Watch the SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY Trailer Here Now!!!

June 19, 2007

Superman Doomsday – Official Trailer

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Poupad hops on board SPEED RACER!

June 19, 2007


French Actor Melvil Poupad has joined the cast of SPEED RACER as one of the race commentators, adding some humor to the flick.

Two more Batman Hi-Res images!

June 19, 2007

See that Batpod in a better light… click the thumbs!



Bond 22 Director Announced!!!

June 19, 2007


And its one HELL of an interesting choice:


Yes, that Marc Forster: Stranger than Fiction, Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball, etc.

People are gonna jump all over this and say it’s a terrible hire. But keep in mind, most of those complaining are the same ones who said Daniel Craig could never pull off Bond.

Forster’s a talented guy. I say he’ll do a great job.

VALKYRIE gets a cast!

June 19, 2007


I’m excited to hear more about this one: Bryan Singer’s new film VALKYRIE, telling the true-life tales of Nazi generals who plotted to assassinate Hitler. Tom Cruise will star, and today, we found out who else is on board: Carice Van Houten, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, and Eddie Izzard.

I loved Singer’s last look at Nazis, APT PUPIL, and I’m dying to see this one. It also reteams him with USUAL SUSPECTS scribe Chris McQuarrie, giving us even more reason to hope for a masterpiece.

New Batman Suit– Check it out in Hi-Res!

June 19, 2007

WB has released that shot of the new Batman suit we first saw in EW, in hi-res and sans text… click the thumbnail to see it!


Hi, I’m a Marvel… And I’m a DC (Villains Edition)

June 19, 2007

The After Hours skit is a tough one to top, but here’s the latest Mac parody for your enjoyment– this time the villains get some love… same results, though: