’ve just posted a new interview with VM creator Rob Thomas over on the main blog.

  285. Stephanie says:

    do u want me to send the document/pdf file so other people can fax it if they want? or do u just want the picture of her crying so you can use it for something different?

  286. Elizabeth says:

    Faxes sent. emails sent. money donated. snickerdoodles sent. phone calls made. episodes downloaded.

    next on the agenda??

  287. Stephanie says:

    the other fax links that Emily posted…well… doesn’t work because it doesnt coverage the area code numbers. but, only works for the (212) area code numbers

    and i also found this site:

    now let’s get cracking and flood their faxes and waste their ink! muahahah

  288. SaveVM says:

    I’d say that next on the agenda is just to keep up the faxing, emailing and calling. I sent them YouTube videos that were Save Veronica Mars or Renew Veronica Mars.

  289. Olivia says:

    Has anyone called yet? Who picks up? Have you been able to reach anyone?

  290. svmocwcso says:

    Stephanie: if you can, posting the .doc file and/or .pdf file and the picture separately would be great.

  291. c says:

    How long does it take for those free sites to send a fax? I sent one a few hours ago through the nineo site but have yet to get a confirmation email 😦

  292. svmocwcso says: have sent each of mine out in a matter of minutes. The longest it has taken is probably been around 10 minutes.

  293. scramblenetwork says:

    The poster is available now for download on this page (above). Thanks Stephanie!

    I haven’t had time to dig much today– what fax number is everyone sending this to? I’ll post it above.

  294. EMILY says:

    I’ve been faxing to Leslie Moonves at (323) 653-8276.

  295. Keith_Mars_is_Hot says:

    I just wanted to commend all of you VM fans for everything you are doing. I have sent my emails, but dial up prevents me from faxing as the loading time takes way to long. I am so thankful for the fans that just refuse to give up.


  296. Kelly says:

    Faxed 😀

    And word of advice. For every fax I sent, I just use that long automated letter thats posted above for emails. I paste that letter into the fax box like 10 times. That will waste more ink and paper and make it seem like more faxes going through.

  297. Keith_Mars_is_Hot says:

    Oh, just an update, that TBIB itunes is down to #15 again.

  298. svmocwcso says:

    Great idea, Kelly!

  299. Rachel says:

    Can people post quotes they like from VM. I’m putting a sheet together of quotes so that we can fax that too.

  300. svmocwcso says:

    I loved Logan’s inspirational quotes. I don’t know any off the top of my head. I’ll see about finding some online.

  301. Emily says:

    Any news on the shipment?

  302. Kelly says:

    Keep going people we have to smack the sense back into them

  303. Save VM says:


    Kristen Bell recently voiced her feelings in an interview of how sad she was that the CW planned to cancel the Veronica Mars series. She spoke from her heart with the desire to continue with Veronica Mars even if it meant the series had to mature into an updated version. She stated that she adored her fans and enjoyed working with the writer. She expressed a passionate interest in the idea of the newer PI version of the series.

    In the PI version Kristen Bell will be a slightly matured version of current Veronica Mars, with a new cast. She will form new friendships, relationships and adventures in a new atmosphere. The previous cast will be eligible to make guest appearances to blend the original Veronica Mars with the updated PI version of Veronica Mars.

    There is talk about the June 15th as being the official cut off date to renew Veronica Mars. That cut off date does not apply to the new PI version. The cut off date only applied to renewing current college Veronica Mars.

    As a side note, CBS and CW can renew or bring back any show at any time they wish. As and example, NBC is bringing back the show “The Bionic Woman” that was first released in 1976 and ended in 1978.

    The CW has expressed interest in the PI version of Veronica Mars. The reason that the CW never gave Veronica Mars a series finale is because they wanted to leave their options open for the future of the series. The producers want to keep the series
    on the back burner as a replacement show, in case one of their new shows don’t generate enough interest and will be forced to be cancelled.

    The following events are being organized in support towards Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars.

    4 trucks are going to be rented. The 18 wheeler trailers will have huge full length banners of the trailer of Kristen Bell holding a stun gun with the caption “It’s shocking what great support can do” The trucks will also brand the Veronica Mars and PI logos.

    Each truck will be at a different location. The truck destinations at this time are as follows:

    One Truck encircling the building of “Conan O’Brien” of NBC. In addition of the Kristen Bell banner, the truck will also have a cartoon head on top of the trailer that resembles Conan O’Brien.

    One truck encircling the building of “The View” of ABC. In addition of the Kristen Bell banner, the truck will also have the caption “Check out The View” right under the picture of Kristen Bell. The trailer will also brand the Veronica Mars and PI logos.

    Two trucks encircling the buildings of “CBS” and “CW”. The trailers will have huge full length banners of the trailers of Kristen Bell holding a stun gun with the caption “It’s shocking what great support can do” The trucks will also brand the Veronica Mars and PI logos.

    Each truck will have a person with a loud speaker to generate public interest as they bring attention to Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars, CBS, CW and the designated building.

    Each trucks spokes person will be wearing a costume that reflects a joint effort between Veronica Mars and the sponsors.

    Mars, Incorporated will be contacted to discuss partial sponsorship and in return the trucks will brand Snickers and marshmallow advertising. Additional sponsors will be contacted and coordinated as necessary.

    The banner pictures, statements and logos will be modified in compliance with the sponsors approval.

    This event will not endorse any type of slander and will be held in compliance with any laws that may apply.

    The goal is to have Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars shift into the main stream news so the talk shows such as Extra TV, Conan Obrian, The View, Ellen Degeneres and such will begin mentioning Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars, the fan interest and the sponsors.

    Fan support is an absolute must in this and you have to participate for this effort to have impact. This effort
    is going to take weeks of planning. Sponsors will have to be secured. Banners will need to approved and produced.
    The sponsors, banner company, truck rentals, costume rentals, hired employees will all have to be co-ordinated. Portions of this event will be donated to a worthy cause that all contributing parties can agree upon.

    The majority of the efforts that will be required from the fans will not require much more than 5 minutes of time or cost much if any money. The participation from a large amount of people is an absolute must and I can’t stress that enough.

    A certain percentage of fan support is going to be required before this is initiated. I will closely monitor the feedback of everyones interest. It all rides on fan support

    *From The CW message boards*
    The poster didn’t list a source, but I’m trying to find the answer. So in the mean time, you can have a HUGE smile on your face!

  304. Stephanie says:

    that sounds great. I, too, would like to know the source of that.
    and when did the person post that? was it recent?

  305. Me'shele says:

    maybe we should call CW (Dawn) and ask if they have recieved the shipment. i know we won’t get to speak to Dawn but maybe her assistant can fill us in…just a thought.

  306. SaveVM says:

    Here is the link to the article in the CW lounge.

  307. svmocwcso says:

    I think we should all write Michael Ausiello or Kristin Veitch to see if they or somebody else can get some word to us about how the CW and CBS heads have reacted to our campaign.

  308. Me'shele says:

    if our shipment even got there. we have yet to hear anything about it and the person in charge of the shipping hasn’t said one word in 2 days. which is very frustrating.

  309. Me'shele says:

    if the shipment even got there. we have no idea if it did or not and the person who was in charge of shipping it hasn’t said a word in 2 days. it is very frustrating.

  310. Me'shele says:

    sorry i posted twice my computer is acting up

  311. scramblenetwork says:

    I’ve emailed Sachin to get an update on the shipment, haven’t heard back. Let’s be patient.

  312. Rachel says:

    Hey you never know…maybe Sachin took a road trip to video tape the delivery since no one was willing to do it.

  313. c says:

    How will we know what the CW decides? Will there be a press release? A story on eonline? Just wondering what we should be expecting today. I hope, that at the very least, they acknowledge the efforts of VM fans 😦

  314. Rachel says:

    A update is posted on Sachin’s blog about the delivery. It was delivered yesterday to CW, along with the Mars bars from other parts of the country. There will be a smaller package of Mars bars delivered today. So, now we all just wait to hear something from CW.

  315. Stephanie Z says:

    Hey does anyone know the fax for the cw? I have 1 818 954 7667. I want to fax them too!

  316. Tom S says:

    I’m not sure the cost of renting those trucks, but it would no doubt be pretty high. I hope that the advertising/sponsors would help offset that sort of cost, as the idea is definitely interesting. Maybe it could promote the Dvds and or Itunes as well. (Target stores in my area were selling the Dvd’s for around $23 each last week.)

    Any more thought given to deluging Les Moonves with Extra gum (give us an “extra” year…) OR marshmallows?

    I’m not sure the mixed Mars bar, Snickers almond, and marshmallows were as effective as one, easy to obtain and cheap product would be in sending a unified message as in the Jericho nuts campain…

  317. fallen8envy says:

    I just got off the phone with the secretary of the CW and she said that everyone in the CW was worried that the Mars Bars were dangerous lmao!

  318. Me'shele says:

    Tom S…i sent Les Moonves a box full of marshmallows and some save Veronica Mars flyers…i didn’t want him to feel left out…lol. my packages arrived yesterday.

  319. scramblenetwork says:


    ha ha…

    what the hell does that mean? They’re wrapped candy bars in boxes! How did they think they could be dangerous?

  320. Anonymous says:

    The receptionist I talked to said that The CW staff was enjoying the candy bars. The crazy thing is she seemed to be clueless to the campaign. I then gave her Sachin’s blog to check out the campaign. She wants me to call back on Monday.

  321. Anonymous says:

    Laugh My Ass Off

  322. Anonymous says:

    WTH? THEY’RE EATING THE CANDY? MORONS! don’t they care about the children? did they even read the letters? GOD!

  323. Anonymous says:

    Whoever it is above that says they’re supposed to call back on Monday you should definitely try to get some inside info on what’s going on and try to get that secretary to talk to some higher-ups or something. Has anyone called CBS?

  324. marykate says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a video? Is it going up on utube? Did the truck drive around the block with a bullhorn getting publicity? Inquiring minds want to know!

  325. Shan says:

    So what happened to the confectionary campaign? We donated .. we had itunes tuesday – so where’s the pictures of the stuff at the CW offices? Wheres the YouTube videos? A little disappointing we havent been udpated throughout the later half of the week.

  326. scramblenetwork says:

    There ws no one living near the CW offices that was available to video tape it or photograph, plus, no one knew what time the truck was arriving, so it would’ve been asking someone to sit out there and wait all day Thursday.

    This site NEVER talked about video or photos of the delivery. I knew that would be pretty difficult to pull together. So, Shn, I don’t know where you came up with that.

    I know folks are disappointed that there hasn’t been some kind of official response from The CW, but that’s not the fault of any fan site, obviously.

  327. svmocwcso says:

    While footage of the event would’ve been nice, I’ll be satisfied just by reading how the CW/CBS heads responded to the delivery, the letters, the phone calls, the e-mails, the faxes, etc. I still think we should each write Ausiello or somebody that could find out for us.

  328. scramblenetwork says:

    I think that’s a good idea,

  329. fallen8envy says:

    I called the CW and talked to the secretary there and she said that they received them that thursday. She asked if they were dangerous and said that everyone in the CW building were really scared of them and thought that they might be somewhat dangerous. She said that the CW really enjoys them and she thank yous.

    I was a little pissed that she thought it was for them to eat for their entertainment from Veronica mars fans

  330. scramblenetwork says:

    Yeah, it sounds like they were complete idiots about the whole thing.

    I think I was most insulted by the whole “are they poisonous?” thing. How moronic. Yes, thousands of VM fans were so upset that they decided to kill all of you by poisoning candy bars.

    And Jesus, its wrapped candy. How could it be tainted?

    Maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And then there’s just the fact that they’re using it as a mid-day snack supply…

    Rob Thomas said it best, that this campaign should’ve happened a month ago, with us shipping things out every few days like the Jericho people did… buying different iTunes episodes every day and getting them to #1… calling, writing, and faxing… it should’ve been sustainted over a long period of time, but nothing organized until it was basically too late.

    CW played it smart by not OFFICIALLY cancelling. It kept fans off-balance and in a holding pattern. But they’ve now basically written the book on how NOT to respond to a fan campaign: insulting them andignoring them isn’t the best way to keep future viewers.

  331. Keith_Mars_is_Hot says:

    Yep, kinda lame that all the campaigns were all gun ho for send and buy, but now we are left with no answers and very little updates. Just another stab to the old heart.

    This is definitely going to stunt any other campaigns that might arise, due to being left in the dark.

    Sorry, it is just my opinion.

  332. scramblenetwork says:

    What answers? What updates? That’s what I’m wondering. Package arrived. Nothing happened. What is there to say? I’m putting up a thank you message tomorrow, but I’m confused to what some folks want to see…

    None of us (myself, Sachin, Gil, etc.) can force the WB to send out some kind of press release acknowledging our efforts. What exactly do you want us to do?

    The video thing was always an unrealistic expectation. I mean, come on. CW wasn’t going to let someone with a camera in to record it, there was no way of knowing when it would arrive, etc.

    I get that people are pissed at the way CW basically ignored the campaign, but its unfair to blame the campaign sites for that.

  333. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t understand why everything is shut down and why all the CBS stuff is taken down. It’s not like we still can’t change their minds. I think we need to keep emailing, faxing, calling, and sending snail mail to both the CW and CBS. They were saying Veronica Mars had no chance before June 15th, so why was that date SO important. Just because it’s passed, we shouldn’t stop. At the very least we should try to get reactions to our earlier campaigns but we NEED to keep trying until Veronica Mars is back.

  334. Anonymous says:

    Nick, this whole thing has been amazing. I agree with your assessment that we should have started much earlier to be effective. But the commitment and passion exhibited in the 11th hour was impressive.

    Thank you and the others involved for coordinating and spearheading the effort.

    Got to say that I am as insulted as the rest of us that our statement is being used as leftover Halloween candy. And disappointed by the absolute lack of response. But those bastards showed their colors by not announcing the cancellation, so it’s hardly surprising.

    I’ve got your site bookmarked and will check in. Rock on!

  335. amanda says:

    I think the main problem isn’t that we didn’t start early enough, it’s that most people didn’t view it as critical until the last couple of weeks. Many of us started campaigning months ago. I tried to get a marshmallow campaign started in March through the Television Without Pity forum and Cloudwatchers, but it amounted to a handful of people participating. It wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago after Dawn had told Ausiello that the show wasn’t going to be coming back that many people started emailing me about it.

    I think it all comes down to timing. The reason the numbers were down so much toward the end of the season had to do with the CW doing very little promotion for the show and then putting VM on hiatus for two months. Then with them not actually canceling the show in a definitive way, it was the last of many strikes against us.

  336. scramblenetwork says:


    And Amanda, I agree. If that shipment they got Thursday was the first of 10, over the course of a month, it would’ve been a different story. When you look at the Jericho effort, it was over a sustained period of time. When they got that first shipment of nuts, they probably didn’t think much of it, maybe checked it out online, and then realized what it was. Then as more and more shipments came in, they were impressed. We just didn’t have the time to do that.

    Also, when Rob Thomas came out Monday and said it was over, the campaign lost a huge amount of steam. Plenty of people persevered, but when you look at the iTunes numbers, its obvious a lot of people dropped off once that confirmation came in.

    Bottom line? Next time a show is in this situation, the majority of us can’t procrastinate, or buy what the network is saying… mobilizing early is critical.

    I think we have a lot to be proud of, and I’m confident Veronica will be back in SOME form… maybe not the one we want, but there will be something. I hope all of you will give the comic (if it happens) a chance, you might just enjoy it. And regardless, supporting VM in other formats might spur interest from the WB– if they see tons of people are buying dvds and comics, they might be more inclined to give the movie a shot. That’s how it went for Firefly.

    Someone should make a parody video of CW employees nervously checking Mars bars to see if they’re poisoned… that is one strange reaction…

  337. SaveVM says:

    To the people complaining about updates/pictures/video…if you wanted it so bad than you should have stepped up and did it yourself. You can’t expect everyone else to do everything.

    I think we all learned a lot about how much the CW really values it viewers. Obviously they don’t care which in the end will hurt them in the long run. I personally can’t wait to see them go down in flames. I too am insulted that they think we are going to poison the candy. They are way too paranoid!

    Would a campaign straight to Warner Bros. be beneficial in getting a movie or straight to dvd done?

  338. ComeOnNowSugar says:

    “WTH? THEY’RE EATING THE CANDY? MORONS! don’t they care about the children? did they even read the letters? GOD!”

    Children need candy bars? I mean, really. The package was sent the The CW. It was their property from then on. We can’t dictate what they do with it. I don’t get why people are suprised/pissed at this.

    “They were saying Veronica Mars had no chance before June 15th, so why was that date SO important.”

    Um, because that’s when the actors were all let out of their contracts. Rob Thomas is now officially engaged in another show. It’s safe to say VM isn’t coming back no way, no how. Any other venture at this point would be a waste of time and money… and damned near harassment.

  339. Anonymous says:

    “any other venture at this point would be a waste of time and money…and damned near harassment”

    I agree that we shouldn’t put anymore money into the campaign at this time, but why shouldn’t we take the time to keep writing letters and emails. No way is that harassment, a tv network is in the public eye, they get plenty of letters and if the overwhelming majority of those letters are to bring back the best show on television then that’s there fault, not ours. I for one am going to keep trying, by writing to CBS.

  340. SaveVM says:

    If you guys want a good laugh…check out I personally find it entertaining if those shirts get sent to the execs. Maybe they will finally get the point.

    I agree with continuing writing CBS but would it be more beneficial to write Warner Bros. so that we will get a movie sooner?

  341. Gil says:

    Glad you liked the shirt, SaveVM, BTW, your link doesn’t work because the period in your comment is part of the link.

    You can also see (and order) the T-Shirt here:

  342. Anonymous says:

    That t-shirt is great, we should definitely send several to Les Moonves and anyone else at CBS who we can get an address for and to Dawn Ostroff. And include a Save Veronica Mars flyer with the package.

  343. jarina says:

    pls.i have hope to save veronica mars..pls pls pls………………..

  344. svmocwcso says:

    Here’s a copy of a letter I received from The CW this morning. I imagine it’s the same letter everyone else who wrote in will receive.

  345. Anonymous says:

    i think that letter sucks.

  346. svmocwcso says:

    Aye, it does.

  347. suebee says:

    We should all reply to this Paul McGuire guy…

    Dear Mr. McGuire,

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my letter regarding my disappointment in the cancellation of Veronica Mars.

    Thank you for also letting me know about the new programs that are on the fall schedule for The CW. Regrettably, my interest in The CW has come to an end.


    Veronica Mars fan


    or is that too harsh?

  348. svmocwcso says:


    That’s terrific.

  349. scramblenetwork says:

    Wow. Stunning in it’s brevity.

    I’m not really in on the whole ‘boycott the CW’ (I won’t punish good shows just because that’s where they landed during pilot season), but God… these people aren’t exactly making themselves look good.

  350. Anonymous says:

    I got that same letter from the same guy. Definitely send that reply and try to get a bunch of people to, I will. Not to harsh at all, if anything, to lenient. lol.

  351. Anonymous says:

    Looks like we got our comic book. The Watch with Kristin column in EOnline had the following entry in its Q & A section today:

    “Jonathan in New York: I work at DC Comics, and you’ve got some big love here. There’s a bunch of us who take your word for gospel, and though it’s already sorta out there, we just wanted to send some info your way on the Veronica Mars comic books. They’ll be published by our Wildstorm imprint, which is based in San Diego, and R.T. is looking to be firmly on board. We’re even hoping for a late fall release of the first issue. Hopefully, more to come…Keep up the good work!”

  352. SaveVM says:

    The letter SUCKS, like the network. I am totally on board with sending CW the AWESOMELY funny reply to their letter.

    About the comic books…I’m willing to give them a chance. They just won’t be the same as having Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring on screen. Hopefully if the comics do well, they will do a straight to dvd season.

  353. SaveVM says:

    I can’t believe that Paul McGuire sent this letter on his stationary with his phone, cell, fax and email address. What a idiot!

  354. Andrea says:

    Although I am disappointed with the cancellation of VM, I will support its comic book form (and I’ve never read a comic book to be honest). Hopefully with enough sales, a movie will be made! 🙂

  355. Courtney says:

    Petition for a Veronica Mars movie! Sign it and whore it out!

  356. Anonymous says:

    i give up. I feel so disrespected because they didn’t listen to us and kept making us hold off.

  357. scramblenetwork says:

    Hey all-

    Just posted the latest on the VM Season 4 comic over on the main blog. Enjoy!

  358. Andrea says:

    Check out for addresses to show support for a VM movie! We can make this happen!

  359. Rachel says: also has movie tickets that you can print out to send to Warner Bros. since they are the owners of Veronica Mars. If we can work together to send tickets, letters, etc to Warner Bros. hopefully we can get the movie made sooner than later! Pass the Veronica Mars Movie Ticket Campaign on to all your Veronica Mars fan friends!

  360. c says:

    Should we decide on a place to post (where everyone has access to) so we can update each other on our efforts? I think it’ll be better for fan morale to know that others are still fighting, and to know what others’ are doing. Personally I just jump from one site to another in hopes of seeing updates and it’s a little disheartening to not see one humongous united front. Still not giving up, but I just would like to air this thought out. What do you guys think?

  361. SaveVM says:

    I agree about not giving up. If we campaign to Warner Bros, hopefully we will get to see our favorite PI on the big screen sooner than later! We need to band together and mail the movie tickets to Warner Bros.

  362. Gil says:

    I would host a forum at the Save VM site, but I think it would be more appropriate at the site.

  363. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s cool that Veronica Mars is getting another chance, but I definitely would rather it be on the big screen or on tv than a comic book. It really won’t be the same thing at all, I’m willing to look at it, but it’s not gonna even be close. That just makes me less hopeful.

  364. SaveVM says:

    Well, for the people who would rather see Veronica Mars on the big screen rather than comic…do something about it. Print the Veronica Mars movie tickets, cut them out and send them to Warner Bros (addresses are at )!! If we bury them in tickets we are apt to get the movie sooner!!

  365. Gil says:

    I agree with SaveVM. The only way to get a movie made is to bury the execs in tickets — as well as buy season 3 DVDs. Pre-orders would be even better, now that there’s a tentative release date (October 23). We may not have made VM #1 in iTunes Downloads, but if we can make it #1 in DVD pre-orders on, or even break the Top 10, we can show the execs that there is still a strong fan base for this show.

  366. sofia says:

    Save a good detective show!!!!!


  367. c says: has been updated! there’s now a forum where we can update each other on our campaign activities 🙂

  368. Rachel says:

    Season 3 is available for Pre-Order from Everyone go order your copy!

  369. c says:

    Great idea!! Just ordered mine 🙂 Go Veronica Mars!

  370. Rachel says:

    Me too. We need to get the word out to all the VM fans. Please help!

    Pre-Order your copy of VM Season 3, here is the link…

    At 6pm EST VM S3 is
    All DVDs: #5
    DVD Drama: #1

    TV: #3
    TV Drama: #1

  371. C says:

    OMG that’s awesome! Posted DVD pre-sale info and movie info at my myspace, livejournal, on lounge boards yesterday/last night.

  372. Rachel says:

    C, add me to your myspace to keep you up to date easier.

    As of today Rocky Anthology is beating VM S3! That is just so wrong on so many levels.

  373. c says:

    Just sent a friend request 🙂

  374. Rachel says:

    Check and see if I’m in your friends…I’ve gotten some weird ones. If I can’t tell if they are VM fans and I don’t know them I usually deny. If you are not a friend send me message and put something in the subject so I know it is you.

  375. clules_1 says:

    I love Veronica Mars show! Please bring it back!!!!!!

  376. Jeremy says:

    I LVOE Veronica Mars – it isn’t even out in New Zealand because of some BS rights issue, so had to order the DVD’s from the States. Such a good show! Please renew it!

  377. Ruud Jonk says:

    man.. i love VM i really hope it will came back… pleeaasssee renew it

  378. Westher says:

    VM is by far my favorite show and it made me sad reading the official no to season 4

  379. Jens raspoet says:

    Hi I’m from Belgium and I’ve got to say Veronica Mars really ROCKS!
    We’re watching season 3 now and it gets better and better !
    Really hope Vmars stays in the air .. Good luck

    Life will never be the same without Veronica ….



  380. Emma says:

    I am so totally disappointed with the news that this most brilliant show was being axed! I need a 4th, 5th & 6th season!

  381. cloude says:

    sil vous plait meme les francais vous e suplie naretez pas veronica mars c grace a cette serie que je ne me suis pas suicider alors sil vouus plait

  382. a says:

    would love a 4th seaosn of veronica mars!

  383. Me says:

    It ended in the UK today! 😦 😦 😦 😥

  384. gia says says:

    it so sad that there wont b another seasont of this.we r only at the end of season 2

  385. jennifer says:

    Save Veronica Mars: Thank You!!!

  386. Emmy says:

    I look forward to this show…please bring it back!!!

  387. Meryl says:

    PLEASE bring Veronica Mars back CW! I say we boycott or do whatever we can… It really makes me sooo upset not having any new episodes?? how could they just leave it off like that??? This show is brilliant and funny and dramatic… PLEASE! Some network pick it up!

  388. MP says:

    please no one watch gossip girls or any of the cw shows… veronica is on the back burner if they don’t work out :-\ I don’t even want a new cast 😦

  389. Joleen says:

    I cant believe that Veronica Mars has been taken off the air! especially considering what they are now showing… CW is going down hill now… BRING VERONICA MARS BACK!!! there is so much more to down with that show, why would you cancel it now!!! year 2 of college!!! lets see what can happen!!! BRING IT BACK!!!

  390. Rebekah, DB and Bo says:

    we miss our veronica mars. and we didnt know it was going off the air. Bo was just getting into it. WE ARE VERY UPSET…. bring her back!!!

  391. Nata P says:

    It is impossible. All Eourope (Russia,Belarus, France,England,Poland and oth.) love this show!!!!!!!!
    We can t imagine our life without Veronica Mars!!!!!!!!

  392. Brooke says:

    V Mars RULES! I miss the show! I can’t understand why they are taking it off, its the only reason why i watch TV! Canada loves Veronica Mars.

  393. Marica says:

    I just can´t belive that there is not going to be a 4th season. Here in Sweden we have just finished s3, and the show is awsome. We just love it. Please, if not for US, do it for the rest of the world!!

  394. Stephanie Veach says:

    Very upset about VM being cancelled. There are so many loose ends etc. I love the show and buy every season. No other show can top it in my book. Please who ever has the power to bring it back…please do!!!!!!!!!

    Steph “Loyal VM Fan”

  395. Jaime says:

    You must save the show i can’t servive with out it.
    Saying its over is like sticking your hand in my chest and pulling out my heart!
    Who is it, who is so cruel that they can do this to us!
    It’s the best show and it ended so abruptly.
    WHO EVER CAN SAVE THIS SHOW DO SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  396. Quama says:

    Why end? I love it so much. In few days I saw all episodes .. wonder why that ends 😦 .. If I ever know before there is so great show ….

    Miss you Veronica

  397. ElmerFudge says:

    I just watched the third season for the second time, it still feels like my heart is pulled out of my chest. In other words i’m sooooooo sad right now that VM ended for good. All those Mars bars and petittions didn’t helped for a fourth season in 2008.

    should we continue the fight (figurative speaking off course).

    No VM in 2008 doesn’t mean that there could not be a VM in like say 2009?

    If we keep bombarding the CW with letters emails, perhaps more Mars bars teddy bears etc we can get this awsome show back. Especially if the european fans join hand in hand with the US fans. You might be thinking that this would never work, and this is just silly.

    The most important thing to do is to have a international VM website.
    Where all the fans (sites) come together and where everyone can register as a member (off course for free) just to see how many fans VM has.

  398. Maggy says:


  399. Brian S. Radford says:

    Ok, this has probably been said several times already but… HOW CAN A SHOW THIS GREAT BE CANCELLED??? PLEASE, DON’T LET Veronica Mars DIE!!! BRING HER BACK!!!

  400. Urbano says:

    Save Veronica Mars!!!! It’s a great show!!!

  401. Damir says:

    give us season 4

  402. Lindi says:

    Please Bring back Veronica Mars

  403. Lindi says:

    Go to the link below to sign teh MTV petition to bring back VERONICA MARS, TELL EVERYONE!

  404. rosie says:

    unfortunately i didn’t discover the show until 2 weeks ago. is it too late to do anything?

  405. SamaraRegion says:

    []its the best post from you, thanks a lot[]

  406. Daniel says:

    They have to make a Veronica Mars movie, there are so many unanswered questions. Cancelling the show was a stupid move. They should fire the gay who was responsible of the cancellation. I no longer watch the CW network. So bring the show back for at least three more seasons, or make a Veronica Mars movie, and answer the questions. Veronica Mars was one of the best shows on tv, like I said, stupid move. !!!!!KRISTEN BELL ROCKS!!!!!

  407. Meryl says:

    I just don’t understand why someone would cancel this show… It’s one of the greatest shows out there, they really messed up. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE someone bring it back : – (

  408. Meryl says:

    I really hate CW

  409. Vivian says:

    This was a great show! I was really getting into it. I don’t understand why it was cancelled, I think CW really messed up.

  410. Elisabet says:

    Such a great show. I want more episodes! I love Veronica Mars:)

  411. courtney says:

    This is the best show in the world. They really really need to bring VM back. Obviously, everyone else wants it to come back too so take our advice. Veronica is such a role model, I look up to her so well. Pleaseeee bring it back!

  412. Pol says:

    this is a great show, i really hope to see another season, or a movie or something!!!

  413. mely says:

    at least they should gave us a finale!!!!!!!!!
    or a LoVe hot kiss

    bring back veronica mars pleaseeeeeeeeee

  414. ayisha says:

    PLEASE make a 4th season!!! I need my VM dose, starting to shake…

  415. Taryn says:

    Well, i agree with everyone else! we do need a 4th season. there are too many lose ends! and well we could all use a PI and her sidekicks to brighten our days! the sarcasm and high school attitude can give us viewers an in sight on the lives around us. I hope that you see these popular demands and consider making a conclusion season to sum all the unanswered questions up and make our viewing pleasures fulfilling! thanks 🙂

  416. dar says:

    too bad they did it.
    it was the best show i ever saw.
    hoping for season 4


  417. Lawra says:

    It isnt fair they left us hanging like that . . . some shows are so bad out there that THEY deserve to be off the air NOT Veronica Mars…. Please bring it back!

    Lawra from Ireland!

  418. bb says:

    this is absurd !! we need an appropriate ending !!

    reading the other posts got me thinking that the show had a good rating. why was it pull off? so not fair…

  419. D. Deutsch says:


  420. J. Olive says:

    Ah… there is nothing more frustrating than watching three seasons of an awesome show (in a row) and its cancelled. The third season was the best…. Bring it back…. drop Pez or Piz or whatever his name is… he is lame…. Lets get rid of some of those reality shows!!!

  421. malio says:

    Please make 4 season .I really love VM.Please……Please……..Please

  422. rawiwan says:

    I love veronica, please make season 4. I really love VM.

  423. ALICIA says:


  424. David says:

    I live in Dublin, Ireland and I have only started watching Veronica Mars. It is such a well written, entertaining show. I can’t belive it was canceled and a lame show like One Tree Hill is still on! There is so little left on tv that is worth watching anymore. Please BRING BACK VERONICA MARS!!!!

  425. Ali Shammasi says:

    i live in UAE in the middle east and i finished season 1 in 2 days…because it’s awesome!!!!!!!

    i mean COME ON the show rank is 9.2 which is one of the bests shows…why ending it so soon


  426. Chrise says:

    I really fell in love with this show, just after two seasons! She is totally my inspiration!
    And the guys on this show- hotties! I mean seriously. They canceled it becaus ento enough people were watching?! So change it to a different show! I’d watch it all the time!

  427. ArrowlVar says:

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  428. Molly says:

    im going to cry
    i didnt watch the seasons when they were on
    tv but i just bought all three of the seasons and im on
    the last one im gunna die when its over i cant belive theres
    not more after this,!

  429. Tanya says:

    We need the 4th season…On line you can find part 1 and part 2…and a logan returns…
    Veronica Mars needs to come back and sorry to say this…but Logan and Veronica need to be together.
    Lets try and get it back.

  430. vasiliki says:

    BRING BACK VERONICA MARS! it was one of the best shows on american tv!

  431. bbizbor says:

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  436. Илья says:

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  437. Aggie says:

    I love Veronica Mars, it’s such a smart show…please bring it back….

  438. Anonymous says:

    Bring it back I love it and want more

  439. Enya says:

    I could eat and sleep Veronica Mars t.v show I Love it. My Mum brought all three seasons on dvd for the family and we all watch it. Please bring it back but leave her at school not the FBI.

  440. tizzy says:

    i need to know what happens and who she ends up with piz/logan/duncan? and if they make a though epiosodes it would be cheaper , easier and quicker than a movie and it woukdn’t seem as ridicuious as doing a movie because everyone is getting and it would quicker to plan so u could start where it finshed or when she is leaving college but i speck for all veronica mars fans when i say WE NEED ANSEWRS there was alot of unawser questions and think think people just need to know so please finsh vm , i think this way is better and will have the best results so please i need to know the answers to the many questions

  441. tizzy says:

    i need to know what happens and who she ends up wwith piz/logan or if duncan comes back ?
    and if they make a though epiosodes it would be cheap easy and quicker than a movie would be and it would take less planin so it wouldn’t be that ridicuious(the actors wouldn’t be as old)so u could start wher it finshed or like u said the movie would with her finshing collage but i speck for all vmars fans when say ‘WE NEED ANSWERS’
    i think kirsten bell and all the actors are ace and that it would work if you tried and do it quick because the last epiosode was a good epiosode but not a ending and doin a few eps would clear the many unanswered questions so please make some more eps

    goodbye for now xoxo

  442. Ashlee says:

    I just watched all three seasons in the past month.
    I am so disappointed that the show stopped at such a developing point. VERONICA MARS HAD SO MUCH MORE IN IT!
    i friggen love veronica mars !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how the hell can something so good not have enough funds to continue.
    heaps of people i know love veronica mars and i am sure that if people like us keep spreading the word, it will eventually return.
    im inspired by veronica mars, she is my absolute idol.
    bring it backkkkkkkkkk

    ps: i hate you CW

  443. Gurpreet says:

    I too just watched all three seasons last week and I loved the show like hell!!! I keep watching it over and over again. I desperately want to see a happy ending with Logan’s and Veronica’s love story!!!!!!!!.They are so made for each other.

    The show seriously is so good and I do not understand why these production people are playing with our feelings. I emailed Warnerbros and CW but nobody got back to me. If they need petitions, letters of plea etc we should all do something together as ardent fans and bring the show back..

    They say that Vmars lacks support. Please let us all join hands and bring this utterly marvellous and witty TV series back. Anyone with any plans or ideas can contact me at Ppl we need to work together…

  444. molly says:

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  445. Gurpreet says:

    Ppl ,

    Can all of us write in letters to Warner Bros again please? Get our friends, families and neighbours whoever to help us out. We should really really write in again..They are just testing our patience and trying to see how far we are willing to go to save the show. Therefore, we should not give up.

  446. Graham says:

    VM absolutly MUST return, tv, movie, comic I DONT CARE. It just needs to return.

  447. INGRID KAAD says:


  448. cat says:

    oh my god wat idiot tuk it off the air …… it rocks BRING IT BACK NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW dear god am so annoyed

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  450. Anonymous says:

    this is tyhe best tv show ive ever seen, i think im typing a bit too late as i live in the uk and its inly just started to be shown on E4 im gutted i have watched it everyday without fail, i went to watch the next one and for some reason it went all the way back to series one!! i cant get over the fact it is finished


  451. Anonymous says:


  452. tamer says:

    hello everyone.I think v.mars was a great show i watched all episodes and ı think v.mars must be back.I joined almost all websites,groups about it,ı wrote warner bros. about it because veronica deserves another season or a movie.So EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP BOTHERİNG WARNER BROS.

  453. eldon says:

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  454. fliscon says:

    how do you get in touch with warner brothers i no alot of people in the uk that would want it back i think they went in the wrong direction in the 4th season mayb why it didnt come back they needed the old charactoers aswell as the new thats what makes veronica im gutted there are no more and she deffiantly needed to get back with logan or bring back duncan

  455. destinie says:

    omg i discovered veronica mars this year which is when i started watching t.v really, i live iin england and i had 2 buy all 3 seasons from france!!! im not a big fan of anything but V.M really is the best show out there!!!! please do a season 4!!!! please i love it sooo much he is my idol so whoever decided to cut it is a gianormus fricking penis, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  456. Kat says:

    I really love the show. I don’t know why they want to keep retooling it either. Going from high school to college and the after 1 year of college the FBI. I know they were trying to show options for the show, but what is wrong with it as is? If they started up again I would watch it and buy the dvds. I have all the dvds. I think this show has life for several years myself.

  457. Meg says:

    I’ve started to watch veronica mars again on the dvds, i love this show. Its a type of show that proves so many different things to people. Where you left us off was wrong, we have no idea about keith if he won, we have no idea if logan and veronica will ever be together again. I don’t know about others but those two were always meant to be, and even if it was FBI i wouldnt care because i love the show, i would do anything to see it again. it’s an amazing show, truthfuly it’s has taken me into the type of field i am thinking about currently. I love this show, i really hope just like the other shows CW has brought back. like 90210 they will be back veronica mars, i’m pretty sure the cast would do it again.

  458. Meagan says:

    Please bring Veronica Mars back. I love this show

  459. Shannon says:

    Why did you guys stop trying to bring back vernoica mars. I just watched all three seasons and its incredible you shoud keep trying, i would love to help.
    I just dont want the show to end and i know its a little late but still dont give up on the deam of veronica mars

    • John says:

      There are sites out there that are still dedicated to saving Veronica mars. Just type in Save Veronica mars in the google search engine.

  460. John says:

    It maybe 3 years since the cancellation. But it’s still possible to bring back this tremdous show. I watched season 1 and part of season 2 on Netflex. And I can’t believe it was cancelled!

  461. Denise says:

    I just recently started watching veronica mars on netflix, they have all three seasons. i was very sad to find out they canceled the show. I wish they would bring it back, i really enjoyed watching this show. BRING V MARS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  462. Claire Mortimer says:

    Bring it back. 😦 One of the best shows on tv.. and they still show samantha who? REALLY? Not too late to bring it back.

  463. jenny says:

    just watched all 3 seasons can’t belive the cancelled it, this is by far my fave tv show 😦

  464. Jade Gormley says:

    Veronica Mars is with out doubt my favorite show. I use to watch it when it was on warner bros. and i just started watching it on netflix and i was devastated when it ended. BRING BACK VERONICA MARS!!!! I want to see Logan and Veronica back together. I miss it and we need a show like that and screw one tree hill and smallville and bring back Veronica Mars. No show could ever replace it and bring it back with the same characters.

  465. Veronica Mars says:

    If you wanna contact me I have a facebook and and email it is

  466. Veronica Mars says:

    Veronica has an email and a facebook. It is

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  470. madiexo says:

    I love ‘Veronica Mars’. I’m just rewatching all the seasons. So sad that the cancelled it – especially when there are still about 5 freakin versions of CSI on. I hope they bring it back before the actors get too old. Fingers crossed!

  471. Avery says:

    I’ve rewatched the seasons at least five times…(well, seasons 1 & 2 and select parts of season 3). I didn’t watch the last half of season three. After There’s got to be a Morning After Pill, I stopped watching. I’m a loyal person and it takes alot to make me turn away from something, but I knew that if Veronica and Logan were broken up that she would end up with that stupid Piz guy who was like a more handsome, less interesting version of Duncan. GAG. I knew Logan would kick his ass from the moment they were first introduced, it was only a matter of when and why (although I had already put my money on it being because of Veronica). And Logan dating She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was pretty predictable as well. I mean she’s blonde and easy… his type, really. But when I heard the show was cancelled I was so upset because I really did hope they’d get it back on track and when they didn’t I was upset with myself for not apprecaiting it while I could. I wish they would bring it back, or at least make the movie. It was one of the only shows that was like a teenage drama that didn’t feel like a guilty pleasure to watch (not like the OC or Gossip Girl). It is witty and natural; none of the dialogue seemed forced or over acted. And the cast always had such amazing chemistry. I could actually see these people having history and a past together, whether as best friends or deep-rooted adversaries. I hated the open way they ended the series, not knowing about if veronica and logan got back together. Though, I could never picture the Veronica 2.0 with anyone but Logan. He’s the only person who’s witty enough, clever enough, intelligent enough, patient enough, and brave enough to stand beside veronica and be her equal. With everyone else it always seemed like she could so easily over power them, or leave them behind. But with Logan it was like they were always on the same level…I miss this show and I would watch it again in a heart beat if they brought it back…and I’d blackmail, threaten, coerce, bribe everyone I know into watching it too.

  472. moira says:

    good show but did it really have to end .me so sad and did she get with pez or logan after the summer really want to know and i willl probley die beacause it is over 😦

  473. […] why is the movie project only getting some traction now? Veronica Mars fans were always vocal; The Save Veronica Mars campaign raised $2,500 to protest the show's cancellation by sending candy to The CW. To be exact: […]

  474. […] was a push to keep it on the air for a fourth season, with fans sending The WB thousands of Mars Bars and marshmallows, but that endeavor failed. This lack of closure has haunted fans for almost eight years. I had […]

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  483. […] dedicated fans were quick to rally around the show, famously mailing the CW network thousands of Mars Bars in the hopes that the series might be renewed. While this desperate measure failed to get results, […]

  484. […] dedicated fans were quick to rally around the show, famously mailing the CW network thousands of Mars Bars in the hopes that the series might be renewed. While this desperate measure failed to get results, […]

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